Pillow Sizes & Dimensions Guide

Pillow Sizes & Dimensions Guide

Written by Mehran Uzair

Last Updated on Jul 21, 2023

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    A comfortable mattress is essential for a good night's sleep, but it won't be the same if the pillow isn't of the same level of comfort. While the mattresses aim to attain body comfort, pillows are for the neck and shoulder area. 

    A study evaluated the importance of pillow sizes in relation to comfort. However, every individual has their preferences regarding comfort, and for every preference, there are different pillow sizes. And every pillow size affects different comfort levels, improving sleep quality.

    The pillow sizes are broadly categorized into standard pillow sizes, super standard pillows, queen size pillows, king size pillows, and body pillows.

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    Pillow Sizes Chart

    Pillow SizesDimensions (inches)Dimensions (cms)Price RangeIdeal For
    Standard20 in x 26 in 51 cm x 66 cm$25 to $100Best for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Also suitable for adults, children, and people with broad shoulders.
    Super Standard20 in x 28 in51 cm x 71 cm$25 to $140Best for a combination sleeper with no particular sleeping style.
    Queen 20 in x 30 in51 cm x 76 cm$30 to $150Ideal for restless sleepers that twist and turn, needing more surface area
    King20 in x 36 in51 cm x 92 cm$40 to $200Ideal for people with broad shoulders. And for people with back problems who need extra support.
    Body Size Pillow20 in x 54 in51 cm x 137 cm$30 to $250Ideal for people with back pain and knee problems: helps in supporting the neck and spine.

    Standard Size Pillow Dimensions

    20 in x 26 in | 51 cm x 66 cm

    Standard pillows are 20 inches wide and 26 inches long. These pillows are compact and a perfect fit for twin-size mattresses. While two standard pillows can be ideal for queen-size mattresses, and three for a king or California king-size mattresses. 

    And although standard pillows are the best choice for the side, back, and stomach sleeper, people who tend to toss and turn might not feel comfortable on them and may slip off the pillow during the night. Also, it is suitable for everyone; adults, children, and people with broad shoulders. 

    Standard pillowcases measure 20-21 inches in width by 30-32 inches in length. These pillowcase sizes are also a comfortable fit for super standard pillows. What are they, you ask?

    Super Standard Size Pillow Dimensions

    20 in x 28 in | 51 cm x 71 cm

    Super standard pillows are slightly larger versions of standard size pillows. These pillow sizes measure 20 inches in width by 28 inches in length. 

    Super standard pillow sizes are ideal for twin or full-size mattresses, and two of these can fit on queen-size mattresses.

    Although the super standard pillow is only two inches longer than standard pillows, they are ideal for a combination sleeper who likes to twist and turn throughout the night. And while the cost isn't much different, the pillow sizes are; one can say they are a better choice for a quality night.

    Queen Size Pillow Dimensions

    20 in x 30 in | 51 cm x 76 cm

    The queen size pillows are 20 inches wide and 30 inches long. It is the best cheap alternative for people looking for pillows bigger than standard but cheaper than king-size pillows.  

    Queen-size pillows are suitable for full-size mattresses and queen-size mattresses. But, on a king-size mattress, two of the queen-size pillows are a perfect fit. It is ideal for people who feel restless throughout the night and twist around to find comfort.

    Although the queen pillow sizes are bigger than standard pillows, they would fit comfortably in standard pillowcases. So, no need to buy any different pillowcases.

    King Size Pillow Dimensions

    20 in x 36 in | 51 cm x 92 cm

    A king-size pillow measures 20 inches in width by 36 inches in length. 

    The king pillow sizes are ideal for people with back and neck problems. The vast size supports the proper alignment of the neck to the spine. 

    While the king pillow can be set on twin-size mattresses, doing so will leave only one inch of the mattress on each side of the pillows. However, it is better to have king-size pillows on the king or California king-size mattresses. 

    Also, remember king pillow sizes are big and will not fit in standard pillowcases. So buy new pillowcases that are precisely fit for king pillow sizes.

    Body Size Pillow Dimensions

    20 in x 54 in | 51 cm x 137 cm

    Body pillows are not the usual bed pillow sizes and are not seen commonly in every house. Plus, being the longest among the sleeping pillow sizes that measure 20 inches in width by 54 inches in length; they can only fit across a queen-size or a king-size mattress. 

    However, this particular pillow is essentially made for pregnant women as a body pillow can relieve pressure on the back and hip. And placing the body pillow between the legs while sleeping sideways helps with the alignment of the spine and neck, which relieves the back pain. It also keeps the knees from rubbing or collapsing on each other.

    Why Pillow Size Matters

    Just like the mattress size for better sleep quality, pillow sizes matter too, and for good reasons:

    • Twisting and turning in sleep is just part of the night; however, the person sleeping on the wrong size pillow might slip off the pillow.


    • Having a comfortable mattress of the right firmness isn't enough because pillows too contribute to the sleep quality and bodily comfort by holding the head and neck in the proper alignment so that you don't wake up sore in the morning. Hence pillow sizes matter.


    • The perfect pillow size will cradle the head, neck, and spine, which is essential for a healthy back and prevention of neck pain.


    • Piling pillows of different sizes makes the bed look more comfortable and allows different relaxed sleeping postures.

    How to Measure a Pillow

    Measuring a pillow is no rocket science, and though all pillow sizes are different, the measuring method and steps will remain the same for each.

    1. You need a pillow— obviously, and a flexible measuring tape. Not one from the garage, but like that of a seamstress.

    2. Measure the pillow from side to side, and notice if the sides are longer or shorter (length x width).

    3. Hold the measuring tape from one side of the seam to the other, and note the centimeters or the inches, whatever you prefer.

    4. Do the same with the other two sides. And that's how to measure a pillow.

    How to Choose a Right Pillow Size

    It has come to the knowledge that a side sleeper needs a bigger and high loft pillow, while back and stomach sleepers should use a pillow with lower lofts. However, there are other factors as well that should be considered before choosing the right pillow sizes.

    • Mattress

    The aforementioned pillow sizes that fit perfectly on particular mattresses are a telltale that the mattress determines the pillow sizes that can be used. 

    • With full-size or twin-size mattresses, the standard-size pillows are better.
    • And for a queen size, one can either use two standards, super standard pillows or a queen size pillow. 
    • A body pillow is ideal for a queen-size mattress or a king-size mattress. 
    • And lastly, a king or California-size mattress can fit two queen-sized pillows or a king-sized pillow.

    • Cost and Comfort

    Stating the suitable pillow sizes for the already owned or yet-to-buy mattresses aren't the only things essential, but the cost – because these comforts don't come for free. While the standard pillow sizes are suitable for both adults and children alike, plus being widely comforting and supporting different sleeping positions, they may still look too small on the king-size bed.  

    Likewise, the king or body pillow sizes may look big on the full-size or twin-size mattress and are much more suitable for a king or California king-size mattress. Plus they are expensive. 

    Also, if a person owns standard and queen-sized pillows, the pillowcases can be used interchangeably. However, if the person has a king-size pillow, a pillowcase of the specific size must be bought. 

    • Sleeping Position

    This is perhaps the most important consideration when selecting your next pillow, as different sizes are more suited to particular sleeping positions than others. Since the standard size can support any position, it is considered the most adaptable option. Side sleepers who want a higher loft can fold or bunch a normal pillow to meet their needs. A regular pillow's compact size is suitable for stomach and back sleepers, as long as the loft isn't too high. 

    Side sleepers who don't want to shape their pillow and those who flip sides during the night may benefit from the increased volume of a king pillow. The increased length may also be beneficial to back sleepers with broader shoulders. For stomach sleepers, however, a king size pillow and a queen with a regular pillowcase might increase the loft and stiffness. To keep their spines straight, stomach sleepers need softer, slimmer versions.

    Although the Euro isn't typically used as a regular sleep pillow in the United States, its square shape may be suitable for usage between or behind the knees by side or back sleepers. If you sleep on your back or stomach, a Euro pillow with the right loft will work for your head and neck support.

    • Aesthetics

    While it's better to consider the pocket and comfort, it is still essential to make your personal space more welcoming and pleasing. 

    Throwing a bunch of different pillows together can be messy. However, arranging them aesthetically as per the pillow sizes and buying cushions or other pillows to make the place more appealing can help with the overall look.

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    Also, with their latest technology and design, the products are all-season friendly. Whether it is summer, spring, or fall, the pillows are comforting and not itchy to sleep on; and during other seasons, it's all welcoming and warm.

    Final Words

    As pillows come in different sizes; they support different sleeping positions too. And apart from the aforementioned basic standard pillow sizes, many other options can make the night a lot more comfortable. 

    However, don't just stick to achieving comfort; try out different combinations of pillow sizes and make them more vibrant and pleasing.

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    {"faq":[{"_id":"d2370ba","title":"Will a Queen pillow fit in a standard pillowcase?\n","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EYes, a queen pillow can fit a standard pillowcase easily. However, if you want a looser look, you can buy a queen pillowcase for it. Otherwise, it isn't required.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"1ed9cb5","title":"What size pillows do hotels use?","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EMost hotels use standard sized pillows as they accommodate individuals of almost all sizes and shapes. Most pillows are made using down, cotton, or microfiber material.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"249c497","title":"What is the most comfortable pillow type in the world?\n","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EA cotton pillow is the most preferred pillow type globally because of its softness and high breathability. Memory foam and latex pillows are comfortable for most sleepers too. 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