10 Things You Should Do On Mother’s Day In The Name Of Sleep

10 Things You Should Do On Mother’s Day In The Name Of Sleep

Posted By Susy Salcedo on May 7, 2020

Moms have one of the toughest, most demanding jobs on the planet. In fact, a 2017 study found that American working mothers clock in an average of more than 90 hours a week (that’s not a typo!). It’s high time for some rest and relaxation. Whether you’re celebrating as a mom or a daughter, here are 10 ways to hook up your Mother’s Day for the most restful, wonderful Mother’s Night (yep, we just made that up).

1. Get pampered

You could stay at the spa all day for a mani, pedi, facial, and full body massage or sneak in an express treatment, like 10 minutes in a massage chair at the mall. Either way, we highly recommend any type of pampering. One study found that massages help reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, and may help treat anxiety and depression.

2. Ignore your to-do list

Funny: You make lists to minimize stress and then stress about completing EVERY. SINGLE. THING. ON. THE. LIST. Put all lists on ice for a day (or two, if you’re feeling brave). You’ll be amazed at how liberating it feels to live spontaneously, instead of feeling beholden to your list. Who knows? You might end up at the mall in one of those 10-minute massage chairs (see #1).

3. Eat ice cream before bed

Have a small portion of one of the low-sugar varieties, so you get the snooze-boosting benefits of tryptophan without the insulin-spiking sugar.

Or blend a frozen banana with a little almond milk and sprinkle walnuts on top for a calming trifecta of magnesium, tryptophan, and omega 3’s. Click here for a list of the best bedtime snacks!

4. Take a Barre class

Ask any Physique 57 devotee, and she’ll tell you that Barre has a unique way of making you feel strong, graceful, and confident, even if your thighs are on fire. Also, an exercise that focuses on flexibility and breath, like Barre, causes the release of endorphins into your bloodstream. These natural painkillers are structurally similar to morphine. Come bedtime, you’ll be in a Swan Lake dreamland.

5. Swear off all chores

Food prep, grocery shopping, house cleaning of any sort —all of it can wait. Take that well-deserved nap, and tell someone else to pick up the slack.

6. Go off the grid

Researchers have found a strong connection between screen time and insomnia. Take the day (or at least the afternoon) to enjoy the company of the people in your presence, sans electronics. Put your phone in moonlight mode and turn off the TV for some throwback quality time over a meal, which you probably ordered via a phone app. Hint: Make sure the food arrives before you shut down your phone.

7. Get romantic

The warm and fuzzy feeling you get from loving someone and knowing that you are loved in return is enough to induce some seriously sweet dreams. And getting more sleep has been shown to help boost women’s libido. 

8. Take a bath or long shower

There will be no quick and efficient showers happening today. We’re all about lingering in the warm water for as long as we want. If you have a bathtub, pour in some Epsom salts and lavender oil for the luxurious soak you deserve. Do it any time, but evening is best.  The warm water raises your body temperature, and the air cools you off when you get out of the tub, which tells your body it’s time for sleep. Just make sure your bedroom is between 60-67 degrees, experts suggest.

9. Let it go

Mom was right: Don’t go to bed angry. Free your mind of chattering, anxious thoughts by meditating. Try a short, guided session with the help of an app, like Calm, or try these four chillaxing yoga poses in bed.

10. Start reading that book, finally

This is the one thing on your to-do list we’d advocate for (because you always put off). Cozy up in bed with your book–make sure it’s an actual book, not a download on your tablet; see #6–and escape into another world. You could reduce your stress levels by up to 68 percent. What else can reduce your stress?

Repeat all these tips on any given Sunday!