Sleep Facts for Men

12 Sleep Facts About Men

By Diana Kelly Levey

Are there really differences between how men and women sleep? Science says yes. Here are 12 sleep facts unique to the male species. Quiz all the men you know.

Sleep Fact #1- Men’s Circadian Rhythm Is Different Than A Woman’s ​

Sleep Fact #1: Men’s Circadian Rhythm Is Different Than A Woman’s

If it seems like guys can stay awake longer than women, you’re right. A man’s biological clock is six minutes longer than a woman’s. Now we know who left the TV on all night.  Source: The National Sleep Foundation

Sleep fact #2: Men are less likely to have insomnia

Compared to women, men may have fewer instances of insomnia, likely due to a woman’s hormone changes that can cause sleep disruptions at night, such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Source: The National Sleep Foundation

Sleep fact # 3: But men are two to three times more likely to have sleep apnea

Experts aren’t 100 percent sure why sleep apnea more common in men. One explanation is that people with thicker necks and excess weight might have narrower airways that can obstruct breathing at night. Source:

Sleep fact #4: Men who don’t sleep enough increase risk for ED

Men produce testosterone—that all-important hormone—at night. So when men aren’t getting enough sleep, possibly from sleep apnea (see tip #3), testosterone levels dip, which can impact blood flow to the penis, causing ED. Source: Sleep

Sleep Fact #5- Sleep Deprivation Affects His Hunger Levels Differently​

Sleep fact #5: Sleep deprivation affects his hunger levels differently

Making a beeline for the buffet? Research shows that men who got fewer than four hours of sleep showed reduced levels of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which leads to an uptick in appetite. Women, on the other hand, showed less sensitivity to fullness cues when they lacked sleep. Clearly, everyone loses with sleep loss (except the buffet owners). Source: The National Sleep Foundation

Sleep fact #6: Men tend to have more aggressive dreams than women

You’re both dreaming about the guy at the coffee shop, but perhaps in different ways. Science says men dream about aggressive encounters with other men (usually strangers). Women’s dreams tend to be about familiar people and surroundings they know. Source: Psychology Today

Sleep fact #7: But sleeping naked can boost men’s sexual health

Aside from the convenience and comfort factors, research reveals that semen quality may improve when men wear loose-fitting underwear or sleep in the buff. Both options help keep the testes cooler, which is a bonus, if you’re trying to have a baby. Source: MSN

Sleep fact #8: Men have night sweats, too

You might think of women when you hear about someone experiencing hot flashes at night, but there are a number of reasons men are likely to sweat while they sleep. One may be andropause, called “the male version of menopause,” where levels of testosterone decrease as a man ages, more often over 40. Other reasons might involve medications, too-hot bedroom temps, or a mattress that doesn’t regulate body temperature, like a DreamCloud. Source: Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Sleep fact #9: Men might be less likely to nap than women

Although your dozing grandpa might come to mind when you think of daytime napping, studies suggest that women may be more likely to nap or aim for earlier bedtimes. In one study, men were less likely than women to nap (9.4 versus 11 percent respectively) and more likely to report bedtimes between midnight and 4 a.m. Source: American Sociological Review

Sleep fact 10: Men view sleep differently than women

Many men view sleep as something they have to do and don’t give it precedence the way women do, research shows. Some factors that may prevent men from getting enough sleep are a lack of awareness that they’re sleep-deprived, work demands, jam-packed schedules, and major life events, like getting married, having a baby, moving, and changing jobs. Source: UCLA Health

Sleep fact #11: Men need 20 fewer minutes of sleep than women do

But it’s not because men are super-efficient sleepers. Science says women require more sleep because they spend more mental energy multitasking. So, it turns out those extra minutes of slumber allow women to be super-efficient during their waking hours. (Source: The National Sleep Foundation)

Sleep fact #12: Men may handle sleep deprivation better than women

Ladies, before you break out the pitchforks, experts say women may have a harder time managing sleep deprivation, particularly from an emotional perspective. Women report feeling more anger, depression, and hostility than men when they don’t get enough sleep (that explains a lot!). Guys, teach us your ways. Source: The National Sleep Foundation

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