Detailed Mattress Comparison

A queen size mattress is bigger than a full-size mattress in length as well as width. While full-size and queen mattresses are the most popular mattress sizes, the difference between a full and queen is that a queen size mattress is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full size mattress. 

A queen size mattress is ideal for couples who like to cozy up, whereas a full size mattress works best for single sleepers sharing the bed with a child or a pet.

Let’s go deeper into what can help you choose between a full and a queen size bed.

Parameters Full Queen
IN: 54” x 75” x 11”
FT: 4.5 X 6.25 X 0.92
CM: 137.16 X 190.5 X 27.94
IN: 60” x 80” x 11”
FT: 5′ X 6.67′ X 0.92′
CM: 152.4 X 203.2 X 27.94
Price $899 $999
Bed Size (Inches) 54″ × 75″ 60″ x 80″
Ideal Room size (Feet) 9′ × 9.6′ 10′ × 10′
Comfortably Fits
  • Children/teenagers
  • People shorter than 6’0 ft
  • Single sleepers with a pet or a child
  • Couples
  • Adult with a pet
  • A young child
Full vs Queen Mattresses with Dimensions

What Is a Full Size Mattress?

A standard full size mattress is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Also known as a double, a full size mattress is used with a double or a full bed and its size is in between the twin bed and a queen bed.

A full size mattress comfortably fits a single sleeper, a teenager, or an adult sleeping with a child or a pet. It is easy to move around making it an excellent choice for hostellers, young adults with a nomadic lifestyle, or an adult who prefers spacious rooms. 


  • Cheaper than a queen-size mattress
  • Perfect for teenagers, children, and single sleepers 
  • Fits nicely in a guest room


  • Not suitable for couples who like more space
  • Not ideal for people taller than 6 feet
Full vs Queen Mattress

What Is a Queen Size Mattress?

A standard Queen-sized mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is bigger than a full size mattress but smaller than a king-size bed. A  queen size mattress works well for couples who like having personal space while sharing the bed. 

47% of the US population uses queen-size mattresses for their beds because it comfortably fits two people without occupying too much space in the room. 


  • Ideal for couples
  • Spacious
  • More space for accessories


  • Cannot be moved easily
  • The cost is higher than a full-size bed
  • The price of accessories is higher than a full bed

Things to Consider Before Deciding Between Full Size vs Queen Size Mattress

Room Size

A full size mattress fits well in rooms that are 9 by 9.6 feet or bigger. Anything smaller may make the space feel cramped and restrict movement inside the room. A guest room or a room bigger than 10 by 10 feet is also a great choice to place your full size mattress in. 

Queen size mattresses can fit in a 10 by 10 foot room. However, it will naturally take more space, making you compromise on the furniture. 

A 12 by 12 room, also known as the master bedroom, is perfect for a queen-size mattress.


A queen mattress can cost $100 to $400 more than a full size mattress. Full-size mattresses are cheaper than queen-size mattresses because they are smaller in size. However, these prices depend a lot on the brand you opt for.

Other factors contributing to the cost of a queen vs full bed are additional parts or accessories like duvets, bedsheets, and blankets. Accessories for queen size beds are also valued higher than the accessories of a full-size mattress. 

Bed Size

A full size mattress fits perfectly on a double bed or a full bed which is 54 inches by 75 inches. Anything smaller may make the edges hang and cause discomfort while sleeping. A queen size bed is usually 60 inches by 80 inches and can comfortably fit a queen size mattress with the exact dimensions. 

Do note that the sizes may vary slightly for full vs queen bed dimensions depending on the brand you choose.


If your height is average, i.e., less than 6 ft, you can comfortably sleep on a full-size mattress. However, for people taller than 6ft, a queen size mattress is the more comfortable option as it offers 5 inches extra in length. 

A comparison of full-size vs. queen-size bed shows that a queen-size bed is the most suitable one for people couples who are taller or generally like more individual space. 


With a queen-size mattress, you can have 2-3 pillows with a few cushions. Adding a pillow or cushions is much easier with queen-size mattresses when compared to full-size mattresses as they offer more space. In the full bed vs queen bed discussion, accessories for the latter will be more costly due to the size difference. 

More on Mattress Sizes

Choosing Between Full vs Queen

The difference in full vs queen dimensions is not very sizable; however, a queen size mattress is the better choice for couples or tall individuals and a full size for single sleepers.  We hope this in-depth analysis of queen vs full mattresses is useful. 

Grab a measuring tape, note your bedroom design and dimensions, and order the mattress best suited to your needs.

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What is the most popular mattress?

A queen-size mattress is the most popular choice among people. This mattress provides easy mobility, has enough space for two, and is cheaper than king-size mattresses. It also allows enough room in most setups to choose your home decor.

How much bigger is a queen than a full?

Full vs. queen size mattress differs by 6 inches in length and 5 inches in width, the queen mattress being the bigger one. However, mattresses dimensions of certain brands like IKEA slightly deviate from the standard measurement of memory foam mattresses.

Is a full-size bed enough for two people?

Technically, a full-size mattress only allows 23 inches for one person when sleeping with someone. This can make sleeping in the same bed uncomfortable for a couple. Buying a full-size bed for two people depends on the budget, room size, and sleeping habits. 

Is there a difference when describing the sizes of beds versus mattresses?

When talking about dimensions, they are not really different. However, a bed can sometimes mean a mattress along with a headboard, box spring, frame, and other parts of the bed. The difference between a full and queen bed is the same as the dimension of the mattress with the queen being the bigger bed. 

How much bigger is a king size mattress than a queen?

The dimensions of a king-size mattress are 76 by 80 inches. It is 16 inches longer than a queen-sized mattress.  The breadth of the queen and king-size mattresses is the same. The mattress sizes, as mentioned above, are the standard sizes followed by most of the brands across the world.