Rustic Bedroom

Rustic Bedroom

Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for your dream bedroom

Rustic Bedroom – The bedroom is your sanctuary, which means that you should make it as conducive to rest and relaxation as you can. Although having a modern looking bedroom is appealing to some, there are those who find the rustic charm of old school luxury more to their liking. The mere mention of the word rustic evokes images of old and peeling wooden furniture, carvings, and wooden flooring, but what rustic bedroom style should you go for? 

Rustic Bedroom

Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating your bedroom to achieve that rustic look can be daunting at first, especially when you are not sure where to start. Fortunately, there are plenty of rustic style ideas that you can find online and try out in your own space. Here we have gathered interesting design ideas that can make your bedroom achieve that rustic vibe you’ve always wanted. 

Modern Meets Rustic

If your current bedroom has a modern look to it, but you’d like to give it that old world charm without doing a complete overhaul to your space, here’s an idea to try— go for a wooden headboard to add to the bed frame, then hang some wrought iron lamps on either side. The iron hanging lamps can complement your rustic headboard to make your space cozier. 

Wicker Décor

Another example of a rustic bedroom look that is worth emulating is combining a white and brown shade of wicker into your space. To achieve this look, install some white wooden planks on the wall where your bed is located or throughout the bedroom, then add some wicker chairs or baskets to add that charming feel to it. The contrasting colors will help make your space appear cozy too. 

High wood ceiling

If your bedroom has a high ceiling, the best thing to do is to add wooden planks on the ceiling as this can help bounce natural and artificial light easily. Pair this with a dark wooden furniture piece, and you’ll feel that rustic vibe immediately. 

Bedroom Windows

Add more windows

You’ve probably checked interior design ideas on how to achieve that rustic feel to your space. Most wooden cottages rely on natural light to create a cozy atmosphere, so if you are going to channel the rustic vibe, you might want to add more windows or one big window to your bedroom. Add some light curtains too to allow more natural light to come in. Mix this look with rustic furniture that is made from iron hardware, and you’ll easily capture the vintage vibe. 

Incorporate weaved rugs

What other décor can you add to your bedroom to create a rustic bedroom? Well, this is probably the simplest design that you can incorporate into your space—more weaved rugs. You’ll find plenty of these in local furniture and rug shops, or check out a flea market too. What’s nice about woven rugs is that they tend to be more durable and are easier to clean too. 

Consider Quilts.

When it comes to your bedding, switch your regular blankets and linens with quilts. Nothing says rustic more than beautifully made quilts. You won’t have a hard time finding one or, if you are adept at sewing, make your own for a more personalized look. 

Try Barn-Style Sliding Doors.

Who would have thought that using a barn style sliding door can change the overall feel of your bedroom? Use this design if you have your own bathroom in your master bedroom to achieve a rustic feel. 

Rustic twist

A traditional rustic bedroom is usually composed of neutral colors, where there is more emphasis on warm tones coming from natural wooden furniture. The walls are typically lighter in color as well as window treatments, beddings, and other accessories. But why follow the norm, when you can add a modern twist to it? Be your own interior designer and use dark blue paint on the walls, then install wallpaper on one wall to create the accent wall. The rest of the décor can have shades of brown and blue. 

Accent Wall

Accent walls

Another style that you can try out for your own bedroom is to focus on one wall, preferably the wall where your bed rests. The perfect accent wall is weathered wood which can usher in that vintage vibe to your space. To complete the cabin style feel, add a touch of green, such as a plant or lamp and your bedroom will look perfect!

Rustic accessories

As was mentioned before, you don’t have to go all out in revamping your bedroom just to achieve that rustic  look. As a matter of fact, adding accents to your sleeping quarters may give you that cozy feel too. If you are lucky enough to find some lucky horseshoe decorations, placing them on your bedside table along with iron lamps can already transform your area. 

Bunk Beds

Rustic bunk beds for your children’s room are sure to evoke a homier feel to the bedroom. You can go for an iron bed if you like or use wooden bed frames to complete the look. Your kids will be more than happy to stay in their warm looking space when they see the rustic charm that it has. 

Distressed mirror frames

Another trick to achieving a rustic bedroom is installing a large mirror with a distressed frame on one wall. Not only does this create the illusion that you have a bigger space, but it also lends that rustic charm to your room. Pair this with weave rugs, and you’ve just achieved that cabin style you’ve always wanted. 

Use Reclaimed Wooden Boards

Another cabin design that you can incorporate into your bedroom is to install reclaimed wooden boards on one wall where you can hang pictures in wooden frames. This design is sure to capture anyone’s attention when they check out your rustic inspired bedroom. 

Add a fireplace

What else can you do to achieve a rustic bedroom? If you have a bigger area to work with, installing a fireplace is highly recommended. Just make sure that you add a comfy chair too while you are at it so that you can enjoy the warmth especially during winter. 

Use Iron Hardware.

For those who are going the DIY route, you can get that perfect rustic charm in your bedroom by changing the hardware of your dresser into knobs made from iron. You’ll be surprised how appealing your dresser will look like with this new accessory. But if you want to go all out and you have time to spare, distressing your wooden cabinet or dresser will complement the new hardware too. 

Wooden Crates

If you have come across wooden crates, you might want to get some for your rustic bedroom. Stain these crates to bring out their natural color and stack them beside your bed. You can even a tall white vase to put fresh flowers too to complete the laidback charm that is common in many rustic houses. And it’s relatively cheap too! 

Layered white bedding.

Another trick to achieve a rustic look for your bedroom is to do layering on top of your mattress. White bedding is perfect especially when you have a wooden headboard or dark wooden floors to make your bed pop out. Also, choose textured pillows to complement the white linens to create a cozy feel at night. 

Wooden Bookshelves

Nothing says rustic more than having wooden bookshelves installed and if you can, look for reclaimed wood with metal braces to keep them upright as well. You’ll be surprised at how easily it is to change the atmosphere of your bedroom this way. 

Transforming your current bed space into a rustic bedroom shouldn’t be that hard to do, especially when there are plenty of ideas for you to try. As you can see from the ideas above, you can incorporate different accessories made of iron and wood to your space for starters. Who said that modern and rustic, don’t mix? All you need is a bit of imagination, and you’ll make your bedroom into the perfect rustic sanctuary. 

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