Relax Better at Night with a Wind Down Session

Relax Better at Night with a Wind Down Session

Posted By CherylAnn Morgan on Jun 19, 2018

After a stressful day at work, it is important to find a good way to relax. What is your wind-down routine? Do you do Yoga? Or, maybe you prefer to go for a run or walk through your neighborhood? No matter what you choose to do, winding down is the best way to prepare for a great night of restful sleep so you can be ready to go with a fresh start the next day. Here are 5 tips for winding down and preparing for a more relaxing night of sleep.


Whether you choose to hit the gym after a long day at work or go out and enjoy nature, exercise is one of the number one ways to prepare for a night of restful sleep. When we exercise, our bodies release the neurotransmitters that regulate our circadian rhythm: dopamine and serotonin. Added bonus: Serotonin also affects mood, making you feel better, it reduces food cravings, and regulates digestion. Not only will you sleep better with daily exercise, you will also be happier and healthier as well.

A Warm Bath or Shower

Body temperature is integral when it comes to regulating the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Taking a bath or shower approximately an hour and a half before bed will allow your body time to cool down and relax. This cooldown process precipitates a natural sleepiness that will transition into a deep restful sleep. Additionally, a bath or shower is a great way to relax tired muscles and relieve tension after a long trying day. Plus, it will keep your bed from getting filthy, sweaty, and germ-infested.

A study on the effects of bathing on sleep quality also found significantly improved sleep results for women who suffered from insomnia when a warm bath preceded a night of sleep. So, draw yourself a warm bath, relax, and have a better night’s sleep.

Disconnect from Work

You already spent all day at work dealing with the daily stressors of your job, why do you want to bring them into bed with you as well? There is nothing more insomnia-producing than maintaining high levels of stress and worry. It may be hard to completely disconnect at first, however, with some willpower you can eventually give yourself the break you need.

It is a myth that burning the midnight oil will allow you to get ahead. The fact of the matter is that working yourself to death is always going to produce substandard work. Make it a habit to avoid late-night work, email checking, etc. and you will notice a drastic change in not only your sleep quality but also your work productivity.

Skip the Nightcap

Sure, relaxing with a nice glass of wine is always nice. Drinking too much or too close to bedtime, however, will make for a poor night of sleep. Alcohol has been shown to drastically affect sleep quantity and quality. A nightcap will help you fall asleep faster; however, you will wake shortly thereafter and have problems getting back to the deeper sleep stages the rest of the night. It is OK to enjoy a glass of wine or alcoholic beverage with dinner, just avoid late-night drinks whenever possible unless you want to toss and turn all night.

One Final All-Encompassing Tip Before You Go…

Make it a Routine

Yes, routines can be boring and tedious. Yet, they are the best way to ensure harmony in your life. Your body is a machine and, as such, it runs best when there is consistency. When your body begins to sense a trend, it will naturally transition to what is needed when the time comes.

Keep a solid sleep-wake cycle by maintaining order and you will notice a significant difference in your quality and quantity of sleep. Try a luxury DreamCloud Mattress and receive $200 off, you’ll now have no reason to create a new wind down routine.