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8 Adorable Dog Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings

Posted By Vaibhavi K on Jul 23, 2021

You may have noticed dogs sleeping in adorable positions, sometimes a bit strange too. Dog sleeping positions can indicate a lot about how they feel and their personality. Pet parents usually see it all, the cute tricks these fur buddies do to win your heart to funny dog sleeping positions they just can’t get enough of. 

But do you know what dog sleeping positions mean? What are the different dog sleeping positions? Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you? Read on to know the meaning of the different dog sleeping positions.

Dog Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings 

Dog sleeping positions give you clues into your dog’s feelings and helps you understand their personality. Every dog has a different sleeping habit and you might notice your dog changing its sleeping positions as they grow. Let’s explore these famous, funny, and weird dog sleeping positions, shall we? 

1. The Ball Pose

Also, known as the donut position, you might have seen your dog sleeping in this position often. It is a position when your dog sleeps all curled up like a ball, bringing his face closer to his tail. Sometimes they might wrap themselves up with their tail or rest their nose on their hind legs.

Meaning: If your dog sleeps in a ball position, then it is trying to preserve its body heat. In simple words, your dog might feel cold. These types of dogs are caring but anxious too.

2. The Side Sleeper

Just as you would like to sleep on your side, your pooch usually loves that too. If you see a dog laying down on its side, then it means they trust you completely and are very much comfortable. This sleeping position is usually seen in puppies or older dogs. 

Meaning: If your dog often sleeps in this position it means your dog is comfortable and relaxed. Dogs lying on their side are trustworthy and loyal. They might snooze anywhere in the house but actually prefer their own bed. 

3. The Superman

The superman position is when your dog sleeps with legs straight out and puts its belly on the ground. This is a common position among playful dogs. They like to lay down with their legs stretched out. 

Meaning: Your dog usually sleeps in this position, then it means you have a hyperactive dog who likes to play until their battery goes down. It also says that your dog is likely to play when the opportunity strikes. 

4. The Lion’s Pose 

The lion position also called the sphinx position, is when your dog sleeps with its head on the paws. This looks quite similar to a lion’s resting pose. It is a comfortable position for dogs as they tend to fall asleep quickly. 

Meaning: Your dog is alert while resting and will pounce when the time comes. Dogs who prefer the lion’s pose are devoted and protective. They’ll typically sleep by your foot.  

5. The Cuddler Bug

If your dog likes to sleep with you, then you’ve got yourself a cuddler. Most dogs find it comforting to sleep with their owners. They might sleep just next to you or on you. It doesn’t matter, they want to sleep with you any way possible. 

Meaning: It is a sure sign of love, bond, and affection. Your dog wants to be close to you. Its world practically revolves around you. These types of dogs are affectionate and loving and will be there for you whenever you need them. 

6. The Burrower

If you notice your dog prefers to sleep under blankets, clothes, or with pillows, then o boy, you’ve got yourself a burrower dog. These types of dogs usually need to sleep with a blanket.  

Meaning: Burrowers are usually affectionate and needy dogs. These dogs might need some extra support and care from you. 

7. The Belly up  

When you find your dog sleeping on its back with its legs in the air, that’s the belly up position. This is also considered one of the cutest and a vulnerable positions. 

Meaning: The belly-up sleepers are very much comfortable, and they usually try to keep the environment cool. These types of dogs trust you and will doze off anywhere in the house. 

8. Back to Back 

Similar to the cuddling sleeper, the dog’s back is aligned to yours or any other pet. This position reflects love and trust. It means they like to cuddle while sleeping.  

Meaning: This position means intimacy. If your dog is sleeping like this, it means they are showing trust and affection. If a dog sleeps with his back facing you, it means, you are the most trusted person for them.  

Dog Sleep Patterns 

You might have observed your dog barking in sleep or even running. Relax, these are just the sleeping habits dogs pick up as they grow. There are few sleeping patterns any pet parent might be aware of. If not, then you finally get to know the reason why your dog runs or snores during sleep. 


If you see your dog barking or squealing, then don’t worry. They might be having a dream. This is completely normal. Your dog might be chasing something in the dream.


Dogs snore just like humans. There’s nothing abnormal in it. This might happen when your dog gets tired or suffers from short breaths. So, if you see your dog snoring, don’t panic.


If you find your dog running in sleep, then be calm. It’s absolutely normal. Chances are your dog might be chasing something in the dreams. 


You might have noticed that your dog digs before laying down for sleep. This happens because they clean the area before sitting. This is a common habit found in wild animals as they are not habitual of sleeping in a bed. 


Another common habit you might have observed in dogs is they circle before sitting. This is also a habit found in wild animals like wolves, coyotes, and wild dogs. They do this to clear the area. Sometimes these animals might sleep in tall grasses, so to suppress them, they circle. It also helps in clearing the pests or insects present in the area. As an animal habit, dogs do this too. 

How Much Do Dogs Sleep?

It might surprise you, but dogs sleep all day long, approximately up to 14 hours! You might think we don’t sleep for such long durations. Why do dogs sleep so much? But to be honest, their sleeping pattern is very different from humans. They stay awake all night and sleep during the day. 

  • Puppies sleep for about 16-20 hours a day. These hours change as they grow up. 
  • Large dogs sleep up to 18 hours a day. But the sleeping habit also depends on their daily routine, diet and of course their health. 
  • ​​Some breeds like Mastiff, Basset Hound, French bulldog, Pekingese, Chow chow, Greyhound, Saint Bernard, and Lhasa Apso sleep more than other dog breeds.

Although different dog breeds have different sleeping hours, if you find your dog sleeping more than usual or sense inactivity in them, then it’s time to consult a vet.

How Can You Help Your Dog to Get Better Sleep? 

While your pooch might love to sleep throughout the day, it could be problematic for you in the night when he’ll want nothing but to play. Setting up a schedule for your dog could be helpful. How much they’ll follow is up to you. Let’s dive into possible solutions that can help your dog to sleep better. 

  • Walk It Out 

Active dogs love to go for walks and spend their energy playing. Making sure your dog gets a healthy, playful time during the day will help your dog to get better sleep. 

  • Timely Meals 

It is a known fact that a full tummy means good sleep. The same is the case with dogs. Setting up mealtime for your dogs will help them to function accordingly. Evening meal timings should be between 7-8 pm this way you could take them for a walk before sleep. 

  • Sleep Timings 

Instead of lazing around all day, you could set a full-day schedule where you take out time for your morning and evening walks. Some physical activities with your dog would be a great way to spend his energy, and eventually, they will pick up a time for sleep. 

  • Have You Tried a Dog Bed?

We all know that sleep is comfort. If you want your dog to sleep peacefully, then try giving them a cozy dog bed. Sleeping in its own bed will help your dog to find its comfy sleeping spot. 

Summing It Up 

Exploring different dog poses can help you understand why your dog sleeps the way they sleep. It also helps you to understand their personality and preference. There are also many pet sleeping facts that pet parents might find interesting. With the proper evaluation of dog sleeping habits, sleeping can become a comfortable ritual for your pooch.


Why do puppies sleep a lot?

Growing dogs or puppies sleep for about 20 hours a day. Their sleeping, eating, and playing cycle is comparatively small from grown-up dogs with little energy level. 

Why do dogs sleep on their back?

When dogs sleep on the back, it means they feel safe and secure. If your dog sleeps like this in the house, it means they trust you completely. 

Do dogs keep changing spots when sleeping?

Yes. Just like humans, dogs also change positions while sleeping. This happens according to their comfort level. It is completely normal, and almost all dogs do this. 

Do dogs like sleeping with their owners?

Yes, dogs who are caring and love their owners will find themselves comfortable with them. There are many dog sleeping positions with owners like sleeping by the feet, sleeping on the chest, sleeping in back-to-back positions are all acts of pure love and trust.