Duvet vs Comforter

Duvet vs Comforter: What Is The Difference?

Posted By Vaibhavi K on Jun 23, 2021

Confused between a duvet and a comforter? Is there a difference between the two? If yes, then which one is better? It is natural to get confused between the two as there is very little difference that sets them apart. Both have several similarities but also quite a few differences. 

Let us dive straight into everything about comforter vs duvet and how to choose one.

A Duvet on Bed

Difference Between a Duvet and a Comforter

A duvet is a quilted blanket that comes in two pieces – the insert and the cover. A comforter is also a blanket but it is a single piece that does not require a cover.

You can use a comforter right after unpacking it. A duvet, however, needs a duvet cover. 

A duvet may not be stitched or quilted. That is because it is meant to be covered. However, a comforter is complete in itself. So, it will be stitched and quilted.

It is easier to wash a duvet. Just remove the cover and put it in the washer. But, washing a comforter is quite a task.

Here are some more differences between a duvet vs comforter:

FillingA duvet is filled with down or feathers. It has a higher fill power which makes it fluffier than a comforter.A comforter is also filled with feathers or down. But, it is thinner than a duvet.
PatternA duvet might not always be stitched or quilted. They can be quite loose.Comforters are always quilted. The filling is evenly distributed.
SizeDuvets are fluffier but smaller in size comapred to comforters.Comforters are larger than duvets. They can hang down from the sides of your bed.

Duvet Sizes vs Comforter Sizes Chart

There are plenty of duvet and comforter sizes to choose from. However, the dimensions of duvets and comforters are different. A comforter is slightly bigger than a duvet. It will hang from the sides of your bed.

Twin-size66 x 86 inches63 x 87 inches
Full-sized80 x 86 inches63 x 92 inches
Queen-sized90 x 90 inches78 x 87 inches
King-sized104 x 90 inches84 x 92 inches
A Duvet Rolled up

Pros and Cons of a Duvet


  • A duvet is easy to clean. You only need to put the duvet cover in the washer.
  • You can change the cover of your duvet insert whenever you like.
  • Covers of different colors and designs can lend character to your bedroom.


  • Lumps might form in the duvet. 
  • The duvet insert might shift inside the cover.
  • It is quite a task to put a cover on your duvet.

Pros and Cons of a Comforter

A fluffy comforter can be your perfect companion on a chilly winter night. Let us look at its pros and cons before you buy one.


  • A bed comforter is ready to use. You do not have to assemble it.
  • A comforter set often has matching sheets with it.
  • It is stitched and quilted. So, the filling would not clump inside.


  • Cleaning a comforter is the toughest part. That is a major duvet vs comforter difference.
  • You cannot change the style of your comforter. You have to buy a new one for a change of design.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Duvet or Comforter

Here are the factors you can check before you buy a duvet or a comforter.


A duvet and comforter have similar price ranges. A lot of the cost depends on the material.

If the duvet or comforter has a down filling, it will cost more. A synthetic filling will, however, reduce the cost. 

A duvet or a comforter can cost anywhere between $50 to $ 200 or more.

When buying a duvet, you will also have to purchase a cover separately. So, comparing the price of a duvet cover vs comforter you will find that buying a comforter is less expensive.


A duvet is easier to clean. The cover comes off smoothly and is machine washable.

A comforter, on the other hand, is quite heavy. You cannot put it in the machine. Sending it to the dry cleaners is probably your best option.

Comfort and Style

Both a duvet and a comforter are equally comfortable. However, a comforter has lesser fill and is lighter compared to a duvet. Moreover, a duvet can get too hot for some seasons.

If you compare a duvet set to a comforter set, the former adds a simpler touch to your room. While the latter makes your bedroom more sophisticated. A duvet is generally white, the cover simple. It fits on your bed perfectly while a comforter hangs on the sides, giving a layered appearance to your bed.


A duvet gets better protection due to the duvet cover. So, it tends to last longer. 

A comforter is used without a cover and is prone to wear and tear.

However, a duvet that is not stitched might have a lower life expectancy. That is because the filling might get clumped easily.


A duvet insert and a comforter are both widely available. Most bedding companies sell duvets, comforters, and duvet covers as well. So availability for either will not be an issue. 

A Woman hand set up duvet on a bed

How Do I Choose Between a Duvet and a Comforter?

You should consider a duvet if:

  • You want to avoid the hassles of cleaning frequently;
  • You want your bedding to be an all-weather option;
  • You want to give a simple and fluffy look to your bed.

You should consider a comforter if:

  • You want to avoid the hassle of assembling your bed;
  • You want to add a layered look to your bed;
  • You want your bedding to come with a matching sheet.
bedding items such as duvet, comforter and pillows placed in a white cupboard

Final Word

A mattress and pillow don’t make your bedding complete. You need to cover yourself up on a cold night. Even on a hot day, the right cover can keep you cool.


Can I use a duvet cover as a comforter?

A comparison of duvet cover vs comforter reveals that they are not the same. You cannot use a duvet cover as a comforter. A comforter, on the other hand, does not come with a cover. 

So, what is a duvet cover? It is the outer shell of a duvet, while a comforter is like a blanket. Duvet covers come with a zipper closure, button closure, or ties to keep the insert in place. The absence or presence of a cover is one of the main differences between a duvet and a comforter. 

There are certain instances though where you can find a comforter cover. A comforter cover vs duvet cover will have a size difference as comforters are larger in size. 

What is a bed duvet set?

The duvet insert and the duvet cover together make a duvet set.

Is a duvet or comforter a blanket?

Comforter vs blanket vs duvets- they are similar but not the same. Each style has a minor difference that makes it unique and suitable for different weathers.

Do hotels use duvet or comforter?

Hotels usually use a sheet as the top cover. A bedspread and comforter are generally used when it is cold.

How often should you wash your comforter?

Unless there are spills and stains on your comforter, you can wash it twice or thrice a year. However, if you use it regularly, you may have to clean it more frequently.