Tips To Help You if You’re Not Able To Sleep

If You’re Not Able To Sleep, We Have Tips To Help You

There is literally nothing worse than not being able to sleep. Lying awake, tossing and turning, your mind focused on mental jumping jacks instead of the rest you so desperately need. 

So what do you do when you’re not able to sleep? We’ve come up with these handy ways to get you snoozing in five minutes or less. These helpful and natural tips will help you drift off to bed, even when you’re already feeling the effects of insomnia. Don’t take our word for it, try them and see the difference it makes. You’re going to love the way you sleep.

Meditation is Key to a Peaceful Mind Ready for Sleep

A quiet mind is a mind that’s ready for sleep. Next time, instead of letting your mind race with worry and anxiety over the loss of sleep, try doing some meditation. If you’re new to the meditation game, trying a guided meditation for a quick primer may be the best way to get the most out of your mattress time. There are plenty of great sleep meditations to be found around the web, or you can check out one of the many meditation apps out there. Headspace is a great option that even allows users a ten day free trial to see if they like it. Not only will this help you to sleep in the moment, a centered mind should allow for a better balance of work and play, which in turn will help you get to sleep easier in the long term. It’s the rare solution that works immediately and in the future.


White Noise Machines Soothe Our Auditory Alert Response

Often we are influenced by outside noises more than we know, giving us primal anxieties that leave us feeling like we will never be able to sleep. It comes from the fact that our ancestors had to be awake at night, lest a stray sabertooth tiger or bear would make a quick snack of their sleeping brethren. While we don’t have to worry about sabertooth tigers anymore, our evolutionary brain still feels the need to keep us up when we hear out of the ordinary noises. Not being able to sleep because of road noises is such a frustrating feeling, but one quick way to get around it is to employ the use of a white noise machine.

White noise machines make soothing, atonal sounds to keep your ears from pricking up at night. It’s the aural equivalent of a security blanket, giving your brain an ease and peace of mind by occupying its occipital lobe with the sound of rain, wind, or even just a swishy sleepy noise. There are plenty of good options available for purchase online, but in a pinch you can even use something as simple as a floor fan. That noise works much the same way, and at a fraction of the cost of buying a white noise machine. Plus, the cool breeze is a great antidote for hot stuffy nights. If you’re up at night, stuck with not being able to sleep, try adding a white noise machine or fan to the mix. It’ll keep the insomnia tiger at bay.

Drink a Hot Beverage to Relax Your Body and Mind

This is mom’s best cure-all for not being able to sleep, and it holds up today. Try making a cup of your favorite herbal (non-caffeinated) tea, hot milk, or even just warm water with lemon. The simple act of drinking something warm and soothing has both a psychological and physiological effect, gearing your body down for the night and triggering the start of your sleep cycle. It’s also a low key way to settle your stomach and avoid any night time triggers that could keep you up at night due to indigestion.

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