Top Tips For Sleeping With Your Partner

Top Tips For Sleeping With Your Partner

Each person’s ideal sleeping environment is truly as unique as the sleeper, making co-sleeping something that can cause serious strife. If you and you partner have similar bedtime habits and can seamlessly share a sleeping space without issue, count yourselves very lucky. Nine times out of ten couples have differing sleeping habits, especially when it comes to preferred room temperature, use of a fan, bedtimes and wake times, among other factors. Below we offer some tips for sleeping with your partner that may be exactly what you need to both get a peaceful night of dreamy sleep.


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This one may seem obvious, but it’s something that can often go overlooked. If you’re having difficulty sleeping, it’s important to have an honest conversation with your partner about the issues you have been having. When sleep deprived, having an honest, clear-headed talk can seem like an impossible feat, but it may be the difference between feeling like you’re sleepwalking through life and feeling like you have the energy and motivation to tackle your day-to-day. Take some time to talk about your preferred sleeping conditions with your partner, and then work together to find a solution that works for you both.


Oftentimes, people tend to run a bit hot or a bit cold during the night, depending on their body chemistry and metabolism. This can be especially problematic if those in a couple have different natural tendencies towards being too warm or too cold. If this sounds like you and your partner, consider looking into either a cooling pad or a heated blanket in order to keep your personal body temperatures at your preferred levels. Maybe you live somewhere that is perpetually warm, and your body temperature also tends to run hot, meaning that normal air conditioning may not do much for you at night. Purchasing a simple cooling pad or cooling pillow could be a lifesaver when it comes time to catch those necessary zzz’s.


This one is not the best option for parents, but if your kids are older or you and your partner do not have kids, then ear plugs could be the perfect fix for sleeping satisfaction. Being disrupted by your partner during the night — whether they toss and turn, snore, or use a sleep apnea machine — may be negatively affecting your sleep life. Purchasing some small ear plugs, similar to what you’d use on an airplane, could be the perfect, simple solution to remedy the situation and leave both you and your partner sleeping soundly.


Modern life moves fast and our schedules are filled with work, errands, and other duties that keep us on the move. One of the most difficult things between co-sleeping couples could be a difference in work schedules that can really impede on sleep life for the both of you. It may be difficult to do every night, but trying to get to bed and wake up about the same time every day with your partner can help you both out immensely. This way one person doesn’t feel guilty about getting to bed late and waking up their partner and the one in bed already doesn’t have to feel frustrated when being woken up in the middle of the night to their partner cuddling up next to them. Finding a sleeping schedule that works for both people in the relationship can bring you closer together and even inspire some more intimate time between both of you as well.


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Along the same lines as having a similar bedtime and wake time, having a mattress with low motion transferability can take your co-sleeping life to the next level. If you sleep with a partner consistently, you may notice how difficult it can be to fall or stay asleep if you can feel every move that your partner is making on their side of the bed.

The DreamCloud mattress is specifically designed to isolate motion in order to ensure that you won’t be able to feel movement from your partner.

If you’re looking to really positively change the sleep life of you and your partner, a DreamCloud mattress is a perfect choice for you.