Is Your Mattress Uncomfortable?

This article explores the subtle ways that your uncomfortable mattress may be undermining your sleep. It offers tips on what to look for as your mattress ages, and what solutions you can take to get the best sleep.

There’s no getting around it: America is in the midst of a sleep crisis. The CDC recently published a study finding that up to seven out of ten Americans will experience insomnia this year. Of those, many cases are caused by a culprit that you may not always blame: an uncomfortable mattress. Yes, there are innumerable factors that could be keeping you up; blue light from cell phones, caffeine before bed, even anxiety — but an uncomfortable mattress is the biggest cause of sleep debt in the country. Not only is having an uncomfortable mattress bad for business (with up to an estimated billion dollars a year lost annually in the economy because of insomnia), it’s bad for your health. Sleep debt has been proven to lead to neurological disease, heart disease, and even death.

So while it may feel like a luxury to get a new mattress, think of it this way: this is about improving your health and the health of the people you love. An uncomfortable mattress takes a joyful activity in life (sleep) and turns it into a chore that can leave you feeling tired, upset, and just plain ornery by the time you wake up. We’ve come up with this handy guide to figure out if it’s time for the mattress change. Don’t wait, look for these signs and never sleep on an uncomfortable mattress again.

You’re Still Tired in the Morning

Your bed is supposed to be your sleep haven. When you have a mattress you love, sleeping is a beautiful pause to relax, recharge, and get ready for the day. When you have an uncomfortable mattress, well, it is decidedly less so. Do you wake up still feeling tired and groggy, even though you just slept eight hours? That could be because your mattress is keeping you awake.

As most traditional mattresses age, they deform. This forces an increased pressure against your neck and lower back. Even if you aren’t aware of it, those pressures wake you up from deep sleep, causing your body to subtly shift to avoid those problem areas. This means that you’re never fully getting into REM sleep, the deepest and most rejuvenative form of rest, where the body heals itself and replenishes invaluable hormones. So if you’re waking up but still not feeling like your old self, it could time to kick your uncomfortable mattress directly to the curb.

You’ve Got Aches and Pains That Stop When You Stretch

Part of getting older is realizing that our bodies don’t feel the way they did when we were sixteen. Joint and back pain become a part of life. There’s one problem though, when you have an uncomfortable mattress, those pains become more inflamed because of a decrease in circulation while you sleep. When you sleep on a bad mattress, the blood flow to areas of the lower back and neck are often pinched, causing inflammation in your muscles that can manifest in a sore back or a slight limp when you wake up.

If you’re feeling creaky and weak when you wake up instead of rejuvenated and young, it could be because your mattress isn’t doing you right. If that’s the case, it’s time to ditch that uncomfortable mattress and try something different. This year a new mattress can mean a new you.

Try Luxury Memory Foam and Feel the Difference

Luckily for you, it’s never been more cost effective to try a memory foam mattress. Not only are they super supportive, contouring to your back and neck for maximum effectiveness — they also last longer than traditional mattresses. Don’t waste anymore time on an uncomfortable mattress, try a DreamCloud luxury mattress and literally feel the difference immediately. For more info on what makes a DreamCloud great, check out this post where we break down what a cozy night’s sleep on a DreamCloud is all about.


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