Power Naps at Work are Going to Change Your Life

Why Power Naps at Work are Going to Increase Productivity and Change Your Life

Do you start the day at work energized and ready to go, but feel yourself listless and flagging by the end of the day? It might be time to add a power nap to your schedule. While many of us are chugging coffee or taking energy drinks to make the second half of our work schedule better, a power nap can often be a simple difference maker that’s healthy, effective, and won’t mess with your sleep schedule.


So what’s so great about a power nap and how can you implement it to make your workday better? Glad you asked. It’s as simple as taking the time to plan for it and then, well, sleeping. Here’s why the power nap is better than coffee, and how you can make sure that you get the most out of your office time every single day.

Power Naps are the Wave of the Future

Silicon valley has been ahead of the curve on a lot of things that have made their way into popular work culture. Telecommuting, flexible hours — and now naps. Companies from Google, to Amazon, to Facebook are changing the way that employers view naps and sleep in general for their employees. That’s because naps have been shown to increase cognitive function, learning capabilities, and even increase empathy.


Many of those companies now have dedicated spaces for their employees to nap at work, and while your company may not yet have a sleep space yet, there’s no reason you can’t take time during the afternoon to make sure you have a power nap to get through the rest of your day. Don’t feel guilty, gone are the days of the lazy employee sleeping on the job. Now a rested employee is a gainful employee.

Plan For Your Power Nap and Make Sure You Stick With it

A nap around two pm is the best time for maximum energy. That’s when your body’s natural sleep schedule (known as a circadian rhythm) is at its lowest. While coffee can make you jittery (and keep you up at night) mixing in a quick twenty to thirty minute nap can be the exact energy boost you need.


When you plan ahead, your body can get used to taking a nap at the same time every day, and will eventually start to gear toward it. It might feel funny at first, but taking that time will soon be a natural part of your workday, and make everything that comes after feel easier and less stressful. Remember that self care is important, even at work, and taking a power nap is a great way to show your body the love that it deserves.

Don’t Over-Nap Or You Might Not Fall Asleep Later

While a twenty or thirty minute nap can be a great way to add some kick to your step, oversleeping can mean that you’ll be tossing and turning late into the night when you should be sleeping. The benefits of a power nap can be felt with just thirty minutes of sleep time, but longer than that can risk messing with your circadian rhythm. Remember, when it comes to a power nap it’s about quality and not quantity.


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