Couple removing the mattress to fix a squeaky bed

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed: 10 Useful Tips

Posted By Vaibhavi K on Aug 30, 2021

We’ve all been there where we’ve had to sleep on a squeaky bed. It’s disturbing and can take away your sleep easily. This article will explore how to get rid of squeaky noise, fix squeaky bed frames and how to stop beds from squeaking.

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How to Fix a Squeaky Bed 

Fixing anything starts with finding the right source. If your bed is squeaking it might be for some reason. Let’s see how to fix a squeaky bed in 4 simple steps. 

1. Find the Source 

When you hear a squeaking bed, you should try to find out the source of the noise. You could do this by lying on the bed and moving around to find the source. It could be the old bed or an uneven floor, or a loose screw. In most cases, an old bed is the main reason for the bed to squeak. 

2. Tighten the screws

Most of the time, it is the screws of the bed that need a little fixing. If screws and joints support your bed, you better tighten them up before anything hazardous happens.

3. Oil the joints

If you have a metal frame or metal legs, then you should oil the squeaking joints. Anyways, you should oil them every 3-4 months to avoid such situations in the future.

4. Add floor padding

Sometimes it could be the uneven floor that makes your bed squeak. To minimize the noises, you can add padding under the legs of the bed. It could be a small piece of cork, folded paper, or cloth, depending on the size of the gap.

5. Cushion the slats 

Another reason that can make your bed squeaky is the noisy slats. They tend to make noise as the bed ages. You can cushion them by adding a buffer between them, such as old socks, t-shirts, clothes, etc. If this doesn’t work, then you can get new wood slats for the bed.

6. Get a new bed

If you’ve tried all of the above things, but still your bed makes noises, then it’s better not to lose your sleep over it. Get a new bed. Probably a strong one that won’t make such noises over time.

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How to Fix a Squeaky Mattress

It’s not always the bed that can make noise. Sometimes the mattress is the troublemaker. In such cases, here are some ways to fix a squeaky mattress in no time. Read on to know how you can fix your squeaky mattress in no time.

7. Rotate the mattress

Whenever you find a mattress that squeaks, the first thing to do would be to rotate it. Over time, some portion of the mattress is not used, which could be the reason for a noisy mattress.

8. Flip the mattress

If rotating the mattress doesn’t work, then you should try to flip it. The mattress might sag over time or develop some issues. Ideally, you should flip the mattress once every 2-3 months to even out the sagging.

9. Check if the mattress is centered

Check if your mattress has shifted from the center, this could be a possible reason for a squeaky mattress. 

10. Get a new mattress

If you cannot find the source of the squeaking or it’s the coils in the mattress, then instead of getting it repaired, you should just buy a new one. Who knows how much time and energy it will take to fix those loose coils?

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Why Does My Bed Squeak?

Over the years, constant use of the bed can lead it to squeak. But, how to fix a creaky bed? You’ll have to do some research until you find the source. Read on to explore these simple tips that answer your question, how to stop the bed from moving!

It could be the bed

As explored earlier, we know when beds become old, they squeak over time. The constant use can be the reason why your bed’s screws and bolts loosen up or the used slats. Replacing bed slats would help you here if they are the culprit. If it’s the bed frame, then you should really get a quiet bed frame.

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It could be the mattress

If you suspect it’s your mattress that’s making all the squeaking noises, then try to push the mattress thoroughly until you find the culprit. If you have any kind of spring mattress, then it could be the coils. If you can’t get the coils fixed, then it’s time to move on to a new mattress.

It could be the box spring

A box spring is the most common cause of making noises. Most likely, the culprit is the wooden frame. You fix a squeaky box spring by putting it to repair to get it fixed, or you can get a new box spring if you have an old one. The new one probably won’t be noisy. 

You can also make a call if you need to buy a box frame at all. It turns out, removing it might solve the problem.

Summing It Up 

By now, you might know the real reason for your squeaky bed and some possible ways to fix it. If it’s the slats, then you know how to fix bed slats too. Whatever might be the case, make sure you get it repaired or replaced. 

But why put yourself in a situation where your sleep has to suffer? The best advice we’ll give is to get that bed fixed today. If you need a new mattress, then explore our range of comfortable mattresses!


How to fix a squeaky wooden bed frame?

You add talcum powder, oil, or wax to your wooden bed frame to stop it from squeaking.

How to stop the bed from moving?

You can try other options like adding velcro under the legs of the bed, or you could try wrapping them with cloth or place rubber under it.

How often should you replace your mattress?

You should replace your mattress every 6-8 years. How you take care of your mattress also depends on the need to replace the mattress. Learn more about changing the mattress at our latest blog.

Do metal bed frames squeak more than wooden bed frames?

A metal bed frame is more likely to make more noise as wood friction isn’t as loud as metal. Also, wooden frames are more durable than metal ones, whereas, in squeaky metal bed frames, the screws and bolts tend to loosen up over time.