Professional movers in uniform moving a mattress

How to Move a Mattress

Posted By Vaibhavi K on Jul 26, 2021

Whenever you think about how to move a mattress, the first thing you imaging is asking for help. Without help, you can only imagine hours of distress and duress. This feeling comes in almost everyone’s life who buys a mattress. Although nowadays professional helpers make mattress shifting easier than ever but, what if you had no help? Are you prepared to move a mattress all by yourself? 

If you answered ‘No’, then this article is for you. We’ll share some tips on how to move a mattress by yourself, the easiest way to move that will help you move your mattress without damaging it or without stretching the process for hours. 

Equipment and Supplies Needed for Moving a Mattress

The human way of moving a mattress would be fining these things before you start with the process. 

  • Cardboard – Using a cardboard box can make moving a mattress an easier job while keeping it safe. 
  • Hand truck – A dolly or a hand truck always comes in handy. It can be very useful in transporting the mattress from the bed to the truck. Plus, it is always a good idea to minimize human strength with the help of the right tools. 
  • Mattress bag – It might be a great idea to use a mattress bag to cover the mattress from dust, contamination, or spillovers. It could be your mattress protector for moving. Hence, you should find a mattress bag that beats the odd and protects the mattress at any cost. 
  • Nylon rope – You can always use a sturdy rope to secure your mattress before moving. As it can come in handy in so many ways, you can’t imagine. 
  • Tape – Any packing and moving are incomplete without a good tape. The most basic material required in how to pack a mattress would be the one thing that keeps it together. 
  • Retractable knife – You might not know when a knife can save your life during moving. These come in handy when you want to cut your mattress bags. Make sure you don’t accidentally cut off your mattress while removing the bag. 
  • Bubble wrap – When it’s about packing and moving, how could you forget the need of the hour! Bubble wrap is the safest way to wrap the bed accessories and bed foundation. 
  • Toolset – Who knows when you might struggle to get your mattress out of your bed. In such cases, tools can help you a lot. Always keep the toolset ready for such emergencies. 
  • Extra bags – There might be some add-on accessories or crews, nuts, and bolts that cannot be shifted along with the mattress. In such cases, extra bags can be a lifesaver.
A couple setting up a bed after moving it to new house

How to Move a Mattress in Easy Steps

The best way to move a mattress would be to do it step-wise. Divide the steps accordingly to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free way to move your mattress. 

1. Put the mattress in a bag 

You should always have a big bag in which you can store your mattress safely. Ensure all the air is sucked out and tape it to lock moisture out. The transportation vehicle can not be as clean as you expect, and this bag will help you to keep your mattress safe and clean with a mattress cover for moving. 

2. Clear the path 

It’s really important to clear the path before you decide to move the mattress. There can couple of unwanted things blocking the way. Ensure all doors are open and the way to the vehicle is clear. 

3. Keep your transporting vehicle ready 

Make sure that your vehicle doors are opened. The interiors have enough space for your mattress. If you need to remove the seats or adjust them, make sure you do that before you put your mattress in. 

Wondering how to move a mattress without a truck? 

Here are various vehicle options in which you can carry your mattress. Make sure you pick the right one or book the one big enough for your mattress. 

  • Pickup truck – It is the best option that gives you ample space and security. 
  • Moving van – The next best option after a pickup truck would be a moving van. 
  • SUV/car with luggage rack – A luggage or roof rack can come in handy with the extra support.
  • SUV/car without luggage rack – Although an SUV with a luggage rack is considered ideal, but a normal SUV also works well.

4. Lift the mattress for moving 

Now is the time to put your human strength to use. Take help and pick up the mattress while bending your knees, not your back. This way, the load will not fall on your back. 

5. Place it in the hand truck 

Once you have picked up the mattress, keep it on the hand truck or dolly safely in which every position possible. This makes it easier to carry the mattress to the van. 

6. Load the mattress in the truck 

Lift the mattress off the hard truck and place it on the van safely. This minimizes human effort and makes mattress moving easier. 

7. Secure the mattress with ropes 

Once the mattress is loaded into the truck, it’s time to secure the mattress with strong ropes. Depending on the vehicle, you’ll need to alter your ropes to tie the mattress properly. 

8. Driveaway

Once the mattress is secured, all you need to do is drive away to the destination. Drive slow, and make sure to drive carefully. 

Other Ways to Move a Mattress 

Want to how to move and protect the mattress at the same time? You could always hire a professional to do the job or can ship the mattress to the destination. Both these methods are helpful when you cannot move the mattress yourself. 

Hire a professional helper 

If you don’t know how to move a mattress in a car, then leave it to the experts. Professional packers and movers can help you move your mattress easily. Professional movers know how to move the mattress without ruining it. This method can be expensive, but it is a safe option to move a large mattress.

professional movers in uniform moving a mattress

Shipping the mattress 

Another easy way to move your large mattress anywhere would be to get it shipped. It might be a bit costly, but it is a better option than spending your energy and time. You can ship the mattress anywhere in the country for $300 – 700 easily. 

Does Folding a Mattress Damage It?

When exploring how to store a mattress, folding it might seem like a good option, but it isn’t one. Folding the mattress can ruin it, thereby compromising comfort instantly. Memory foam mattresses can be easily folded in half as they can get back to their original shape easily.

Dreamcloud’s mattresses, on the other hand, are very handy, and its memory foam mattress won’t ruin if you fold it. Knowing how to fold the mattress could be a life-saver. Folding the mattress can result in the following possibility: 

  • It can damage the coil
  • Bend the border rods 
  • Damage the foam encasement
  • Ruin the comfort of the mattress

The more you fold the mattress, the more damage it does. Hence, we will never recommend folding a mattress.

How to Store a Mattress Safely After Moving It? 

If you won’t be using a mattress after moving it, then the best option would be to store it, keeping the weather conditions in mind. Moisture and fungus can spoil the mattress; hence, make sure you store it in a cool and dry place away from bugs and insects. Here the role of a mattress cover plays in part.  

Another essential point would be not to load the mattress with anything heavy or to store it folded. If you are storing it, make sure you don’t put anything on the top because it can easily damage the mattress’s comfort level. 

Keeping the mattress flat in a room big enough can you save it from damage. Take your time to keep the mattress safe, so you save a few bucks in the long run.

Check out our blog on how to store your mattress perfectly to learn effective ways of storing mattresses.

Summing It up 

Whether you know how to move a heavy mattress or not, the process sure can get easier. If you chose to transport the mattress without any professional help, make sure you choose the right partner to do it, and you know how to transport a mattress safely. The mattress moving process is crucial, and it is important to know to pack a mattress before moving. 


Is tying a mattress on top of car legal?

Tying a mattress on the top of the car isn’t illegal in the US unless you tie it securely. In fact, people sometimes move their mattresses with the help of cars. What you should know is how to carry a mattress by car. You can face a fine if your mattress falls off the car. 

How to move box springs and foundations?

Box springs and foundations can be packed with bubble wraps. This saves them from damages and keeps your mind off their security. Although foundations can be heavy, you can always pack them separately. 

How to fold a mattress?

You can fold a mattress by carefully understanding the mattress type. If it is not a memory foam mattress, then folding it can become an issue. You can try to wrap a mattress like a roll and quickly tie it will a sturdy rope. This way, it will keep the mattress intact. 

Do movers provide mattress bags?

No. Unfortunately, movers do not provide a mattress bag for moving. When moving the mattress, you need to carry your own mattress protector for moving to keep your mattress in tip-top condition.