How Naps Can Improve Your Work Day

How Naps Can Improve Your Work Day: Nap at Work!

We have all felt it: That after-lunch, 2 o’clock drag where you struggle to keep your eyes open. Work does not have to be a dreary slog, fighting sleep until the end of your shift. Some of the best in the biz find ways to nap throughout the day to improve productivity. To help you with achieving your napping goal, we have compiled a list of some of the creative ways that people have used to catch some Z’s at work (Note: They range from pure genius to downright zany, use at your own risk).

The Fake Phone Call Forty Winks

This one is a bit tricky and requires proper desk positioning. If you are lucky enough to have a desk that is out-of-the-way or tucked into a corner, you can utilize this advanced napping technique. Prop yourself up with one hand resting on your phone and the other holding something to make you look busy (e.g., a notebook and pen), align your body so you are balanced and not likely to teeter over, then nap away. As long as you do not fall too deep into sleep (set a vibrating alarm so you do not sleep too long to avoid this outcome), someone walking by will wake you up at which point you can do whatever you need to do to look busy and no one’s the wiser about your snooze.

The Power Nap on the “Throne”

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Excuse yourself to go use the facilities (or sneak away so people do not question your “length-of-stay” on the John). Find an unfrequented bathroom, go to the stall that is the furthest from the door, and get comfortable. To complete the illusion, have your pants around your ankles so people do not question why someone is sitting on the toilet fully clothed. Pro-Tip: A properly placed roll of toilet paper or two makes for a comfy pillow!

The Business Meeting Break

Do you have the opportunity to meet clients offsite? Leave earlier than you need to for the meeting (or schedule a fake one) and get some sleep in a dark, cool parking garage beforehand. Try not to abuse this technique or your behavior may become suspect to your employers and you could end up getting more time to sleep than you bargained for… at home.


The Dine & Doze

Skip those wasted minutes waiting for your food at a slow restaurant and bring a quick and easy meal from home (and save money in the process). Enjoy your nice lunch and then you can use those precious extra minutes for a quick siesta in your car. Nothing beats a nap after a light meal. Bonus: There is nothing stopping you from making your car as comfortable as possible for your catnap.

The Contagious Con Job

Now, this is one technically not a way to sneak in a nap at work, it is still an oldie but a good one though…

Get all the sleep you want by faking sickness. Do you have some sick days saved up and are just feeling burnt out? Use some of that hard-earned PTO and you are good-to-go. Be sure to set the stage the day before with some subtle coughs around your boss. Do you have children? Use their proclivity for being germ factories to your advantage: Talk about how little Johnny or Suzy is sick and how you woke up feeling a little tickle in your throat after taking care of them the night before. Use people’s fear of sickness and you are home free. Enjoy your day in bed! (take-home work optional)

Of course, there is always this technique.

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Before You Go
We would be remiss to let you go without educating you on some of the essentials of napping. Research shows that the optimal amount of time for a power nap is around 20 minutes, any longer and you risk going into the deeper stages of sleep. If your nap extends into a deep sleep, you will wake up feeling groggier than you did before you went to sleep, completely defeating the purpose of the nap. Before you begin your nap, set an alarm to make sure you wake up before it is too late.

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