10 Easy Ways to Keep Mattress from Sliding

10 Easy Ways to Keep Mattress from Sliding

Written by Mehran Uzair

Last Updated on Jan 30, 2023

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    Flying on a magic carpet in dreams is a fantasy everyone treasures while they are young. However, when the mattress keeps shifting and gives an impression of flying in sleep, it is barely a fantasy to be cherished. 

    Who would like to have a disruptive sleep by arousing feelings of frustration by the sliding mattress? 

    If you are facing a similar dilemma, learn how to keep a mattress from sliding. The following techniques will allow you to keep your mattresses in place.

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    Rug Pad Grippers

    A rug pad gripper keeps mats and rugs in place from sliding across the floor. These rug pad grippers can be effective for your sliding mattress, and you need to place them between the mattress and bed platform or slats. It is easy to use and comes in varied sizes to match perfectly with every rug and mat. When the rug pad gripper is lifted, it releases quickly and thus helps you to reposition your rugs and mats. They are inexpensive, approximately ranging around $10 and also safe to use.

    Non-Slip Mattress Pads

    Non-slip mattress pads are another possibility that rescues you from the mattress sliding problem. The pads are suitable on specific bed frames and available in thin layers of rubber or foam material. Non-slip mattress pads can clasp your mattress tight, thus providing a strong grip that curbs the mattress from sliding. Some non-slip mattresses are water-resistant and provide a peaceful night's sleep without distressing about the sliding mattress. The non-slip mattress pads are available in varied sizes. Buying the larger pads will be beneficial as they can easily be trimmed with scissors to match the mattress size.

    Velcro Tape

    A velcro tape works as a fastener which consists of two strips of thin plastic sheet. One strip is covered with tiny loops, whereas the other is covered with tiny flexible hooks. These loops are adhesive, are stuck when pressed together, and separated when pulled apart.

    Velcro strips can help you to halt your mattress from sliding. You need to apply one strip to your bed frame or box spring and another to the mattress. While remedying the velcro tape, ensure that the hook side meets the loop side to fasten the mattress to the bed comfortably. Apply these strips to every corner and center of the mattress to prevent it from sliding.

    Add Bed Railings

    Bed rails are a potential way to keep your mattress in place. Add a bed rail to the bed frame and allow it to work as a fence that will cease the mattress from sliding. You can get adjustable bed rails too, as per your need. The bed rails don't allow the mattress to wander, giving you worry-free quality sleep.


    Dust and dirt particles accumulate everywhere in your house, whether on the furniture surface or beneath it in corners. A  mattress collects dust, dead skin cells, body fluids, and stains from various sources and gets slippery to slide in your bed. Use a soft brush or upholstery attachment to clean the mattress thoroughly. Once one side is cleaned, flip the mattress to remove dirt from the bottom. If your mattress has loose fillings, avoid using a vacuum as it can remove the fillings making your mattress wither. Thus, regular cleaning of the mattress can stop it from sliding.

    Mattress Extenders and Gap Fillers

    In a bed that contains a headboard or footboard, you will find a gap between either of them and a mattress. The void causes the mattress to slide up and down. To combat this problem, mattress extenders and gap fillers can greatly help. You must insert them between the mattress and bed frame to act as a fence. Your mattress gets deterred from sliding, and consequently, you get a non-disruptive sleep. However, these mattress extenders can't match your mattress size, making them a less common option. Try using a wooden board to fill the gap and ensure it is sturdy enough to stop your mattress from sliding.

    Rubber Matting

    A rubber mattress pad is a thick sheet to support a bed and prevent the mattress from sliding. To use a rubber mat following things can be used:

    • A thin yoga mat
    • Non-skid rubber rug pads
    • A soft rubber mat
    • Shelf liners

    You can use any of these and place them between the bed and mattresses. The rubber mat should be flat and wide to ensure the mattress is safe and stable on the bed. The foam rubber mats are adhesive. Place the sticky side on the bottom of the bed frame to keep it in contact with the surface. The rubber mat is a natural friction provider. You will need to remove the mattress from the bed frame and place the rubber mat on the surface. Now, put the mattress again on the rubber mat.

    Mattress Retainer Bar

    Most people find managing the sliding mattress an arduous task every day. However, a mattress retainer bar can hold your mattress in place when the bed base is raised or lowered. They are compatible with bed frames, box springs, and all adjustable bed frames.

    Carpet Tape

    Carpet tape is used to secure carpets from sliding off the floor. It is adhesive on both sides and easy to remove without any residue. Due to its versatile nature, it is used to put mats and carpets in place in gyms, physical therapy centers, airports, and galleries. Similarly, it can keep your mattress in place. However, it should be a temporary solution as it may leave a glue stain on your mattress or pull the threads out.

    Bed Frame Of Proper Size

    The bed frame and the mattress size should be compatible with each other. If your mattress is too small for a bed, there is adequate space for your mattress to wiggle around, making you uncomfortable while sleeping. Choose a bed frame that comes with a headboard or a footboard that avoids the sliding of the mattress. Moreover, you can use wooden boards or towels to keep between the extra spaces. Yet, it might require constant adjusting and is a short-term solution. 

    Tossing and Turning

    If you are a light sleeper, you might be tossing and turning while you sleep. This also makes the mattress slip off the bed frame. In addition, if you have your kids or pets sleeping with you in bed, keep a check on their sleeping habits. Their wiggly sleeping ways can also be the issue behind your sliding mattress.

    Why Is My Mattress Sliding

    There are various reasons for the mattress to slide off from the bed. You need to find out what exactly is the reason for your mattress to leave its place frequently. Following are some of the reasons you need to consider. 

    • Mattress Age

    People prefer spending time on beds for several activities. It is not just a place to sleep anymore. Having lunch and working in bed are common. Thus, there is no space left for the bed and mattress to be left clean. Moreover, sweat, body fluids, and other secretions are released on the mattress. If this continues for a long time, the mattress gets dirt accumulating, making it slippery. Thus, changing your mattresses is crucial after a particular use.

    • Mattress Size

    Mattress size is essential as per the bed frame to avoid the sliding problem. If your mattress size is smaller than your bed frame, extra space is visible at the edges of the bed. Mattress gets easily slipped even with pressure on the edge. Getting a perfect size mattress will help; else, you need to use other alternatives such as non-slip mattress pads, rug pad frippers, velcro tape, etc.

    • Mattress Support

    Mattresses need sturdy support to give you a delightful experience while you sleep. If the bed frames or slats are uneven and spacious, they can't hold the mattress firmly and fail to keep it in place. Thus, the slipping and sliding off your mattress are pretty apparent. The squeaky bed sound while you sleep can give you an inkling of why your mattress keeps sliding. 

    • No Railing

    Most bed frames can hold the mattress as they rise above the slats and work as a barrier. However, other bed frames lack this feature that makes the mattress slide. Metal frame and platform beds may be available without a headboard or a footboard. Thus, the bed is not centered on the foundation and allows the mattress to wander across the bed. 

    • Not Enough Friction

    Mattresses need strong friction to keep themselves in place; else, they are prone to sliding. Especially double-sided or flippable mattresses, as they have a smooth cover on both sides. Sometimes the mattress cover is too smooth, which doesn't provide adequate resistance. The natural and synthetic cover materials don't provide a firm grip, making the mattresses slide. 

    It is best to use high-quality memory foam mattresses that are non-slippery and provide a firm grip on the mattress. And you are no longer worried about the sliding mattress disrupting your sleep. 

    • You Have A Two-Sided Mattress

    In a two-sided mattress, the top and the bottom of the mattress are covered with soft layers. Thus, they are more prone to slip and slide as you sleep or even sit on the edge of the bed. Thus, the two-sided mattresses can be replaced with one-sided mattresses.

    • Too Much Weight On One Side Of The Bed

    If there is too much weight placed on one side of the mattress, it tends to slide frequently. If you sleep on your stomach, the mattress is pushed down due to the weight, and it tends to sink. Hence, you need to be careful of your sleeping position on the bed.

    How To Stop Your Mattress From Sliding Off A Metal Bed Frame

    There are numerous reasons for a mattress to slide, such as accumulated dust, a small-size mattress on a spacious bed, and a weak bed frame, to mention a few. Metal bed frames tend to slide the mattress more, as the metal frame lacks friction making the soft mattress slippery. Many older metal bed models lack a headboard or footboard that protects your mattress from sliding. Thus, using a good-quality mattress protector will be worthwhile. A mattress protector has a rigid grip pad placed between the bed and mattress, providing a solid grip. 

    How To Keep The Mattress From Sliding Of A Box Spring

    To keep the mattress from sliding off a box spring, the best options are velcro, carpet tape, vacuuming, and rubber mats. It is not possible to put bed rails on a box spring. You can also go for a non-slip mattress to help keep your mattress in place. Another way is to place your bed against the wall, so the mattress avoids sliding due to a wall barrier. 

    How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding On A Platform Bed

    You should use the correct bed base to keep your mattress from sliding on a platform bed. If your mattress is too small or too big than the bed frame, it will keep sliding whenever you sit or sleep on the mattress. To mitigate the sliding problem, you can use anti-slip pads that are inexpensive but effective. You can even use mattress straps as a solution to your sliding mattress. However, you must be cautious while using them, as they can leave a permanent hole in a foam mattress. 

    How Do I Keep My Adjustable Bed From Sliding

    The adjustable beds are comfortable as they can be raised or lowered as per your requirements. However, they tend to slide when lifted. Thus, keeping adjustable beds against the wall to stop them from sliding will be effective. 

    How To Keep Memory Foam Mattress From Sliding

    To keep your memory foam mattress from sliding, you need to use a mattress size that is suitable for your bed frame. Using carpet tape or velcro strips isn't suitable for foam mattresses as they may get tarnished. It will be helpful if a good bed base is used for your foam mattress to mitigate the sliding problem. 


    A peaceful sleep at night without annoyance provides more zest the following day. If the bedding products upset your sleep, it's time to wake up and do the needful. Once you know the reason for your sliding mattress, the above information will guide you to a compatible solution. Moreover, if nothing seems to work, investing in a new bed frame or mattress is the ideal resolution. 

    It is better to fly in dreams on a magic carpet than on your sliding mattress! Isn't it?

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