What Makes Cashmere Special For Beds

What Makes Cashmere Special For Beds?

Posted By DreamCloud on May 17, 2018

The secret has been out on cashmere for a while. It’s a super comfortable, high quality material made from the undercoats of cashmere goats that has all kinds of amazing properties. It’s been used in everything from socks to sweaters to pants, but a recent breakthrough has it featured in an unlikely spot… beds!

That means cashmere beds are no longer a flight of the imagination, they’re here now. So what makes a cashmere bed so special? Does it actually sleep differently than a traditional mattress? We’re here to explain why a cashmere bed makes for a silky smooth sleep that will have you falling in love with your mattress all over again.

Cashmere is Super Soft

Cashmere is often confused with wool, as they are both animal fibers, but where wool is taken from the overcoat of sheep, cashmere is made from the undercoat of a goat specifically bred for its softness. This meant that originally cashmere was too expensive to be used in anything other than clothing, but recent breakthroughs in technology and scarcity have made the cashmere bed a possibility. That softness translates to a smoother sleeping experience in a luxury mattress, where this cashmere bed eliminates sagging and bunching through its hand tufted cover. That’s not the only reason though, perhaps the most important quality of cashmere (and why we prefer it for our beds) is its temperature regulation.

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Why We Use Cashmere in Our Mattress Topper

It might seem silly then for us to use a luxury material like cashmere when creating a luxury mattress, but it’s because we refused to compromise on the best materials to get you sleeping soundly. Cashmere is a way to reduce overheating at night, so we knew that this would be the best choice for a hand tufted cover. Studies show that cashmere is actually three times more cooling than foam or cotton. That means that unlike other memory foam mattresses, which can run hot in the summer, you’ll never worry about overheating on our mattress.

Good materials only work well when your design is also flawless, which is why we decided to hand tuft our covers instead of using adhesives to bind and compress those materials together. This eliminates weird sagging and bunching that could prevent you from having a night of luxury sleep on an amazing mattress. It’s the next logical step in bed tech, and pairing these materials with an already amazing memory foam means that you’ll be sleeping on a hybrid cashmere bed that will make you fall in love with bedtime all over again. Don’t take our word for it, give it a try and see what you’ve been missing all these nights. Sleep is so important to us that we’ve created a list of ways to help you get your best sleep. And remember, a cashmere bed may be a luxury, but it’s a luxury you’re going to love and cherish for the lifetime of your bed.

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