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What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Posted By Susy Salcedo on Feb 4, 2019

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress – A Hybrid mattress is built with two or more different support constructions.  Commonly hybrid mattresses feature a foam set of top layers over an innerspring system or individually wrapped pocket coils.

What Is A Hybrid MattressSee DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

It’s a buzzworthy phrase: hybrid mattress. But what is a hybrid mattress exactly, and how is it different or better than what you’re sleeping on now?  In short, a hybrid mattress is any mattress that combines multiple forms of support and comfort, usually some mixture of memory foam, gel, and innerspring coil technology.

Think of it as the best of all worlds: You get the supportive, pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam and newer gels with the familiar feel of the innerspring mattress (essentially a next-generation coil that is wrapped in some sort of material to retain its tension and create a balanced support system). 

One of the most popular hybrid mattresses is the DreamCloud from Nectar Sleep. It’s a luxury hybrid mattress without the luxury price tag.  Let’s break it down layer by layer to see how these systems work together to create the most comfortable sleep you’ll ever have.

What Is A Hybrid Mattress

Transform Your Bedding From Shabby To Luxury

DreamCloud’s cover is a cashmere blend that provides softness and breathability. Cashmere is an extremely rare and soft material that is prized for its ability to wick heat and diffuse sweat. You might have a cashmere scarf or sweater you love for its softness. It wasn’t until recently that a process could be used to add cashmere to a bed topper, making the DreamCloud unique in the mattress space with its pillowy softness and unmatched breathability.

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Transform Your Bedding From Shabby To Luxury

Gel Infused Memory Foam Gives Plump Decadence to Every Night’s Sleep

A newer technology, DreamCloud’s gel focuses on giving each person an extremely plush and decadent sleep. The gel is more heat-diffuse than other types of memory foam, which allows this hybrid mattress to stay cooler at night than many other traditional memory foam mattresses that only use one material.

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Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam is the Pillowy In between

Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam is the Pillowy In between

This unique quilted memory foam was designed by DreamCloud engineers to create a pillowy softness for your bed that doesn’t sacrifice any of the support of the lower layers. When designing a hybrid mattress, this is key. Every element has to work together towards a common goal. In this case, the quilted memory foam provides comfort that rests on the lower layers of support. It’s the perfect middle ground between these supportive layers and the more heat-diffuse softer layers above it.

Supreme Natural Latex

Supreme Natural Latex

DreamCloud knew they wanted the perfect mix of cushioning bounce without sacrificing contouring and support. Perhaps no layer exemplifies that better than the supreme natural latex. It’s a hypoallergenic layer that has just the right amount of give and contouring to fit seamlessly into the middle of a mattress without becoming too stiff or unforgiving.

DreamPlush Supporting Memory Foam

DreamPlush Supporting Memory Foam

This is exactly what it sounds like, luxurious high-density memory foam. This material is all about support and deep contouring that provides a great foundation for your back while retaining a comfy and soft sleep experience. 

Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam

Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam

Now we’re getting to the heavy hitters. This foam is the real deal, heavier and denser than the layers above it to provide you with the perfect ratio of support and softness no matter what your sleeping position is. It’s the second densest material that comes in the DreamCloud.

Patent-Pending “Bestrest” Coils

Patent-Pending “Bestrest” Individually Wrapped Pocket Coils

Innerspring mattresses have become all the rage thanks to their durability and comfort. DreamCloud’s take on the innerspring system invokes old world luxury with new world tech. The use of pocketed micro-coils allows for a traditional give to the mattress, but its five-zoned, foam-encased system provides support from head to toe. 

High-Density Super Soft Memory Foam

High-Density Super Soft Memory Foam

Rounding out the Dream Team is a high-density memory foam. It helps reduce motion transfer so that you’ll never feel your partner shifting in the middle of the night. This layer also firms up the support you’ll need to feel well-rested night after night. This foam is like the bass player in a band — you don’t always notice when it’s good, but you sure notice when it’s

Do Hybrid Mattresses Need a boxspring?​

Do Hybrid Mattresses Need A Boxspring?

No – Hybrid mattresses do not require a box spring.  Hybrid mattresses can be put directly on the floor or on top of a box spring, if you want to raise the mattress height. We also have an adjustable frame that provides additional comfort positions — great for reading or watching TV in bed (your new favorite activity).

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