Top Five Sleep Tips From Your Favorite Business Leaders

Top Five Sleep Tips From Your Favorite Business Leaders

It’s well documented that sleep is the new trend in 2018. From tech giants like Apple and Google, to smaller startups, to well known brands like Nike, CEOs are speaking out about what fuels their business empires… and it turns out it’s a solid seven to nine hours in bed. These are people who never feel guilty about getting the prerequisite sleep, because they understand that’s exactly what it is: a requirement for great business.

So how do these CEOs and business leaders get the sleep that they need AND still manage to run successful businesses? We compiled a list of tips and tricks from some of the best sleepers in business so that you can utilize them on your own. Now get sleeping, or get busy trying.

Work Out More

If you find yourself up late, restless leg syndrome itching away, it may be time to relieve that stress before you get into bed. Taking the little bit of extra time to work out can sync your mind and body and make falling asleep much easier. Take this interview with Sabina Gault of the Konnect Agencies approach:

“As a CEO I always have my business on my mind. Trying to shut that off so that I can get some good shut eye has been a challenge but for me, working out consistently has helped. Making sure that I get in that afternoon SoulCycle class, paired with a healthy dinner, allows me to clear my mind after a day’s work, which means I am able to fall asleep easier and usually, for longer. Even when my kids do come calling (or crawling into my bed) early in the AM, I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.”

Curb the Electronics

Even in a sector like tech, CEOs have learned not to take their devices into bed with them. Adam Forsyth, founder of Veeda, finds that this is the easiest way for him to catch up on shuteye.

“Turn off the lights and block sources of light to get a good night’s sleep. That includes lit-up radio displays and any bright lights shining into your window. Most people don’t realize that exposure to light suppresses the release of melatonin, the hormone that influences your circadian rhythm. And here’s a bonus tip — turn off your cell phone.”

Take Time to Read a Book

It’s best if there’s a little buffer time between business and bed. Take some time to unwind and relax, and you’ll have a much more productive sleep session. That’s what Jordan Schau, co-founder of Pure Cycle thinks,

“Try your best to turn off work mode an hour or two before bed. It’s never easy to completely shut off but try and resist the urge to check emails and slack messages. My personal technique is to read a book before going to sleep. My current book of choice: Shoe Dog.”

Buy a Sleep Mask

If you’re on the go, it can be hard to get a consistent night’s sleep. Trying something like a sleep mask is a way to add continuity to your sleep routine says David Sternlight, CEO of Cabeau.

“We do business with over 110 countries which means I’m traveling at least 40% of the year. Between jet lag, different time zones, and the demands of my schedule, getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging. Whether I’m at a hotel, at home or on a plane heading to my next meeting, I rely on the Midnight Magic Sleep Mask. It’s adjustable to my face and gives total blackout from light.”

Make Sure Your Employees are Also Well Rested

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook isn’t just concerned with how she sleeps, she also wants to make sure her employees are well slept as well.

“So many people out there, so many single mothers and others, work multiple jobs, and we don’t have the safety net we need for people to make sure that they can take care of their own health, and that we help take care of them. It’s incumbent upon all of us who run companies, and all of us, to make sure that people can make ends meet and have the ability to get a good night’s sleep.”

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