Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples in Love

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples in Love

February’s most romantic day is just around the corner, which is why you may be seeking Valentine’s gift ideas for couples. Valentine’s Day can either be a fun filled day of passion, romance, and good times with your partner, or it can be a total slog fest of anxiety, arguments, and disappointment. The keys to a great relationship (and Valentine’s Day) are simple: it’s all about good communication and great physical intimacy. It turns out that a new mattress is the solution to both of those factors.

This year, instead of an overpriced bottle of wine or a gross box of stale chocolates, maybe it’s time to mix it up with a new mattress. As we all know, the greatest part of Valentine’s Day is already spent on a mattress (hopefully not watching Netflix), so why not make it the best and most fun experience for you and your partner that you can? This isn’t just about mattress tips, it’s also about reconnecting with a partner, and it turns out sleep does that in spades? Don’t believe us, check the facts. It’s going to make you see your relationship in a whole new light. So get under the covers, and do what couples do: sleep!

Sleep Deprivation Kills Sex Drive

This isn’t a joke: sleep deprivation is killing your sex drive. A new study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that if you aren’t sleeping at least seven hours a night, chances are you have low testosterone (for men) and lowered estrogen (for women). Not only that, there are all kinds of physical symptoms associated with not getting enough sleep that can lead your passionate romance to, uh, fizzle when you both hit the mattress.

Instead of fighting nature on top of a grody old mattress, grab a new one and feel the difference. Not only is it going to make your sex more fulfilling and rewarding, it’s going to help you sleep together and rekindle the raw physical passion that is so exciting in a new relationship. Long story short: when your body feels good, and your partner is feeling the same way, sex is better. A new mattress is the rare Valentine’s Day gift that can keep the romance coming year round.

How Sleep Benefits Relationships

Relationships aren’t just built on sex, they’re built on trust and communication. It may sound funny, but a new mattress will pay dividends in this sphere too. A study published in SLEEP, a scientific journal which focuses on – you guessed it – sleep, shows that men are more likely to misread both verbal and non-verbal cues from women when they are sleep deprived. Not only that, it’s proven that sleep deprivation hurts the neocortex, a part of the brain most associated with empathy, listening, and emotional control. A good night’s sleep on a new mattress can prevent fights, increase empathy, and develop feelings of trust and wanting in a relationship.

So if you’re looking for a present to show that you really care, try a new mattress and upgrade. Save $200 off a DreamCloud Mattress today.