what is a bunkie board

What Is a Bunkie Board?

Posted By Vaibhavi K on Sep 3, 2021

A bunkie board is a bed support system made of plywood and wrapped in fabric to support your mattress.

If you are confused about what a bunkie board is, this blog will take you through everything you need to know about it. Thus, you will face no confusion while buying your new bedding.

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What is a Bunkie Board?

A bunkie board is wooden or plyboard, 1 to 3 inches thick, that sits between your mattress and the bed frame. It can support your mattress like a pro and is a good box spring alternative.

Bunkie boards fit perfectly over the wooden slats on your bed and prevent your mattress from falling off. They can also prevent you from falling when you have thrown out your mattress and are waiting for a new one.

Brief History of Bunkie Boards

Bunkie boards derive their name from bunk beds as they got created to be used on these beds. Box springs took up a lot of space and were not a feasible option in small bedrooms. Thus, these boards came in as a savior. They are thinner but provide good support to the mattress.

Initially, a single, large plank of wood supported the mattress. However, plywood and small pieces of wood are used these days. That makes it easier to move and more affordable.

Why Do You Need a Bunkie Board?

You need a bunkie board to support your foam mattress so that it doesn’t sag. When you place your memory foam or latex mattress on a box spring, they will not get enough support and hence sag. That’s why you require a bunky board.

Traditional innerspring mattresses, however, go well with box springs. They get much-needed pressure relief. However, modern-day foam mattresses require a flat base to provide them with sturdy support.

Bunkie boards are growing in popularity due to the firm and sturdy support they provide. Moreover, they are slim and visually appealing.

Bunkie Board vs Box Spring

Bunkie boards are much thinner compared to box springs. The latter is huge, heavy, and occupies a lot of space. Hence, a bunkie board is also cheaper.

Box springs are suitable for innerspring mattresses. But, if you have a heavy foam mattress, bunky boards are the best option.

Though these rigid and attractive boards are growing in popularity, box springs have a few advantages too. They are more durable and lead to less motion transfer.

Bunkie Board vs Plywood

If you don’t find a bunkie board, you can place a sheet of plywood between your mattress and bed frame. The plywood will do its work to protect the mattress. However, it might develop chips that will stick to your mattress and harm it.

Bunkie boards are designed perfectly to protect your mattress. They are of the exact measurement as your bed and come covered with fabric. So, a bunkie board is a much better option compared to a piece of plywood.

Bunkie Board vs Slats

Slats are wooden or metal bars to support your mattress. Though they have the same function as bunkie boards, the latter is more efficient.

Slats might dig into your mattress and damage it. But bunkie boards being flat surfaces will provide better support to your cozy mattress. If you have a heavy foam mattress, you can combine a bunkie board with slats, for extra support.

Buying Tips for a Bunkie Board

Before buying a bunkie board, ask yourself, “Do I need a bunkie board?” If your mattress is sagging due to the slats, you might consider getting one. Don’t hesitate to buy a bunkie board if you have a heavy memory foam mattress.

Here are some things to consider when you go to buy one.

  • Consider your budget
  • Think if you need a folding bunkie board
  • Check its thickness
  • See if the color matches your home decor
  • Check if the seller ships to your location
  • Don’t forget to check the reviews of the seller

Where to Buy a Bunkie Board?

You can visit your nearest furniture store to get a bunkie board for your mattress. They can guide you with accurate dimensions.

These days, however, you don’t need to step out of your house. You can buy a bunkie board online with a few clicks. Moreover, it will get delivered to your doorstep. Some sellers even offer free shipping.

How Much Does a Bunkie Board Cost?

A bunkie board will not dig a large hole in your pockets. A twin-sized board costs somewhere around $50. And, if you have a queen or king-sized bed, your bunkie board will cost you between $100 to $200.

Since they don’t cost much, you can consider investing in a good-quality bunkie board to get better sleep at night.

How to Make a Bunkie Board?

Want to get creative rather than buying a bunkie board? Here are the steps to follow to make your DIY bunkie board.

  1. Take a thin sheet of plywood ( 1 to 3 inches thick)
  2. Now, remove your mattress and measure the bed base. You can subtract 1 inch from each measurement to make the plywood fit perfectly.
  3. Cut the plywood after you have taken measurements.
  4. Smoothen the sharp edges with sandpaper to prevent them from damaging your mattress.
  5. Cut out an upholstery fabric according to the measurements of your plywood.
  6. Paste the fabric on the board with a good quality adhesive so that it doesn’t come off.
  7. If excess fabric hangs out, you can fold and staple it.

A Final Word

Now that you know what bunkie boards are, and what they get used for, you can decide if you need one for your bed. You can invest in one if you wish to prolong the life of your mattress and get a good night’s sleep daily.

But before buying a bunkie board, you need the perfect bed frame. You can check out the Dream Cloud Bed Frame with headboard, to make lying on your bed the most comfortable experience.


How to stop the mattress from sliding off the metal frame?

You can place a non-slip mattress board between your mattress and bed frame to prevent it from sliding. A bunkie board also keeps your mattress in place because the fabric is slip-resistant. So, it’s better to get your bunkie board.

How much weight can a bunkie board support?

Plywood bunkie boards can support a weight of up to 200 pounds. But, metal bunkie boards are stronger and can hold up to 500 pounds.

What is a bunkie board made of?

Bunkie boards are made of wood pieces or plywood. You will also get metal ones these days.

How much weight can a bunkie board support?

Plywood bunkie boards can support a weight of up to 200 pounds. But, metal bunkie boards are stronger and can hold up to 500 pounds.