Mattress Foundation Sizes and Dimensions Guide 2022

Mattress Foundation Sizes and Dimensions Guide 2022

Written by Mehran Uzair

Last Updated on Mar 22, 2023

In this article:

    A mattress foundation is a wooden or metal base for your mattress. It supports your mattress and also protects it from dust, dirt, sliding, and sagging. Plus, it adds to the height of the mattress, making it easier for you to climb in and out.

    You need the right size foundation to support your mattress. Otherwise, the mattress might not fit well in it, disrupting your peaceful night’s sleep.

    Don’t worry. This blog will take you through the different mattress foundation sizes. Moreover, it will tell you about the different kinds of foundations, helping you choose the perfect one.

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    Mattress Foundation Sizes Chart

    This chart shows all the standard mattress foundation sizes.

    Foundation SizeDimension ( in inches)Dimension( in centimeters)
    Twin38 inches by 74 inches96 cm by 188 cm approximately
    Twin XL38 inches by 80 inches96 cm by 203 cm approximately
    Full/ Double54 inches by 75 inches134 cm by 190 cm approximately
    Queen 60 inches by 80 inches152 cm by 203 cm approximately
    King 76 inches by 80 inches193 cm by 203 cm approximately
    California King72 inches by 84 inches183 cm by 213 cm approximately

    Twin Size Bed Foundation Size

    Twin bed foundations measure 38 inches by 75 inches. They are the smallest bed foundation available in the market. Thus, you can use them in your children’s bedroom.

    Twin beds are super advantageous in small apartments since they save a lot of space. They can easily accommodate single sleepers who aren’t very tall. Moreover, they are quite affordable owing to their small size.

    Twin XL Size Bed Foundation Size

    A twin XL bed foundation is 38 inches long and 80 inches wide. Thus, it can accommodate exceptionally tall sleepers.

    Twin XL beds are, however, not suitable for two sleepers. They are perfect for guest rooms and college dorms because a wide range of people sleep there. Moreover, they are fit for everyone irrespective of their height.

    Double/Full-Size Bed Foundation Size

    Full-size foundations measure 54 inches by 75 inches. If you love to roll and spread out while sleeping, they are your perfect companion.

    Full beds can’t hold two sleepers comfortably. However, two people can sleep on them when there’s no other option.

    Queen Size Bed Foundation Size

    Queen size foundations are 60 inches wide and 80 inches tall. They are the perfect fit for couples.

    Queen beds can comfortably accommodate couples who are shorter than 6 feet. However, taller couples might face a shortage of legroom. Couples with children will also find it hard to fit on queen beds.

    King Size Bed Foundation Size

    A king foundation measures 76 inches by 80 inches. Thus, they provide enough space for couples to sleep comfortably. Plus, they can accommodate a child too.

    A king bed is a perfect choice if both you and your partner like spreading out while sleeping. You can sleep in peace without bumping into each other. However, king beds are not fit for small bedrooms.

    California King Size Bed Foundation Size

    A Cal king bed foundation is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. So, they are narrower but taller than standard king beds.

    California King beds are an excellent choice if you or your partner is taller than 6 feet. Like king beds, they also require large bedrooms to fit in.

    Types of Mattress Foundations

    There are different types of foundations for a mattress. You will get them in all the standard sizes.

    It is crucial to pick the right type of foundation for your mattress. Otherwise, it will not get adequate support, which can lead to sagging. And if you sleep on a sagging mattress, your spine will be misaligned, leading to back pain.

    The perfect mattress foundation also depends on the type of mattress you use. Innerspring mattresses require box springs, while foam and latex mattresses need platform beds.

    Let us look at the different types of foundations so that you know which one would be suitable for you.

    Platform Bed

    A platform bed is a solid or slatted base on which you can directly keep your mattress. It is made of wood or metal.

    Solid platform beds provide more support and are perfect for heavy mattresses like latex. However, slatted bases allow air circulation, keeping you cool throughout the night. Thus, they are suitable for sleepers who tend to sleep hot.

    Platform beds are sleek and give a minimalist look to your bedroom. Sometimes, they might come with footboards and headboards. These can make your bed look more aesthetic.

    Box Spring

    Box springs consist of a wooden frame with a layer of steel springs. They are covered with a piece of fabric and have a hollow inside to increase airflow.

    You need to place box springs within a bed frame. However, some of them can directly sit on the floor. Box springs are a perfect fit for innerspring mattresses. The springs help to absorb the bounce of the coils of your mattress. That gives adequate support to your back. However, box springs are not suitable for latex or foam mattresses because the springs can damage the support system of foam.

    Adjustable Base

    Adjustable beds are those that allow you to elevate the head or foot as required. You must have seen them in hospitals.

    These bed bases allow you to adjust the height of any part with remote control. So, you can elevate your head and shoulders while sleeping if you have spondylitis or neck pain. Elevating your head helps ease the symptoms of acid reflux too.  Plus, it also allows you to elevate your legs.

    Almost all mattresses are suitable for adjustable beds except innerspring mattresses. That’s because the coils might break when the mattress gets folded and twisted. However, foam and latex mattresses have the flexibility to withstand bends and twists.

    Since these mattress foundations come with a remote-controlled system, they are more expensive than other mattress types.

    Panel Beds

    Panel beds come with headboards, a base, and two side panels. They are also called four-walled bed frames.

    They are the sturdiest bed frames and can easily hold the heaviest mattresses. So, if you have a heavy latex mattress, a panel bed is your best companion.

    Panel beds are different from your traditional platform beds. The latter does not come with headboards or side panels. Thus, platform beds are simple structures to hold your mattress. However, panel beds are more sophisticated and lend an aesthetic touch to your room.

    They also require more space and are expensive compared to regular platform beds.

    Bunkie Board 

    A bunkie board is a thin board made of plywood on which you place your mattress. It  is usually paired with a box spring or platform.

    You can also use a bunkie board if you have a slatted platform bed. That will provide a solid surface for your mattress to rest on. You will get extra support, especially if you have a heavy foam or latex mattress.

    What to Consider While Buying a Mattress Foundation?

    Now that you know the mattress foundation sizes and types, it is time to choose the perfect foundation for your bed, But how will you go about it? Don’t worry. Here are some factors to consider while buying foundation for a mattress. 

    Know Your Mattress Type

    It is the most crucial factor to consider while buying your mattress foundation. That’s because different mattresses require different kinds of support. Let us look at some common mattress types and the perfect foundations for them.

    Memory Foam Mattresses-  Memory foam mattresses are quite dense and heavy. Thus, they require a firm, solid base to support them. A platform bed with a solid base might be a perfect fit.

    You can also go for a slatted base. But, make sure that the slats are sturdy enough to support your mattress.

    Never use box springs with your foam mattress. The springs in the foundation will damage the support layer of your mattress.

    Latex Mattress- You can pair latex mattresses with solid or slatted bases. Solid bases will ensure that the weight of the mattress is evenly distributed. And, a slatted base will improve the airflow in your mattress, keeping you cool. However, latex mattresses are not fit to be used with box springs just like foam mattresses.

    Innerspring mattresses- Innerspring mattresses have spring coils inside them and can be used with most foundations. However, they are most compatible with box springs. The springs of a box spring help absorb the bounce of your innerspring mattress. That helps in reducing the impact of movement, making your mattress more stable.

    Hybrid mattress- Hybrid mattresses consist of both foam layers and springs. Thus they go well with platform beds and bunkie boards. You can also pair them with adjustable beds. But, that can damage the coils in the mattress.


    You are investing a considerable sum in your mattress foundation. You will not want it to fall apart within a few years. Check the materials used to manufacture your foundation to ensure it is sturdy enough. Moreover, the quality of the foundation will also affect the lifespan of your mattress.

    So, it is better to invest in a high quality mattress foundation that will last long.

    Check Your Mattress Warranty

    Sometimes your mattress manufacturer asks you to use a specific type of foundation. That would provide the best support for your mattress. The manufacturer will not provide warranty if your mattress sags from using some other foundation. 

    Weight Carrying Capacity

    Don’t forget to check the weight carrying capacity before buying a mattress foundation. Remember to consider the weight of the sleepers along with that of the mattress.

    King and California King bed frames can carry about 800 pounds. While smaller bed frames like twin and twin XL can hold up to 400 pounds.

    If the foundation is not sturdy enough, it might collapse and cause accidents.


    Your mattress foundation height is also a crucial factor to consider before you buy one. That’s because it will determine how easily you can climb in and out of your bed.

    Getting in and out of your bed should not be a difficult task. Choose your mattress foundation height in a way that you can comfortably climb in and out of bed.

    If the foundation is too high, you will have problems while climbing in. And if it is too low, you will have to squat. That might lead to pain in your joints.

    25 inches is the ideal height of your bed from the ground. However, that includes the height of your mattress as well.  Since the average mattress height is around 10 to 12 inches, make sure the height of your foundation is not more than 12 to 13 inches.


    You can’t ignore your budget while buying your mattress foundation. Make sure it doesn’t differ too large a hole in your pockets.

    A foundation can cost you anything between $100 to $3500. Platform beds cost around $100 to $500. However, adjustable bed frames can cost above $1000 because of all their electronic features.

    It is better to invest a decent amount in your mattress foundation so that it is durable. However, that doesn’t mean you will go beyond your budget. So, always do your research before making the final decision.

    Assembly and Set Up

    Setting up a bed frame or mattress foundation is not as easy as you think. So, it is better to let professionals help you. You don’t want to mess it up by doing it yourself.

    A traditional wooden or metal platform bed is easy to assemble. However, other bed frames might have several complications. Check with your seller if they provide home installation.

    Final Word

    Now that you know all the mattress foundation sizes and types, go ahead and choose the perfect bed for yourself. If you want to check out the standard mattress sizes, read our blog.

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