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6 Ways to Donate Mattress

Posted By Vaibhavi K on Aug 22, 2021

Did you know that the US disposes of 20 million mattresses each year? That’s a big number! 

Most people throw out their mattresses once they’ve got a new one. 

If you’re thinking that instead of dumping mattresses, it would be great to donate them, then this article is for you. Here you’ll explore what to do with used mattresses, what to do if you can’t donate them, and how to donate a mattress.

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Can I Donate a Mattress? 

There are many manufacturers and organizations that will help you to donate a mattress. Some of them might also offer free mattress disposal services too. 

Before you decide to donate the mattress to charity, make sure that your mattress is in good condition. Small wear and tear might be okay but make sure it is not completely waste or does not have any ugly stains. 

Where to Donate a Mattress?

It might come to you as a surprise, but many local brick and mortar stores do not accept mattresses for donation, and hence you might have to find a better solution for it. Well, not to worry, you can always donate used mattresses to charitable organizations, online stores, manufactures, and online networks. 

1. Organizations & Charities  

Thankfully there are various organizations that can ease your load, you can easily arrange a free mattress pickup or donate a mattress to charity! These organizations have certain checklists, and if your mattress passes, they will take it. Some of these organizations might be able to give you a pick-and-drop service. You should consider the distance too before you choose to donate your mattress there. 

Let’s have a look at organizations where you can donate mattresses easily!

Furniture Bank Network

The Furniture Bank Network is one of the great places to donate a mattress. It is a network that collects furniture donations across North America. Here you can connect with others and get your process started without any delays. 

Donation Town 

Donation Town is another organization that helps you find a charity near you and even offers a pick and drop service.  


The ARC also lets you donate physical items with a pick and drop service too. You can enter your pin code and find the nearest available store. 

These organizations & charities save tons of mattresses from ending up in landfills. 

2. Thrift Shops

This is another option where you can donate your mattress for good. Thanks to such stores, they really help people out by taking things off their hands and giving them to the needy at reasonable prices. 

If you are searching for some stores, then you can explore these for sure! 

3. Online Network

You can search the online network FreeCycle to donate a mattress. You can communicate with donors directly. You can list your mattress directly on the site without sharing any information.

4. Digital Platforms 

If you have absolutely no clue about any of these organizations, you can simply check out these digital platforms like Facebook, Craigslist, Instagram, Letgo, etc. You can list some items or join some groups too. Donating through socializing is the easiest way to get leads. 

Tip: Sanitise your mattress before donating it to any organization. This will keep you in good books and well, looking at the current situation, you’ll be a trustworthy doner! 

What if You Can’t Donate a Mattress?

If your old mattress is not in a good condition to donate, you can always recycle it! You can find local stores or manufacturers to do that for you or you could just get rid of the mattress by calling removal services. 

5. Mattress Recycling 

Around 80-90% of the mattress can be completely recycled! Mattress recycling council recycles 1.7 million mattresses each year! You can always find more organizations that help you to recycle a mattress. 

Some manufactures even offer mattress recycling services. So you can sell off your old mattress to them and they will take care of the rest. You can choose a mattress recycling program to reduce landfill dumps. 

Now there are two ways to recycle your mattress, you can choose either of them. 

  • Recycle at local centers 
  • DIY Recycling 

 You can easily find local stores that offer mattress recycling services or you can search online for DIY mattress recycling ideas. Some mattresses can be reused like you can make large pillows out of them. 

7. Mattress Removal 

Mattress removal services might come in handy if you cannot find a recycling center. These services come in handy when you do not wish to deal with anything. You’ll find a similar service at Junk King at affordable prices. You can also look for local services that offer these similar services, the benefit of finding a local shop would be convenience and variety. These services avoid dumping them in landfills and try to figure out some way to recycle them. 

Summing It Up

From asking where to donate a mattress, to exploring the right place and ways to donate one, you could say, now you know what to do with used mattresses. 

Mattress donation isn’t that hard and is definitely better than dumping it somewhere else. By donating it you are doing a good deed to your planet and choosing a wiser option to get rid of your mattress. If you ever get tempted to toss your mattress, just remember, there are always better options to choose from. 


Does the Salvation army take mattresses?

No. The Salvation Army cannot help you here by taking your old mattress. Their website states they do not take beds and mattresses for donation.

Do charities take mattresses?

Yes, most charities take into consideration that people would like to donate mattresses as well. But before you donate a mattress, make sure you clean it and check if it isn’t in a really bad condition. 

How to dispose of a mattress?

The eco-friendly and smart way to dispose of a mattress would be to recycle it. This way, you stop the unnecessary pollution and make this planet a cleaner place. 

How much does mattress removal cost?

Mattress removal can cost as low as $15 and can go higher up to $150. 

Does goodwill take mattresses?

Yes, Goodwill is one of those organizations where you can donate your bed only if it is in a good condition and clean. 

Can you donate a mattress?

Of course, you can donate a mattress, there’s no thumb rule to toss out a mattress when you’re done. You can probably donate it to some charity or mattress donation organizations.