Twin vs Queen

Posted By Vaibhavi K on Apr 6, 2021

A queen size bed is 22 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a twin size bed. Twin beds were developed for children growing out of their cribs while a queen size mattress was designed for couples who share the bed. 

Queen beds are spacious and can easily first a couple, while twin beds are better suited for small children and teens. 

Let’s dive deeper to understand the difference between twin vs queen and which one is right for you.

ParameterTwin Queen 
SizeIN: 38” x 75” x 11”
FT: 3.25 X 6.25 X 0.92
CM: 99.06 X 190.5 X 27.94
IN: 60” x 80” x 11”
FT: 5 X 6.67 X 0.92
CM: 152.4 X 203.2 X 27.94
Cost $699 $999
Recommended room space  7× 10 feet10 × 10 feet
Bed size 39 x 75 inches 60 x 80 inches
Comfortably fitsChildren growing out of cribs, 
Couples who prefer spacious beds

What is a Twin Bed?

A standard twin bed is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. It is also called a single bed and is ideal for teenagers and children who are shorter than 6 feet. 

Twin beds can fit comfortably in small rooms and on bunk beds meant for children. They are also extensively used in dorms. 

You can choose to combine two twin beds or two twin XL beds in case you need to accommodate more than a single sleeper


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be moved around easily
  • Can fit in small bedrooms and spaces


  • Not suitable for adults
  • Cannot accommodate more than one person

What is a Queen Bed?

Queen size mattresses are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. They are a popular choice among couples as each person gets 30 inches. Single sleepers can also sleep with a pet in a queen size bed. 

Queen size mattresses are the perfect size for your master bedroom or the guest room. 


  • Comfortable for couples 
  • Can fit into smaller guest rooms or master bedroom
  • Spacious


  • Heavier compared to twin size mattresses
  • Difficult to move

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Things to Consider Before Deciding Between Queen vs Twin 

Room Size

Twin beds comfortably fit into rooms that are 7 by 10 feet. It can fit in the children’s bedroom or the smaller rooms of the house.  

A queen mattress will comfortably fit in a room that is 10 by 10 feet or larger. Remember to consider your bedroom design and leave at least 2 feet between the bed and the wall to walk around comfortably.


Between twin bed vs queen, twin size mattresses are the cheaper option due to the size difference.

Queen beds can cost $300 to $400 more than a twin size mattress. Do note that this price difference may vary according to brands and the materials used.

Bed Size

Queen size mattresses fit perfectly onto beds that are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Since queen size beds are among the popular mattress sizes, you will have the option to choose from multiple bed designs and bed frames. 

Twin mattresses fit perfectly onto bunk beds, loft beds, or children’s beds that are 38 inches wide and 76 inches long. 


Between twin vs queen beds, a queen bed is the better option for single adults, couples, or even tall individuals because queen beds offer more sleeping space than a twin size mattress.

 A twin mattress is generally used by teens, young adults, or children coming out of their cribs. For adults who prefer compact sleeping spaces can consider buying a twin XL or a fulls size mattress instead.


Twin beds have limited sleeping space, so you cannot accessorize them with more than one pillow.
On the other hand, queen mattresses can be accessorized with two pillows and a few throw pillows. 

Between twin bed vs queen bed, accessories for a queen size bed such as bed covers and duvets cost more than accessories for a twin bed. Mattress protectors also cost more when they are bigger.

Choosing Between Twin vs Queen Size Mattress

Queen beds are ideal for couples, whereas a twin bed is perfect for children growing out of their cribs. 

Before you make the final decision remember to check your room size. A queen bed is better for the master bedroom, while a twin works well in the kid’s bedroom or smaller rooms. 

Which is the most popular mattress?

Queen mattresses or full mattresses (also known as double beds) are popular among couples and single sleepers. They are not as costly as king beds and fit into most master bedrooms or guest rooms. 

Are there any other sizes for couples?

A full size bed, a queen, and a king size mattress can all accommodate couples. Full beds, however, are the least comfortable option for a couple as they offer limited space. 
A couple with different sleeping preferences can also look into purchasing split king mattresses. Split king mattresses also limit the motion transfer between mattresses helping couples sleep peacefully. 

Who can use a twin bed?

A twin bed is ideal for smaller rooms and is the best size for kids or teenagers who are not very tall. However, if you are a tall individual, a twin XL mattress may be the better choice as it is 5 inches longer than a standard twin.

Note that combining two twin XL mattresses can give you a split king bed which is ideal for couples with different sleeping preferences and who need extra length while sleeping. 

What determines the quality of a mattress?

It should support your spine well and be cool as well as comfortable. Most companies offer trial versions for up to a year. The coils and the foam used also to determine the quality of the mattress. Check out our range of hybrid mattresses that offer immense support and comfort to help you sleep well every single night. 

What are the dimensions of a king size bed?

King size beds are 76 by 80 inches and are bigger and cost more than a queen mattress. They are the biggest mattresses available on the market and are ideal for a family with kids or pets.