I was suffering from back pain, but no more.
It really feels like a cloud.

Tossing and turning all night just trying to get comfortable. Waking up exhausted, irritable, and still sore. None of this sounds like the kind of sleep you dream of.

That dream can become a reality.

The wrong comfort and
support can cost you.
Your sleep, your overall health,
and your hard-earned money.
Back pain can be awful, and you’ve probably tried everything to alleviate it. Stretching before bed, gentle yoga, posture correctors, specialized pillows. You name it.
All these things can be helpful, and they might be just the ticket. But if your mattress isn’t right for you, then none of these things will make much difference.
We spend 26 years of our lives sleeping. A whole quarter century. Getting the right mattress is essential.

Choosing the right mattress is such a personal choice.

But choosing one engineered for pressure relief and spinal support that can help relieve your back pain is a good place to start.

So how do you know if a mattress will be good for back pain?

Sleepers that regularly experience backaches or soreness are better suited to the DreamCloud because its tighter top offers the right combination of give and firmness.

Mattress Nerd award
Award-Winning Comfort
DreamCloud was named a Best Mattress for Back Pain by Mattress Nerd in 2023.
happy sleeper
1 Million Happy Sleepers
With 38,000+ 5-star reviews and 1 million happy sleepers, DreamCloud doesn’t disappoint.
spine help
Better Spine Alignment
Layers of responsive foam and individually-wrapped springs help promote better spinal alignment.
Do you share your bed with someone?
Chances are you’ll be different heights, weigh different amounts, and even if you two are exactly the same size - you might have different support needs.
This is where Dreamcloud has the upper hand on traditional mattresses. Our hybrid technology is specifically designed to support you where you need it!
We’ve used individually wrapped coils that adapt to support your unique body shape and sleeping style. Our cushioned foam is what provides you with just a touch of that sink in feeling.
The two together mean you can feel incredible comfort when you drift off, and amazing support for your spine so you wake up without even needing your dark roast.

Don’t just take our word for it


4 in 5

Back pain sufferers said their DreamCloud mattress helped some or a lot


84% of customers

Of customers say their DreamCloud mattress is soft, supportive, and luxurious


4 in 5

Customers fall asleep more easily on their DreamCloud mattress than their old mattress

*Based on a randomized survey of DreamCloud mattress product owners in August 2021.

support sleep
Supported Sleep
8 inches of individually-wrapped coils with extra edge support promote airflow, reduce motion transfer, and provide responsive support.
Pressure Relief
Perfect Pressure Relief
Layers of therapeutic gel memory foam and gel support foam give cushioning comfort for your body’s pressure points for a superior sleep.
Under Pressure?
Not on a Dreamcloud. Our adaptive memory foam layer is designed to help relieve common pressure points beneath your shoulders, hips, and legs for better spinal alignment on any body type. Here’s how each layer helps…