couple sleeping positions and what they mean

Understanding Couple Sleeping Positions And What They Mean – When you’re in a relationship, misunderstandings are bound to happen, especially if you and your partner have very different personalities. While these conflicts can quickly be resolved through some form of acknowledgment, some people tend to bury relationship issues for fear of an argument. Luckily, sleeping habits and sleep positions can tell a lot about you, your partner, and how each of you sees your relationship.  

Whether you’re with a new love, an old flame, or have been married to the same person for years, these couple sleeping positions and what they mean can help you find out more about your current love life.

Sleeping Positions for Couples- Are They Important

Sleeping Positions for Couples: Are They Important?

Body language, your body’s way of communicating nonverbally, happens not only when you’re awake but also when you sleep at night. When your body is at total rest, your subconscious mind enables you to choose a sleep position that conveys your unique personality and current emotional state. Sleep positions or cuddling positions can not only help you to know yourself more, but also give you a clear idea of how healthy your relationship is with your partner. If one of you is experiencing negative feelings such as insecurity, unhappiness or pain, your individual sleep position will also reveal it.

There have been many studies and written literature made about how single people and couples sleep. As reported by Time magazine, a survey conducted by researchers from the University of Hertfordshire which studied couple sleeping positions and what they mean. According to it, people who maintain a high level of physical contact in their cuddling positions with their partners while asleep are more likely to be happy. The survey also concludes that couples who sleep with a considerable distance away from each other are more likely to have an emotional rift when awake. 

Understanding how your body communicates at night is important to stay in tune with your significant other. Also, it can also help you recognize any red flags in your relationship that might not emerge during waking hours or any underlying issues that your partner may be withheld from you. By being sensitive to your partner’s sleeping habits, you can both recognize any necessary improvements and adjustments to be made for your relationship to be better and stronger. You may also want to check out our 12 sleep facts about men.

Sleeping Positions for Couples

Common Couple Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

The Spooning Position

The spoon position is one of the most common couple sleeping positions and favored by approximately 18 percent of sleepers. Corrine Sweet, a relationship psychologist, states that this cuddling position reveals protectiveness, closeness, trust, and ease in a relationship. People who are comfortable with intimacy prefer the spoon because of its close body contact to the most intimate parts. However, couples who are in a new relationship tend to spoon more than those who have been together for a long time.

The spoon also makes a person feel either vulnerable or strong. If you are the big spoon while asleep at night, it means you are protective and enjoy offering security to your partner. If you are comfortable with being the small spoon, it says you trust your partner, and you enjoy deep affection from them. 

The Loose Spoon Position

The loose spoon is a variation of the traditional spoon position where couples sleep cuddling together but at a distance. It is the typical position that couples revert to once their relationship has matured. However, the few inches of space does not necessarily mean a lack of intimacy or closeness. On the contrary, sleeping in the loose spoon position shows that you trust each other and are comfortable in your relationship without the traditional sexual spooning. 

The Intertwined Position

The intertwined sleeping position is rare, occurring typically after a strong, emotional encounter that urges you to want to be more intimate with your partner. It is common among new lovers but not so much with people in long-term relationships as the position can become extremely uncomfortable and does not promote a good night’s sleep. If, however, being tangled up every night is a regular thing, it is usually a sign of lack of independence in the relationship.  

The Nuzzle Position

The nuzzle position is the ultimate sign of protection and trust. When your partner sleeps a lot on his or her back, it indicates confidence and protection. That means they are self-assured and able to look after you even in sleep. On the other hand, the partner who rests his or her head on the man’s chest while in a fetal position conveys the willingness to be tamed and dependent. This partner usually places his or her legs or arms on the body of the other, creating a nurturing space during sleep. 

The Face-to-face Position

Sleeping in a face-to-face position with your partner on the mattress indicates the need for sexual intimacy and communication. Sleeping positions like this may mean that your partner feels a bit distant and is hungry for attention and affection — especially if his or her head is touching yours. The need for closeness is necessary for this situation and can be resolved by being sensitive to your partner’s needs. 

The Facing Away Position

People who sleep facing away from their partner either means they are an experienced couple with a lot of trust in each other, or have been together for a while and are already comfortable with the distance. The facing away gesture is a sign that you are confident in your relationship while the butt-touching means that you are still comfortable at being sexually intimate with each other. This position also shows closeness and security in the relationship. 

The Chase Position

The chase is a sleep position where one partner is huddled on one side of the mattress while the other one seems to chase and close the gap by forcing a hug or spoon. This position can mean two different things, depending on the status of your relationship. It can mean that the first person, the one who sleeps on one side, wants to be pursued or is playing hard-to-get. It can also simply imply that the person needs space, especially if the other partner is snoring or has acid reflux.  

The Stomach Position

If your partner has recently started to sleep on their stomach, it’s time you consider having a deep conversation. Stomach sleepers tend to feel negative emotions when they’re awake. Unless you have a back or neck problem, this position conveys that you are scared of showing your feelings. And since sleeping on your stomach hides the front of your body, it can be a sign of anxiety, lack of control, or vulnerability. It can also mean a lack of sexual trust in the relationship. 

The Leg Hug Position

The leg hug position may indicate some issues in a relationship. If both you and your partner’s legs are intertwined with each other, it is a sign that your emotional and sexual connection is stable and strong. If only one of you is doing the tangling during sleep, it means that he or she needs more of that connection. Lastly, of all the cuddling positions, this one can mean that you just had a spat with your partner and are still trying to maintain that emotional attachment. 

The Space Hog Position

There are many interpretations linked to the space hog position, depending on you and your partner’s position on the mattress. If your partner displays the “starfish” position with arms and shoulders stretched out all over the bed, it means that they are highly likely to be dominant, selfish, and have little respect for your needs. It also means the same if your partner’s head is nearer to the headboard than yours. That may be the best time to reconsider staying in the relationship. If someone is hogging your bed space, get out!

If, however, both your heads are touching and parallel, regardless if the other one is sprawled all over the bed, it means that you are both like-minded equals. That’s the best kind of love, the one that lets you sleep the way you want!

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