Tips to Sleep More During Summer

Sleep More During Summer, Our Top Tips

Summer is upon us. For some, that means kids staying home instead of waking up early to go to school. For others, it could be time to go on vacation. Whatever Summer means to you, the heat and longer days can often make for difficult sleep schedules. If you are like most people and struggle to get a good night’s sleep during the summer, we have some sleep tips that can help you survive the season.

sleeping in summer

Beat the Heat

As the Summer heatwave continues on its inexorable path, the temperatures will continue to rise. We all know the usual options for combatting the heat: we either bite the bullet and run the AC at a comfortable temperature, turn our house into a wind chamber with an overabundance of fans, or deal with the sweltering and sticky heat. If these options do not sound ideal for you (and for most people, they do not), there are better options.

  • Blackout curtains: Typical blinds just won’t cut it when it comes to keeping out the heat. With some good blackout curtains, you can prevent some of the heat from even getting into your bedroom in the first place, allowing for a much cooler sleeping environment. Added bonus: Blackout curtains will also keep your bedroom dark, avoiding those dreaded early morning Summer sunrises.
  • Summer Linens: Everyone should have different linens for Summer than what they use in the Winter. Invest in some lightweight, breathable bedclothes and you should enjoy a less sweaty night’s rest. The same goes for your pajamas (or whatever you may wear to bed).
  • Ditch that Cheap Memory Foam: Memory foam mattresses or mattress pads are notorious for creating a hot, sticky sleeping environment. While it may give you some added comfort during other the months of the year, that bargain-bin foam pad you purchased is probably now a major source of discomfort and heat. Laying in your bed should not be a dreaded experience. With a better mattress, it does not have to be. The DreamCloud mattress is designed to stay cool, so you can have the comfort of a memory foam mattress without having to worry about the added heat.
  • Temperature Control: Now, we already talked about this as an unsavory option. Still, you can set your AC to a bit higher temperature than preferred and supplement with a decent fan. The AC will keep the temperatures from getting too extreme and the fan will provide you a cool breeze (it can also help with allergies). A fan also works wonders as a rudimentary white-noise machine.

Longer Day Blues

Along with the heat, Summer brings us longer and brighter days. This means more sunlight. Experiencing sunlight at the wrong time of day wreaks havoc on the body’s internal clock, and that is sure to bring with it Summer insomnia. Following these tips should prevent that outcome.

  • Pull the Shades: Approximately 2 hours before your bedtime, draw your curtains and make your house as sunlight-free as possible. As mentioned, blackout curtains are the best way to limit the amount of sunlight in your house.
  • Sunglasses: Your body’s natural cycle runs on perceived brightness. Going out in the bright sun will make your body think it is still early and will keep you awake for hours. If you do have to leave the house in the later hours of the day, polarized sunglasses can help prevent the energizing effect of sunlight. Note: Many electronic devices give off the same light that you get from going outside. About an hour before going to bed, try to limit cell phone usage or use a blue light filter (a lot of newer cell phones come with this feature installed if not, there is sure to be an app that can accomplish the same effect).

Stave off summer-induced insomnia. Try to keep your bedroom as dark and cool as possible and avoid late night screen-time usage whenever you can (or use a blue light filter when doing so). This will let your body return to its natural circadian rhythm and allow you to get some much-needed sleep. Who knows, you may actually enjoy this summer season.

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