King or Queen - We’ve Got You Covered

King or Queen? We’ve Got You Covered and More

You’re in the market for a new mattress. You’ve done the research, figured out which brand you want (which after an easy deliberation is definitely going to be a DreamCloud luxury Mattress), and are left with the eternal decision: King vs Queen. While this isn’t exactly as hard as picking your favorite kid, it can be a tough choice to make. Do you want more room on your bed? More room in your bedroom? What about kids and dogs, will this have enough room for them? We’ve taken the different points in the eternal debate of king vs queen and broken them down into this handy guide so that when the time comes, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

Measure Twice, Buy Once: The Argument for a Queen

A queen size mattress has the dimensions to comfortably sleep two average sized people (we’re talking five foot ten and shorter). While it doesn’t have quite the same palatial status as a king in the king vs queen debate, it still can hold its own when dealing with just two sleepers. This is a great choice if your bedroom is a little on the smaller side, as the queen DreamCloud luxury mattress is sixteen inches skinnier width-wise than its king counterpart. Both beds actually have the same length (at 80 whopping inches), but sometimes your room isn’t quite large enough to handle the extra width.

Measure the dimensions of where your bed is going to be and be realistic about the space that you’ll need. If a king is slightly too large (where you won’t be able to fit a bed stand, a chair, or whatever else helps to make this a sleep refuge), then it’s probably time to buy a queen.

Bring More to the Party: The Argument for a King

While a queen size mattress is nice if you only have two people sleeping in your bed, many times this isn’t the case. No, I don’t mean anything too, uh, Fifty Shades of Gray – I’m talking about the sort of occupants we get as our families increase – kids, pets, and even the stray toy here or there. If your family is growing, it’s sometimes nice to have the extra space so that you can cuddle all together without feeling like anyone is going to be pushed out of bed. As always, the biggest argument in the king vs queen debate is comfort: are you going to feel comfortable with this size as your family increases? If you’re thinking that you need the extra space, it’s probably best to assume the king is right for you.

X-Factor: Why You Might Need to Bump Up to a California King

There’s one thing that we haven’t taken into consideration during the king vs queen debate: What if you’re too tall for the average bed. If that’s the case, you may need to grab a california king. While it measures slightly less width-wise than a king (76 inches vs 72) the extra length that you’re getting will ensure that you’re sleeping in comfort, even if you’re over six feet tall. As someone who skews this way, I always appreciate a bed that doesn’t have my feet hanging over the edge when I sleep. If you and your partner could form a good two person beach volleyball team, then the California King is definitely your best option.

As always though, there is no wrong answer when dealing with a DreamCloud Mattress. Save $200 off a DreamCloud Mattress and upgrade your sleep to luxury.