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7 Ways To Sleep Cool When The Air Conditioner Breaks

By Alex Stein

The season of pool parties and flowing rosé can quickly turn into a midsummer nightmare when the AC at your home is on the fritz. How do you keep from sweating to death in your sleep? Try these stay-cool tips.

1. Strip down

Sure, sleeping naked may feel liberating, but it can also benefit your sleep by helping your body to cool down, which regulates your circadian rhythm, experts say. As a result, you may fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply, than you would if you were hot and sweaty.

2. Sleep on a DreamCloud

If there ever was a time to spring for a better bed, it’s in the summer—because no one wants to sleep on a mattress that feels like an inferno. DreamCloud’s gel-infused memory foam and cooling cashmere blend cover promote airflow, so heat moves away from your body. Feeling cooler and calmer yet? So are we.


3. Slip on the silk

Going nude not your style? Break out your silk pajamas. The cooling properties of silk make it the perfect material to wear when it’s sweltering Thanks to its lightweight, natural fibers, your skin can breath as your body temperature rises and falls throughout the night. Opt for 100 percent mulberry silk; it contains amino acids and protein fibers for healthy skin and hair.

4. Take a warm bath

Sounds crazy, but one of the easiest tricks to kickstart a cooldown before bed is to take a lukewarm bath. Why? Because your body temperature drops when you step out of the tub. But the key is to bathe at least 90 minutes before bedtime, so you don’t disrupt the naturally-occuring decrease in body temperature that happens in the evening, according to reports.

5. Snooze solo

It’s not rocket science that two bodies produce more heat than one. Experts say our body’s optimal temperature for sleep is between 97-99 degrees, and anything higher can make it tough to sleep. A warmer core body temperature actually signals energy to your brain, which is the last thing you need when trying to sleep. Sure, it may get a little lonely sleeping alone, but at least you won’t be cranky from waking up in your partner’s sweat.

6. Create a cross breeze

Turning on a fan when you’re sweating in the summer might be the oldest trick in the book, but it works. However, not all fans are created equal. Old school ones are loud and weak and can kick up dust and allergens, adding to your sweaty nighttime discomfort. Look for a purifying fan that removes allergens and pollutants from the air and has oscillating and programmable features to make sure it’s quiet and efficient.

7. Choose cotton sheets

Summer nights are sweeter when you know cool, crisp sheets are waiting for you. And when it comes to choosing your bedding, cotton is king—the fibers promote ventilation and airflow. DreamCloud’s 100 percent organic percale cotton sheets are designed to be super-soft and breathable. Plus, they soften with every wash. How cool is that?

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