How to Easily Sleep Through the Night

How to Easily Sleep Through the Night

The Crown is the newest and biggest Netflix hit. It focuses on the early years of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family, their turbulent home life, and how their choices affected the whole world for years to come. Not only were their conscious lives supremely decadent, it seems that their sleeping lives were much the same. If you watch the show for even an episode, you’ll see all sorts of sumptuous backdrops for the lives of the royals. They lived an opulent, decadent life that focused on the finer things.

While we can’t necessarily live our waking lives the way that Queen Elizabeth did (or does), we CAN have a similar sleeping life. Great mattresses have never been more affordable, and the impetus for a good night’s sleep has never been greater. So grab your Netflix, tuck in, and pretend you’re in the royal family, because you’re going to be sleeping that way after you read our royal sleep tips.

Keep the Bedroom Quiet

One thing I noticed right away in watching The Crown was the absence of televisions. Sure, TV wasn’t as widespread then as it is today, but there was still plenty of opportunity for the wealthiest family in England to have a tube in their bedroom — but they didn’t. That’s because the tradition of a TV in a bedroom is totally the product of our easily streaming society. While it might be nice to watch these shows from the comfort of our own bed, science shows that the blue light emitted from screens is a huge detriment when it comes to sleep hygiene.

Royal Tip: Get better sleep by leaving the tv and laptops out of the bedroom. Practice good sleep hygiene by turning off all devices at least an hour before bed. Be like Queen Elizabeth and mix in a book, the absence of a backlit screen is going to make sleep come faster, more decadent, and totally royal.

Should You Buy an Expensive Mattress? 

When it comes to the finer things, the royals can’t be beat. There cars are beautiful, there silverware is, well, silver, even their sitting rooms are filled with priceless artifacts. The bedroom is no exception, perhaps some of the best decorative pieces on set are the beds, which seem sumptuous, beautiful, and handcrafted. Seems like you can’t have that look for your own bedroom? Well think again. Quality mattresses have never been more affordable, and thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to get them delivered right to your house. If that’s not the royal treatment, I don’t know what is.

Royal Tip: Don’t sleep on your ratty old box spring anymore! Bed technology has come a long way, so if you’re waking up with a sore back or a pain in your neck, then it’s definitely time to get a new bed.

So there you have it, our tips for living a life of ease and luxury (at least when you’re sleeping). Take a page out of Queen Elizabeth’s book and try a night of luxury sleep. Save $200 off a DreamCloud Mattress and sleep like royalty.