Platform Bed vs Box Spring - Know the Differences

Platform Bed vs Box Spring - Know the Differences

Written by Mehran Uzair

Last Updated on Mar 13, 2023

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    While both platform beds and box springs are bed bases, the former functions as a bed frame too. Now, if you are hunting for a new bed, it is natural to get confused. But, don’t worry. We will take you through the differences between platform bed vs box spring. 

    Getting the perfect bed base can help you sleep better and ensure you are always comfortable when lying on the bed while addressing your specific needs. Our guide will help you choose the ideal base to sleep on. Read on! 

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    What Is a Platform Bed?

    A platform bed is a bed base whose surface is either solid or slatted. It holds your mattress up. This is what is a platform bed. If you want a low-profile bed frame, platform beds are perfect for you. 

    A platform bed doesn’t require a box spring. So, you can give your bedroom a simple look. Moreover, most of them come with storage space like drawers where you can store your belongings. So, you can also enjoy additional storage space. You will get platform beds of wood or metal. 

    Metal platform beds are made of wrought iron or steel. Moreover, there are various designs available when it comes to the frame. You will get spoilt with choice. Platform beds provide you with firm support. Moreover, they are compatible with all mattress types. But, it is better to consult your mattress manufacturer to know the bed base that would suit it most.


    Some of the advantages of a platform bed include;

    • It is a bed frame without a box spring. 
    • They provide firm support due to their sturdy base. 
    • They are cost-effective since you don’t have to spend on box springs. 
    • Platform beds are more durable since they don’t have springs. 
    • They can suit small apartments since they come with storage space. 
    • You can get platform beds in multiple designs.


    Drawbacks of opting for a platform bed include;

    • You will find it difficult to move while shifting. 
    • Its lower height can make it harder for disabled people to get in and out. 
    • The rigid base can create pressure points and worsen your pain.

    When to consider a platform bed?

    Platform beds are a popular choice today because of the many advantages they bring to the table. Take a look. 


    One of the significant benefits of a platform bed is that they have a clean and stylish look. They gel well with almost any decor and are incredibly modern. 


    Platform beds have a solid surface, and you will not need a box spring to go with them. Therefore, you save quite a lot! 


    Platform beds offer optimal support and are great for foam and latex mattresses. It is also great for someone who wants their surface to be a little firmer rather than soft and plush.


    Platform floor bed frame offers the right stability for heavier individuals and those who toss and turn frequently throughout the night. 


    Finally, platform beds also come with bottom storage drawers where you can store a big chunk of your stuff.

    What Is a Box Spring?

    A box spring is a wooden box containing springs inside. They come with a breathable fabric on top. And at the bottom, there is a fabric to keep dust away. It is a type of floor bed frame. So, you can keep a box spring on the floor. 

    Alternatively, you can also place it on a bed frame for additional support. What does a box spring do? Well, the springs help to make your bed bouncier. So, it absorbs shocks effectively. Moreover, you will get flexible support because the springs will compress under your weight. 

    A box spring can prolong the life of your mattress. That is because it acts as a barrier between your bed and mattress. Thus, it absorbs several shocks your mattress endures. Box springs are your perfect choice if you have innerspring mattresses. That is because it's springs align with the mattress's springs, making it softer. However, they are not compatible with other types of mattresses. 

    Do you need a box spring? It depends on the type of mattress you have. Moreover, you can ask your mattress manufacturer to get a definite answer.


    • A box spring adds height to your bed. 
    • It absorbs shocks. 
    • It compresses under your weight and provides flexible support. 
    • A box spring is super light and easy to move.


    • The springs can be noisy. 
    • It is not durable as the springs wear out quickly. 
    • Box springs do not have storage space. 
    • It is not compatible with all mattress types. 
    • It is not cost-effective since you need to buy the bed frame separately.

    These were some of the pros and cons of a box spring. Now, let’s find out do you need a box spring?

    When to consider a box spring?

    While some mattresses can do without a box, there are a few where you will need a box spring. Take a look.


    When you opt for a box spring, it offers plush support. If you own a box spring mattress or plan to purchase one, you need a box spring for underlying support. So, if you are wondering what does a box spring do? This is it. 

    Extends Mattress’s Lifespan 

    If you wonder what the purpose of a box spring is, then it is to support your mattress. A box spring mattress has metal coils on the inside, which perfectly support the mattress and extend the lifespan of a mattress. 

    Easy Movement 

    What are box springs for? Another reason is that box spring makes the mattress stand higher, making it very easy to get in and out of the mattress. 

    Keeps You Cool 

    Since box springs have metal coils, it improves ventilation and ensures you don’t feel too hot as you sleep. 

    If you are wondering where to buy box spring? Well, buying box springs is very easy and available in local mattress stores!

    Platform Bed vs Box Spring Comparison Chart

    Take a look at the platform bed vs box spring comfort comparison chart. This will helps you understand the two better.

    Parameters Platform Bed Box Spring
    Average Height 16 inches to 18 inches 20 inches to 25 inches
    Weight Heavy and hard to move Lighter than a platform bed
    Comfort Firm support Responsive and absorb shocks
    Compatibility All mattress types Only innerspring mattress
    Storage Space Drawers or cabinets No storage space
    Price $150-$2000 $200-$500 Additional cost for buying bed frame

    Weight and Height 

    A solid platform bed is heavier and hard to move. However, a box spring is relatively light. You can move it easily while shifting to a new house. Platform beds are lower in height. So, some people might find it challenging to get in and out. But, box springs add to the height of your bed. So, you can climb in and out with ease. 


    Platform beds will give you firm support. However, one of the platform bed disadvantages is that it doesn’t absorb shocks. Box springs provide you with flexible backing. They are excellent shock absorbers. So, you can rely on them to ease your back pain. 

    You cannot compare platform bed vs box spring comfort. The best bed base for you will depend on your preferences and health condition. 


    You can use all types of mattresses with a platform bed. However, all types of box springs are suitable only for innerspring mattresses. They cannot support heavy memory foam mattresses. You will need bed frame without box spring.

    Storage Space 

    A platform bed comes with drawers or cabinets since it is a bed frame without a box spring, it can come with built-in storage space. 

    Box springs, however, do not have storage space. 


    The price of platform beds ranges between $200 to $2000. That is because you will get them in various designs. You can choose a simple or sophisticated one based on your preferences. You can buy both the mattress and bed frame together.

    Now, how much is a box spring? You can get one for around $500 or less. But, you will have to buy the bed frame separately. That will cost a lot of money.

    Other Bed Bases Options Available

    Bed bases act as a support for your mattress. Here are some other options apart from platform beds and box springs.

    Bed frame with Headboard

    If you are looking for alternatives, one of the things you can go for is a bed frame with a headboard. You will also find upholstered headboards known as wingback headboards, where they protrude and have curved lines. You will also find these headboards in velvet.

    Foldable bed frames

    Foldable bed frames are great for extra guests as after being used, you can fold them and place them in the storage easily. 

    Adjustable bed frame

    You must have seen adjustable bases in hospitals. They allow you to elevate the head or foot according to your convenience. Doctors recommend adjustable bed bases if you suffer from spondylitis, lower back pain, or other conditions.

    Storage bed 

    Storage beds are platform beds that come with storage underneath. These beds are great if you have minimal storage spaces. 


    Mattress Foundations are platform beds without heads and footboards. They can have wooden slats and are covered by a breathable fabric. You can use any type of mattress with them.  Thus, they are versatile. If you prefer a simple and minimalistic look, mattress foundations are the best option. You can place them on the floor or a bed frame.

    A platform bed is a foundation to support your mattress. It comes with a bed frame. However, a box spring only acts as a base for your mattress. Your preferences and convenience will decide which one you choose. 

    Buying box springs is the perfect option if you want a bouncy bed. They will absorb shocks and give you a comfortable night’s sleep. However, you need to get an innerspring mattress with it for better comfort. 

    You can opt for a platform bed if you want a complete package. It will also help you save a few bucks. That is because you will not require a separate frame. Moreover, you can choose from multiple attractive designs.

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    {"faq":[{"_id":"d2370ba","title":"Is it OK to put a box spring on a platform bed? ","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EYou can have a platform bed with box spring if you want a bouncy bed. But, are box springs necessary here? No, platform beds are a complete package and do not require box springs. \u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"62bb1d0","title":"How to make a platform bed? ","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EMaking a platform bed is not quite a task. You need to have a solid wooden base. Alternatively, you can also add metal or wooden slats.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"63bfdbb","title":"What is the best type of mattress for a platform bed? ","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EPlatform beds are compatible with any type of mattress under the sun.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"0ef6481","title":"What\u2018s the bed frame that doesn\u2019t need a box spring? ","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EA platform bed doesn\u2019t require a box spring.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"f4540b3","title":"How much weight can a platform bed hold? ","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EPlatform beds can withstand a lot of weight. They can easily withstand 1500\u00a0 pounds if evenly distributed.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"53b6cf5","title":"How thick should a mattress be for a platform bed?","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EA platform bed has a solid surface. So, the mattress should be thick enough not to hurt your back.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"}],"__globals__":{"answer_typography_typography":"globals\/typography?id=5e8e03a"},"main_title_typography_typography":"","main_title_typography_font_family":null,"main_title_typography_font_size":null,"main_title_typography_font_weight":null,"main_title_typography_text_transform":null,"main_title_typography_font_style":null,"main_title_typography_text_decoration":null,"main_title_typography_line_height":null,"main_title_typography_letter_spacing":null,"main_title_typography_word_spacing":null,"main_title_color":"","question_typography_typography":"","question_typography_font_family":null,"question_typography_font_size":null,"question_typography_font_weight":null,"question_typography_text_transform":null,"question_typography_font_style":null,"question_typography_text_decoration":null,"question_typography_line_height":null,"question_typography_letter_spacing":null,"question_typography_word_spacing":null,"question_color":"","answer_typography_typography":"","answer_typography_font_family":null,"answer_typography_font_size":null,"answer_typography_font_weight":null,"answer_typography_text_transform":null,"answer_typography_font_style":null,"answer_typography_text_decoration":null,"answer_typography_line_height":null,"answer_typography_letter_spacing":null,"answer_typography_word_spacing":null,"answer_color":"","_title":"","_margin":{"unit":"px","top":"","right":"","bottom":"","left":"","isLinked":true},"_padding":{"unit":"px","top":"","right":"","bottom":"","left":"","isLinked":true},"_element_width":"","_element_width_tablet":"","_element_width_mobile":"","_element_custom_width":null,"_element_vertical_align":null,"_position":"","_offset_orientation_h":null,"_offset_x":null,"_offset_x_end":null,"_offset_orientation_v":null,"_offset_y":null,"_offset_y_end":null,"_z_index":"","_element_id":"","_css_classes":"","motion_fx_motion_fx_scrolling":"","motion_fx_translateY_effect":null,"motion_fx_translateY_direction":null,"motion_fx_translateY_speed":null,"motion_fx_translateY_affectedRange":null,"motion_fx_translateX_effect":null,"motion_fx_translateX_direction":null,"motion_fx_translateX_speed":null,"motion_fx_translateX_affectedRange":null,"motion_fx_opacity_effect":null,"motion_fx_opacity_direction":null,"motion_fx_opacity_level":null,"motion_fx_opacity_range":null,"motion_fx_blur_effect":null,"motion_fx_blur_direction":null,"motion_fx_blur_level":null,"motion_fx_blur_range":null,"motion_fx_rotateZ_effect":null,"motion_fx_rotateZ_direction":null,"motion_fx_rotateZ_speed":null,"motion_fx_rotateZ_affectedRange":null,"motion_fx_scale_effect":null,"motion_fx_scale_direction":null,"motion_fx_scale_speed":null,"motion_fx_scale_range":null,"motion_fx_transform_origin_x":null,"motion_fx_transform_origin_y":null,"motion_fx_devices":null,"motion_fx_range":null,"motion_fx_motion_fx_mouse":"","motion_fx_mouseTrack_effect":null,"motion_fx_mouseTrack_direction":null,"motion_fx_mouseTrack_speed":null,"motion_fx_tilt_effect":null,"motion_fx_tilt_direction":null,"motion_fx_tilt_speed":null,"sticky":"","sticky_on":null,"sticky_offset":null,"sticky_offset_tablet":null,"sticky_offset_mobile":null,"sticky_effects_offset":null,"sticky_effects_offset_tablet":null,"sticky_effects_offset_mobile":null,"sticky_parent":null,"_animation":"","_animation_tablet":"","_animation_mobile":"","animation_duration":null,"_animation_delay":null,"_transform_rotate_popover":"","_transform_rotateZ_effect":null,"_transform_rotateZ_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_rotateZ_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_rotate_3d":null,"_transform_rotateX_effect":null,"_transform_rotateX_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_rotateX_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_rotateY_effect":null,"_transform_rotateY_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_rotateY_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_perspective_effect":null,"_transform_perspective_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_perspective_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_translate_popover":"","_transform_translateX_effect":null,"_transform_translateX_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_translateX_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_translateY_effect":null,"_transform_translateY_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_translateY_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_scale_popover":"","_transform_keep_proportions":"yes","_transform_scale_effect":null,"_transform_scale_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_scale_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_scaleX_effect":null,"_transform_scaleX_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_scaleX_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_scaleY_effect":null,"_transform_scaleY_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_scaleY_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_skew_popover":"","_transform_skewX_effect":null,"_transform_skewX_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_skewX_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_skewY_effect":null,"_transform_skewY_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_skewY_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_flipX_effect":"","_transform_flipY_effect":"","_transform_rotate_popover_hover":"","_transform_rotateZ_effect_hover":null,"_transform_rotateZ_effect_ho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