What Is a Hypoallergenic Mattress?

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Last Updated on Jun 13, 2022

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    After a long exhausting day, all we want is a peaceful and good night's sleep. Sometimes the universe is against us, and no matter how hard you try, you just cannot sleep. It can be the honking traffic and music outside, but that might not be the case with you. Maybe it’s your allergies acting up. Allergens like dust mites, household chemicals, etc., lurking in your home might be the reason for your constant sleepless nights.

    You can try different methodologies to fight against it, but the doctors recommend using anti-allergic and hypoallergenic mattresses for allergies. It is the best solution against your allergies that cause constant sneezing or itchy skin. 

    As the name suggests, the mattress prevents any allergies from acting up. Its material provides exceptional protection against bed bugs, dust, pollen, and other microscopic, crab-like creatures called dust mites. 

    Let us understand hypoallergenic mattresses in detail, along with other measures you can take to prevent any more allergic-ridden nights. 

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    How to Fight With Allergens In Your Mattress?

    To achieve an allergy-free mattress, you should:

    Get Yourself a Hypoallergenic Mattress

    Having a hypoallergenic mattress is perhaps the most effective way to keep your allergic reactions at bay. As mentioned, a hypoallergenic mattress is one made with a particular material that doesn't let any allergic causer - bed bugs, dust, pollen, dust mites - enter your mattress. 

    They consist of latex foam, synthetic memory foam, or just a coil mattress covered with cotton, a natural allergen-resistant material.

    Besides the materials, the best hypoallergenic mattress - like DreamCloudSleep mattress - features some unique properties. These mattresses have a special foam structure to prevent mold, bacteria, and fungi from ever taking root under your sleeping haven. The foam build allows air to pass quickly, enabling the maintenance of a dry environment.

    Take a Look at Safety and Health Certifications

    The hypoallergenic mattress is undoubtedly the best for allergies, but duping people maliciously is quite common. One can find traces of flame retardants, formaldehyde, and phthalates in such beds. 

    Those mattresses might seem to be comfortable or working out perfectly fine initially, but they slowly lead to sore throats, watery eyes, rashes and difficulty in breathing. In the end, you'll find yourself affected by the very things you wanted to avoid. 

    Hence, we would recommend checking the materials of hypoallergenic mattresses before investing. For instance, the DreamCloud mattress is made entirely from organic products like foam, cotton, cashmere, etc., with no trace of harmful chemicals. 

    Do not forget to check out the certifications that prove your mattress is a hypoallergenic mattress that is chemical-free. It won’t elevate your allergies either: 

    • CertiPUR-US®: This certification is provided to mattress manufacturers with no harsh chemicals in manufacturing foam. It also certifies that the foam is low in volatile organic compounds, i.e. VOCs, which prevent the mattress from off-gassing. These chemicals include lead, mercury, flame retardants, and formaldehyde. 
    • GREENGUARD Gold: This certificate is certified for allergy-ridden individuals' mattresses considered safe to use. It is an indicator for low VOC emissions and off-gassing beds.
    • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®: Mattress certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® showcases that every part of the mattress is thoroughly tested and approved as chemical-free. 
    • MADE SAFE®: This certificate is an indication that the hypoallergenic mattress, along with other beddings, is free from chemicals like neurotoxins, fire retardants, carcinogens, and VOCs.
    • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS): These certificates are issued by the Control Union against latex mattresses. It certifies that at least 95 percent of organic raw material has been used while making the latex. They deem the remaining percentage to have low emissions and be safe. 

    Give a Thought to Your Sheet Type

    Besides the mattress, the sheets too can get you into trouble. The allergens try to sneak in between your sheets or embed themselves on them. If the pollen, dust, and dust mites make it to your sheets, then you will be in direct contact with them and have a higher chance of contraction. 

    Try switching to cotton, bamboo, Tencel fabric, or even silk. This tightly woven sheet will have less space, leading to an increase in heat and overall discomfort for your body. The microscopic elements are less likely to dwell if the thread count is higher. However, they are pretty expensive and require dry cleaning instead of washing.  Also, if you find yourself allergic to chemicals present in cleaning agents, then it can be troublesome to you as it might cause chain allergic reactions. 

    Bamboo sheets are the best solution, as they have a natural feel and do not let the allergens in. 

    Invest in a Mattress Cover

    We make fun of our parents for keeping the plastic cover of furniture intact, though it has undeniable benefits. Not only does it maintain its pristine condition, but it also helps keep the allergens away. The hypoallergenic bedding and covers are resistant to any stray allergen.

    The hypoallergenic cover can keep all the unwanted elements like pollens, dust mites, etc., out and prevent them from entering the bed. The surface will also deter the liquids from getting absorbed. It ensures no allergy-inducing fungi, molds, and bacteria will linger beneath.

    Just put the cover on the plastic sheet to eliminate noises and uncomfortable texture. 

    As a preventive measure, check the material of covers, sheets, and all beddings. If you're latex intolerant, then you might need to avoid that as well. You can also check out latex mattresses and memory foam. But is memory foam hypoallergenic? They are, but if you find it uncomfortable, you can invest in a mattress protector featuring a pore size of 1 micron.

    Wash Your Bedding Regularly

    You might want to rely just on the hypoallergenic mattress to avoid going through the hassle of cleaning them every day. Constant washing will keep the allergens away and not give them time to spread more. And while we do understand it, believe us, it's worth it. 

    But for an added measure, be sure to use hypoallergenic detergent, especially if you're allergic to chemicals. Because while preventing one allergy, you'll be welcoming others. If you find comforters taking more time, you should wash the sheets at least once a week. You can also clean the mattress pad regularly.

    Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the mattress. Materials like natural latex have special washing instructions, so keep a lookout for them. 

    Vacuum and Clean Your Room Thoroughly

    No matter how much money you spend on hypoallergenic mattresses or bedding, if your room is filthy, you might as well be welcoming allergens with open hands. Allergens never linger just on the bed area - they find a home in all the dirt. And you do not want a king's bed in the middle of a dust palace! So, clean your room right away.

    You can find the worst allergens in cluttered, dusty places. So be sure to put your things away and wipe everything nicely. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and sweep the floors. Change the blinds, clean the drapes and do whatever you feel can reduce the dust accumulation. 

    However, even after this, the allergens are going to come back. And as much as it grosses us out that it is the decomposing biological matter of our bodies that causes dust, it is integral to keep in mind. So, keep that vacuuming and dusting on the go at least every alternate day.

    Purify the Air 

    Allergens are not just littering the surfaces, but they're also a part of your room's air. You can use an air purifier or dehumidifier to clear the air out of the allergens. If your sanctuary is part of an old house or apartment complex, then it is even more critical. With age, the ventilation systems get affected by dust, pollen, or mold spores in certain seasons. 

    If you can see, you'll be appalled by how disgusting a water purification system can get after a few days. Even if you clean the dust-out, the ventilation system is bound to be affected by moisture, implying that mold or mildew can quickly grow inside.  

    Pets Need to Stay Out

    We know it might sound heartbreaking, but it is a necessity - keep your pets out. As much as we love cuddling them through the night, they are the bearers of various allergies. Try to keep them out of the room as much as you can. But if you do want them inside during the day, you would have to clean, vacuum, and wash all your beddings every day. 

    And while you might be safe at night, remember the interactions of the morning. Besides the routine carrying of body allergens, they also carry foreign allergens accumulated throughout the day.

    Causes of Bedroom Allergens

    Several allergens in the room contribute to your allergy, despite not being visible. Some of them include:


    Dust is one of the prime instigators of allergies. Primarily consisting of the body's dead skin cells, it also originates from insects. It can enter from your windows, door or stick to your clothes. 

    Dust Mite 

    These are microscopic critters that are utterly invisible to human eyes. However, their presence is very apparent in the household. They make a home in your carpets, mattresses, bedding, upholstery, and curtains and cause severe allergic reactions. 

    They live off of your dead skin cells and multiply rapidly. They thrive in humidity and leave behind feces which also causes allergic reactions. 

    Pet Dander

    Pets might be a good cuddle partner, but they can also be the reason why you can't sleep at night. Their saliva, skin, fur, and urine are prevalent triggers. They can also bring in dust and pollen from outside. 

    Mold and Mildew

    Mold and mildew are born out of a humid environment. If you have symptoms of heavy sweating and have by chance spilled water on the bed, then there are chances that mildew is growing under your mattress. Their eventual buildup can cause allergic reactions and even trigger asthma attacks. 


    According to the Center for Disease Control, pollens are seasonal allergens that cause constant sneezing and coughing. They travel easily in the air and cling to your clothes, shoes, or cars. 


    Besides external forces, your bed can be the allergy trigger. Materials like latex and synthetic memory foam are known to have severe chemicals. And while these chemicals such as heavy metals, VOCs, and flame retardants keep allergens away, they too can cause allergies. 

    They are the leading cause of rashes, itchy skin, runny nose, and difficult breathing. 

    Dreamcloud Mattresses

    Dreamcloud the award-winning mattress offers you a one-stop solution for all your allergy-ridden sleep needs. We offer you a vast array of hypoallergenic mattresses that will help you sleep better at night. Our range includes:

    DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

    This hypoallergenic mattress is a dreamy mix of innerspring coils and memory foam that promises you the best sleep you've ever experienced. It comes with a premium 5-layer hybrid design that gives you layers of comfort. 

    The mattress features a highly soft cover on the top that works well with quilted foam and cashmere. Next, the gel memory foam shapes your body just right to give you the most comfortable feeling. The sink-in-just-right layer ensures a soft sink-in feel. 

    The primary support for the upper layer comes from the essential-base layer. It guarantees that every other layer on its top performs its best. At last, is the targeted-support coil layer which features an individually topped coil that adapts thoroughly to the body.

    DreamCloud Premier Mattress

    Another variety of hypoallergenic bedding mattress features six layers of allergic-free sleep. It starts with a cashmere blend on the top, followed by a euro-top-cradle layer that gently lulls you to sleep. The euro-top support layer provides support for the two layers above. 

    The pressure-relief comfort layer is designed for support of the above layers. At the bottom, the targeted-support coil layer reduces motion transfer and promotes air circulation. On the other hand, low-motion transfer helps sustain the body's curves and contours. 

    DreamCloud Premier Rest Mattress

    Finally, we have the DreamCloud Premier Rest. This mattress for allergies features a blend of seven different layers of comfort and assured sleep. The two-layer of cashmere blend carries you to a land of peaceful dreams. Next, one inch of a soft-top adds to its plush nature. A luxe 2.5 inch of pressure-relief-comfort follows with support. 

    A supportive foam provides the required resistance, while the targeted-support coil layer promotes airflow. Lastly, a sizable stability-focused layer delivers the utmost performance from the above layers. Compare Dreamcloud with other mattresses.

    Allergies are the worst enemies when you're just trying to disconnect from the outer world, close your eyes and relax. While it might seem impossible to control it, you can find aid in different forms. To minimize your symptoms, use the hypoallergenic mattress and sheets and covers to get your peaceful sleep back! What a special deal? checkout our specials for Memorial Day and President's Day

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