What’s the Adjustment Period for a DreamCloud Mattress

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Answer: Up To 30 Days

You just bought a DreamCloud Mattress, and you can’t wait to start getting the best sleep of life.

But will amazing sleep happen on night one, or is there an adjustment period, you wonder?

Your luxury DreamCloud mattress is made of premium memory foam layers over individually wrapped pocket coils. Within a couple days your body will come to love this new level of support.

Studies and consumers alike agree that it takes at least 30 days to adjust to a new mattress; this is usually due to the condition of your old, lumpy mattress! That’s why our 365 day trial starts 30 days after delivery fo your new DreamCloud. We want you to take this time to get to know our mattress, and for the following year, we want you to love it!

"It looks and feels just the way it sounds. Fluffy, soft, plush, smooth, and extremely supportive on my body."

Aimee R.


Like a pair of new shoes it can take your body a bit to adjust

It can take up to 72 hours for your mattress to expand to the full 15 inches - but - you can lay on the bed immediately after opening.

Because the multiple foam and pocket coils layers are compressed with over 15,000 pounds per square inch of pressure and then vacuum-sealed, they need time to expand. Factors such as air pressure in the room, air flow to the bed, and room temperature can affect the timing. But you don’t have to wait one or two days to start sleeping on your mattress and enjoying it.

How to break in your DreamCloud mattress. Faster.

Adjustment Period for a DreamCloud Mattress

Here are some tips to help ease you through the adjustment period seamlessly.

Let the mattress air out

While it may be fun to put crisp, clean sheets on your new mattress right away, doing so can restrict airflow to the mattress, which can lengthen the time to takes to fully expand. Try to wait as long as possible before making your bed.

Walk on the mattress

Mattress hack: Walking gently across a new mattress can help you break it in a little faster by loosening some of the compressed memory foam. This isn’t a requirement at all; it’s just an idea if you’re feeling impatient. Just remember to remove your shoes!

Turn on the heat

Warm bedrooms may not be good for sleeping, but they may be helpful for softening stiff, compressed memory foam, which tends to constrict in cooler temperatures. Make sure to turn the heat down to 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal sleeping temperature, before bed.

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