Top Five Signs That Your Mattress is Old

Top Five Signs That Your Mattress is Old and You’re Ready for a Luxury Upgrade

We tend to hold on to things too long, and an old mattress is no exception. We kid ourselves into thinking we’ll change it, “next month.” But come on,  next month never comes, your back feels terrible in the morning, and on top of all that, your old mattress could be doing some major damage to your sleep health and hygiene. America is in the midst of a sleep epidemic. Those aren’t our words, those are the words of the CDC, who estimate that nearly a third of all Americans don’t get the recommended amount of rest every night. Tons of those people aren’t getting the sleep they need simply because they’re sleeping uncomfortably on an old mattress. Don’t let this be you. We’ve come up with five ways to tell if you need to ditch your old mattress and grab a luxury upgrade from DreamCloud.

You Wake Up Tired

If you’re waking up not feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a night of sleep, your mattress is old. Having a lumpy, worn out mattress may not be noticeable right off the bat, but what will be noticeable is the lack of sleep. Even if you aren’t consciously aware, your body picks up on imperfections and worn out springs from an old mattress. That’s going to leave you tossing and turning when you should be getting your best sleep. You know how you need three cups of coffee to feel like you can start the day? Time for a mattress upgrade!

Feeling Old and Creaky

Not only will an old mattress leave you feeling tired, it’s going to leave your back feeling like you’re fifteen years older. Oftentimes this manifests itself as a sore back in the morning, or a neck pain that loosens up over the course of the day. A worn out, old mattress affects your lower back –sometimes causing permanent damage if left unchecked. So if you wake up in the morning and feel like you’ve spent the night lifting heavy moving boxes, then it’s definitely time to upgrade your mattress.

You Sleep Better Anywhere Else

Are you sleeping on the couch a lot? Do you have a better night’s sleep in a hotel than in your own bedroom? This is definitely a sign that your mattress is old and worn out. While a vacation from your own bedroom is nice and works as a good change of pace, you need your sleep space to be optimized at home for the best possible rest. This can only come when you have a mattress that supports you. If you’re not feeling the love, then ditch your old mattress and upgrade to a new one.

You Hear Mattress Squeaks and Box Spring Creaks

A good mattress doesn’t make noise. If you hop onto your bed and hear a bunch of squeaking and creaking, that’s a definite sign that you have an old mattress. New mattresses like the DreamCloud utilize a mix of memory foam and traditional springs to make sure that your mattress is holding its form and support for years. Old mattresses can’t live up to that standard, and the dead giveaway is almost always in the form of squeaking. If your mattress talks at night more than you do, it’s time to upgrade.

Your Allergies Just Got Worse

Many old mattresses are dust and pet dander magnets. These allergens hide in the imperfections on the cover of an old mattress, building up until it makes sleeping a sneezy, disgusting mess. If you’re waking up with a plugged nose, red eyes, and a chronic wheeze, your old mattress could be the culprit. Newer mattresses like the DreamCloud utilize cutting edge tech to limit the amount of allergens in the air. You won’t get that kind of promise from an old mattress.

So grab a new mattress and feel the difference. You spend a third of your life sleeping on one, so why settle for a less than heavenly experience? It’s not just a luxury, it’s your life. For more info on what a DreamCloud is going to do for you: check out this post about how sleeping on one of our mattresses is the coziest experience you’ll have this year.

Ditch the old mattress and come find what you’ve been missing. You’re going to love the way you sleep. Save $200 off instantly on a DreamCloud Mattress today.