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13 Random Facts About Dreams

In honor of the week you’ve been waiting all year for — yes, that would be our beloved Sleep Awareness Week! — we’re celebrating with the list you’ve been dreaming of but probably forgot: 13 random dream facts.

We may not be able to make all your dreams come true (our DreamCloud mattress comes close), but at least we can enlighten you about what happens in your head while you’re in bed.

Nightmare Fears

13. Watching violent shows before bed can turn your dreams into nightmares

It’s not rocket science: We carry the ideas and impressions of things we watch on Netflix (or network TV) into the sleeping dimension. And, spoiler alert: science backs that up in a serious way: One study found that you’re 13 times more likely to have a nightmare after watching something violent, as opposed to folks who watched nothing, or kept their entertainment light. Yes, that probably means no zombies or white walkers.

The takeaway: If you’re going to Netflix and chill, make sure whatever you watch is chill, too, and your dreams will follow suit. Or better yet, maybe rock yourself to sleep with an old-school, hardcover book. Take our advice, because we’re not using it. (Source Men’s Health)

Brain activity during sleep is the same as when you’re awake​

12. Brain activity during sleep is the same as when you’re awake

Some serious researchers (that would be the folks at John Hopkins) found that your brain activity is essentially the same when you’re in a deep sleep, as it is when you’re wide awake. All the more reason to make sure you give yourself as much shut-eye as possible. (Source: Hopkins Medicine)

Spicy food and ice cream might mess with your sleep

11. Spicy food and ice cream might mess with your sleep

The science is a little fuzzy, but certain foods that mess with you internal body temperature might trickle up to your brain, and tamper with your dreams. So be cautious next time you pound some late-night spicy Thai Curry or a Haagen Daas pint before you pass out in the PM. (Source MSN)

Talking about your dreams can help build confidence​

10. Talking about your dreams can help build confidence

We know, we know: It can feel awkward explaining your weird dream about your ex-partner chasing after you in a clown suit holding a hatchet, but it’s worth it. Scientists have found that when you’re willing to talk about your dreams, it’s likely that you’re also building a muscle to be vulnerable and confident in the world. Open up and talk with people you trust. (Source Time)

Scientists can predict your dreams​

9. Scientists can predict your dreams

Yes, the world does have mind-readers. In fact, scientists in Japan found that they could predict a patient’s dreams with up to 60-percent accuracy. If only mattress companies could do that! (Source Smithsonian Magazine)

Men and women dream differently​

8. Men and women dream differently

And women already knew that, of course. Research suggests that men are more likely to dream about aggressive confrontations, while women dream about interactions with people they know. But who dreams about the aggressive confrontations with people they know? We’re guessing both. (Source Psychology Today)

Luxury Materials and Fabrics for Bedding​

7. Muscles are paralyzed when you’re dreaming

This one sounds scary, as your muscles essentially say “No mas!” when your brain is in “Inception” mode. Thankfully, all evidence suggests that your muscles reactivate once you’re out of your dream state. (Source Everyday Health)

People dream about many of the same things​

6. People dream about many of the same things

No matter what country in the world you call home, there are things that each of us 7-something billion people on Planet Earth dream about. For example, the majority of us will dream about falling, being chased by something scary, or the infamous being naked in public.

Ah, isn’t that comforting? (Source Very Well Mind)

Women can have sleep orgasms​

5. Women can have sleep orgasms

Your brain keeps a map of your body — and that can lead to pleasurable results for some while you’re busy counting sheep. Sorry, fellas. (Source Splinter News)

You can control your dreams​

4. You can control your dreams...kind of

Try writing yourself a physical reminder about what you want to dream about, or practice a one-line affirmation about the dreams you want to have, and some studies say that can help bring those dreams to life. The power of affirmation is a powerful tool. (Source Reader’s Digest)

We forget up to 99 percent of our dreams​

3. We forget up to 99 percent of our dreams

Imagine all thoughts we would hold if we could remember all of our dreams! Some 95 to 99 dreams out of 100 drift into the ether of the night. Consider yourself spared. (Source Sleep.org)

You can remember your dreams better if you choose to​

2. You can remember your dreams better if you choose to

There are plenty of ways you can try to improve upon a 99-percent dream forgetfulness rate. Whether it’s keeping a dream journal next to your bed, getting a proper 8-hour night sleep or looking out windows when you wake up, you have tools to make your dream recall a little brighter. (Source Thought Co.)

You can learn new skills in your dreams​

1. You can learn new skills in your dreams

Scientists discovered that if they told people what to dream about while they sleep— say a new gambling method —those same people would be better at gambling when they woke up. Time to dream about that poker jackpot, and get yourself to a casino, ASAP. (Source Fox News)


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