Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets

Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets – Which Is Better?

Posted By Vaibhavi K on Jun 30, 2021

Cotton sheets have reigned in the market for a long time. However, microfiber is giving tough competition. This article will walk you through everything about microfiber vs cotton sheets.

What do you check while buying new sheets? Of course, the color and design of the sheet. But, it is their material that decides whether you get a sound sleep at night. You would surely not want your sheets to cause rashes and irritation.

Let us see what is the best material for sheets to give a good night’s sleep.

Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are made of nylon, polyester, and even wood pulp. The super-thin fibers are synthetic and are woven tightly, making them durable. They feel soft on the skin and are quite cheap compared to other natural fibers. 

Microfiber Sheets


  • Despite being made of synthetic material, microfiber sheets are pretty breathable. Their moisture repelling properties will keep you cool and dry.
  • They are soft to touch. However, the texture is silky, unlike cotton sheets. This velvety feel comes from brushed microfiber sheets.
  • They are durable and less prone to wear and tear, unlike cotton sheets. A single sheet can easily last more than five years.
  • You do not have to put any superhuman efforts to maintain them. These sheets are machine washable. Moreover, creases and wrinkles do not form on them.


  • They are not as breathable as cotton sheets. So, it’s better to go for other options if you sweat a lot at night or live in humid places.
  • They can generate a lot of static electricity when the weather is dry. It happens due to friction. So, it might not be unusual to get a shock on a winter night.

Cotton Sheets

Coming straight from cotton plants, they are natural and organic. Cotton sheets are a universal favorite due to their softness and breathability. 

If you sweat a lot at night, cotton sheets might be your perfect companion. They can wick off the moisture from your skin, thereby ensuring you stay dry and comfortable.

Doctors often recommend cotton bed sheets to people with allergies and skin problems.

Cotton Sheets


  • High breathability makes the sheets cool. You will love them if you sweat a lot at night.
  • Cotton sheets feel super smooth on your skin. So, your hyper-sensitive skin will face no problems. They are good for people with eczema and rashes.
  • Cotton sheets have a strong weave and can easily last for 3-5 years. 
  • They come in several varieties. You can get sheets of different colors, designs, and textures.


  • They might be the most comfortable sheets but are quite expensive. So, purchasing put or Egyptian cotton sheets for all your beds might get expensive.
  • Being a natural fiber, cotton is more prone to wear and tear. Artificial fibers are giving it stiff competition.

Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets Comparison

Let us simplify the difference between microfiber and cotton sheets in the table below. It will help you make an informed decision while buying your sheets.

ParametersCotton SheetsMicrofiber Sheets
FeelThey are super soft on your skin.They are also soft but have a velvety texture.
BreathabilityCotton sheets are known for their breathability. They can be your perfect companion on a hot summer night.They are not the most breathable sheets. In addition, the synthetic material can make these sheets quite uncomfortable at times.
DurabilityCotton sheets can last up to 3-4 years if you use them regularly.Tightly knit microfiber sheets can be more durable. Moreover, they can easily withstand several washes.
Care and MaintenanceThey are easy to wash. But you need to be careful. Use a mild detergent and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.One of the benefits of microfiber sheets is that they do not require extra effort for cleaning.

Types of Microfiber

Microfiber is a mix of various synthetic fibers. Microfiber can be of nylon or polyester. At times, it is even mixed with wood pulp which gives it a softer feel.

The most common types of microfiber are: common types of microfiber are made of polyesters; polyamides (e.g., nylon, Kevlar, Nomex, trogamide). They are also used in combinations of polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene.

Some sheets may contain a mix of polyester microfiber and cotton. It gives them the advantage of both.

A Girl in Deep Sleep

Types of Cotton

There are different types of cotton. Each has its own feel and texture.

1. Egyptian Cotton

Straight from the land of Pharaohs and pyramids, it is the most luxurious of all cotton types. You wouldn’t get anything softer. As a result, it is also the most expensive.

The fiber is longer, which makes it strong and durable. 

The threads used for Egyptian cotton are thinner. So, the sheets have a greater thread count. If you are comparing microfiber vs Egyptian cotton sheets, it is better to go for the latter if your budget permits.

2. Pima Cotton

It was made in the USA by Pima native Americans. Pima cotton is not as soft as its Egyptian friend. However, it can be a cheaper alternative.

3. Regular Cotton

This is the one that you usually get in the market. It is of moderate quality and comes at an affordable price.

What Should I Buy?

Should you buy microfiber or cotton sheets? Well, it depends on your preferences. What matters is that you are super comfortable night.

You Should Buy Microfiber Sheets If:

  • You want a hassle-free life. They require low maintenance and won’t take much of your precious time.
  • You don’t want creases on your sheet. These sheets remain plain and wrinkle-free after repeated washes.
  • You want to explore and try out different materials
  • If you do not want rough fiber ends to stick out of your sheet after washing. 

You Should Buy Cotton Sheets If:

  • You are looking for sheets that keep you cool. Cotton sheets are porous and breathable. So, they let the air pass through them. Thus, your body heat does not get trapped
  • You want your sheets to be soft and cozy. The softness of a cotton sheet can lull you to sleep
  • You are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin. Well, nothing can be better for the skin than a soft cotton sheet
  • You are willing to put the effort to maintain your sheets
  • You want something royal and exquisite like Egyptian cotton sheets

The Bottom Line

So, what is the best material for sheets? Well, by now you have realized that no one sheet fits all. You will have your unique preferences. Therefore, it is better to choose according to them.

Next time you go shopping, you will not get overwhelmed by the numerous types of sheets. That is because you will already know their features. So, why are you waiting? Choose the perfect bedsheet for yourself and grab some good sleep.


What is a good thread count for microfiber sheets?

Well, 500-800 might be a good thread count for microfiber sheets. However, if you are looking for sheets to keep you cool, you can go for a thread count of 250-300.

What is the best thread count for cotton sheets?

Talking of the best thread count for sheets, cotton sheets with 500-800 threads are softer and durable.

Is Microfiber hotter than cotton?

Well, microfiber is not as breathable as cotton. Thus, it tends to trap your body heat. So, if you ask, “ Are microfiber sheets hot?” the answer is a resounding yes.

Are microfiber sheets bad for your health?

Microfiber sheets might not be painted with eco-friendly materials. Is microfiber toxic? Well, the paints might contain chlorine bleach and other substances that can damage your health. Some of them are also carcinogenic.

Do microfiber sheets feel like cotton?

Are microfiber sheets soft? Yes. But do they feel like cotton? No. Microfiber sheets have a silky or velvety texture, unlike cotton sheets.

Do microfiber sheets pill?

Most microfiber sheets are resistant to pilling. However, it depends on their quality.