How a Hybrid Mattress Does it Sleep

What is a Hybrid Mattress and How Does it Sleep?

If you’ve searched for a new bed for any length of time recently, you’ll have noticed that there’s a new type of mattress that has taken the market by storm: the hybrid mattress. Hybrid technology is all the rage these days, hybrid cars, hybrid plants, and now the hybrid mattress.

This new mattress type claims to have the best of both worlds, but does it? We’ve decided to take a deep dive on what makes this mattress different, what similarities it has to traditional mattresses, and if a luxury mattress is worth the moolah you’re laying down for it.

A Hybrid Mattress Represents a Leap Forward from Traditional Box Spring and Early Memory Foam

For many years the only mattress game in town was one with box springs. While these mattresses were comfortable for a while, often times their springs wore out which led to problems. What kind of problems? When springs go, they often take their back support with them. This could lead to lumpy, uneven surfaces which in turn led to bad sleep, terrible sleep hygiene, and sometimes even back problems.

This meant that a mattress had to be purchased once every five or so years so that it could retain its initial support. After this came memory foam, pioneered in the nineties and early 2000s, memory foam could retain its initial support by using foam tech that didn’t wear with age. Some early foam though had the bad tendency of retaining heat that emanated from the sleeper. That meant a less comfy sleep night in and night out than some traditional box springs.

what is a luxury hybrid mattress?

Hybrid Mattresses Solve the Problem of Support Vs Comfort

Luckily, sleep scientists developed the hybrid mattress. This mattress takes the concept of the spring mattress and pairs it with multiple layers of memory foam. The new type of springs are called a “micro coil compression system”. They retain the temperature regulation of a traditional box spring, but their increased flexibility means that they also keep support in a way that might wain over time in a traditional box spring.

It’s an important distinction, in that these microcoils don’t lose their tension over time, making them a much more reliable system.These microcoils work with the memory foam in unison to contour to your body, supporting pressure points for more pressure relief. The coils also absorb motion transfer, which means if you sleep with a partner, you won’t feel them rolling around at night the way you would with a traditional mattress.

The memory foam used in a luxury hybrid mattress has also come a long way, using new types of foam to increase temperature regulation which makes for a better night’s sleep on a consistent basis.

Dreamcloud luxury mattress

So if you’re in the mood for a change, then you’ve picked the exact right time to look for a luxury mattress. Hybrid mattresses offer the best chance at a good night’s sleep. And as studies have shown, a good night’s sleep is super important to the aging process.

Rest better knowing that you’re getting the luxury mattress experience that you deserve. Get the best sleep of your life and save $200 on a DreamCloud mattress today.