How To Transform Your Bedding From Shabby To Luxury

How To Transform Your Bedding From Shabby To Luxury

Posted By Susy Salcedo on Jan 18, 2018

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Luxury Bedding – When decorating, almost everyone starts with a budget.  When decorating, almost everyone starts with a budget. Your budget will dictate just how drastic your renovations and redecoration can be. Maybe you can afford to build an entire new wing in your house, or maybe your budget only allows for a fresh paint job. Everyone has a budget they need to work with. That said, knowing your budget will help you decide where to allocate your resources — where to scrimp and where to splurge, so to speak. We are all for stretching your decorating dollars but some things are worth the indulgence — especially in the master bedroom. You may choose to save on your bed frame by going for the quaint and artsy DIY route. You may save on your mattress by choosing a mid range mattress and box spring and only splurging on the mattress topper. But do not think twice about paying a little extra for your beddings! 

Your beddings, which includes your fitted sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, blanket, comforter, top sheets, and shams, come in direct contact with your body. It makes sense that you would want the best quality that you can afford. Also considering how many hours an average person spends in bed, it is definitely worth the splurge! We will spend one-third of our lives between the sheets, better make them good sheets — the best we can afford! There is nothing like stretching out on well-made sheets and beddings to make you feel like you are in a lap of luxury. Who cares if you are in a small studio apartment in real life if when you close your eyes you feel like you are in an opulent palace or a luxury hotel? That is arguably one of the best feelings in the world to have right before drifting off to sleep.

There has always been a market for luxury bedding and it is unlikely that will ever change. A good night’s sleep is important to many people. That won’t be achievable with cheap sheets. We get that not everyone has money to burn, especially for something as seemingly trivial as sheets and quality beddings. We all have bills we need to pay. We have priorities, and rightly so. We are not about to suggest going into credit card debt buying Egyptian cotton sheets, which could cost you thousands of dollars. However, unless you are living in a college dormitory, there is just no reason to subsist shabby sheets. It is high time for an upgrade.

Transform Your Bedding From Shabby To Luxury

Transform Your Bedding From Shabby To Luxury

Start with the base

A luxury bedding ensemble will be wasted on a bad mattress and bed frame. Make sure to repair sagging slats and broken headboards in bedframes. Replace a mattress that has seen better days. An average mattress’ lifespan is usually 10 years. If you are not ready to replace your mattress entirely but you want to upgrade, consider a quality memory foam mattress topper. This should adequately mask all the lumps and any dips and depressions in the mattress underneath. Once all that is taken care of, you now have a worthy base for your luxurious linens.

Know where to shop

High-end department stores seem like the logical go-to place for quality and luxury beddings. It still is. But online shopping will also allow you direct access to the best brands and most trusted names when it comes to luxury home and living products. You may even get it at a better price if you shop directly online. Most e-commerce sites offer discounts and other incentives like free shipping for first-time customers.

It has to match

Nothing says shabby college dorm room more than sheets that do not match. This part is important because even the most expensive beddings can look cheap if it doesn’t match. Buy full bedding sets as much as possible and not individual pieces. You can also buy multiple complementary shades in the same material and texture. That way, when you do feel like being creative and mixing and matching your beddings, it won’t look like such an eyesore. It helps if you shop for bedding sets that keeps to the theme and room decor of your bedroom.


Accessories matter. It goes a long way in putting an outfit together. Same goes for your bed. Try dressing up your bed with a nice canopy. You can also add a coverlet or some throw pillows that will compliment your beddings.

The fit is everything

Get sheets that fit. This should go without saying but people still make a lot of mistakes when purchasing their sheets and beddings. When it comes to mattress size, the thickness matters just as much. You do not want a part of your mattress peeking out of your fitted sheets. Pillows, too, come in different sizes. It is incredibly unsightly to see a pillow forced into a case that is too snug or drowning in one that is too loose. Nothing will make your expensive sheets look cheap faster than an ill fit.

Steam out the creases

Some fabric is more prone to creasing than others. Linen sheets, for instance, will probably have fold marks if stored properly. If you want your bed and beddings to look luxurious and high end, do not ignore the little things. Iron out or steam your sheets and pillowcases before using.

Make your bed

If you are not an obsessive-compulsive type A person, you have probably left your bed unmade at least once or twice. Maybe you woke up late and you needed to be out of the house as soon as possible. It is so easy to be lazy about making our beds. After all, you are going to mess it up again. But to make the most out of your luxurious beddings, it’s important to always make up your bed in the mornings. Some people are better at it than others, but if you really want to learn, there are tutorials online on how to do hotel-grade bed dressing. Give your expensive sheets the treatment it deserves.

Proper wash and care of your luxury beddings

You can count on your expensive beddings coming with detailed care instructions. If you want to preserve the quality of the fabric, you will follow it to the letter, no matter how odious it seems. You can’t throw it into the wash with everything else without much thought. Don’t waste what you paid for it. Take care of it properly and it will last you a long time.

Proper storage

Sheets and beddings, especially thick ones, are vulnerable to bed bugs, bed mites, molds, and other things that can ruin the fabric. Store your sheets and beddings properly. Fold them neatly in a bag and seal it shut. Store in a linen cabinet or drawer. Make sure to keep it away from moisture and condensation.

Luxury Materials and Fabrics for Bedding​

Luxury Materials and Fabrics for Bedding

When purchasing beddings you will encounter thread count and weave a lot. What exactly do they mean? Thread count is simply the measure of how many threads there are in a square inch of fabric. Greater thread count does not necessarily mean better quality. For instance, if a fabric is made with thinner threads, it can claim a higher thread count. It’s not uncommon to see labels that say 10,000 or more thread count. On the other hand, the weave of a fabric is determined by the weft and the warp, or the fabric construction, rather than the type of thread used. That being said, the type of fabric is the most important consideration when buying luxury beddings. Beautiful design and construction can’t mask a scratchy, poorly made and dyed fabric. Below are the most popular fabrics used in high-end beddings. Check the label for any of these when buying your own.


Cotton is probably the most popular, but not all cotton is created equal. Poly-cotton is cheap. Egyptian cotton, in particular, is most synonymous with luxury. Good quality Egyptian cotton has great wicking properties and feels soft to the touch.


Luxurious linen is cool to the touch and it mostly comes in variations of white and ivory. It can fetch thousands of dollars in price. It is durable and long lasting but it also wrinkles easily.


Silk is ultra luxurious and soft. Sleeping in silk sheets can certainly feel like the height of luxury. However, it might not be the best choice for warm climates, as it doesn’t breathe well and will tend to cling to the skin and has poor wicking properties.


This is best for cool winter or fall weather. Fine merino wool feels warm and cozy, but never scratchy. This is especially popular for duvets and comforters. Being enveloped in fine merino wool beddings feels like nothing short of a luxurious embrace. You will never want to get out of bed.

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