Gifts For Dad That We Love

Gifts For Dad That We Love

Dads are the ones that always seem to have the answer. They are the first person we call when an appliance breaks, who we turn when we need a word of advice about what kind of car we’re looking to buy, and they are our rocks of encouragement when we’re feeling like we really need it. Dads have an uncanny knack for making life look easy and like they were born knowing how to fix things and provide the solution to a variety of life’s problems.

When it comes to celebrating our dads, it might be hard to find something that is equal parts meaningful and useful for the dad that is capable of meeting all of his own needs (and many of yours as well!) Of course you already know that whatever you give to your dad he’ll love simply because you took the time to think of him, but we want to help you go one step further than this because your pops deserves it on this special day. Finding the right gift can be as meaningful as those handmade cards you used to make for him when you were a Kindergartener, and hopefully this time it’ll be a bit more than something he can hang on the fridge. Below we’ve compiled a list of some great gift ideas for Father’s Day to show your dad how much you care and appreciate that time he changed your flat tire.


  1. The Upgraded Lazy Boy

GQ claims that this chair is “for the dad who’s better than a basic recliner” and we couldn’t agree more.  Let your dad take a load off in this chair that’s comfortable but a cut above the rest in terms of style.


  1. Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Just In Time For Summer

A three-in-one coffee maker may be the exact step up that Dad is looking for in his coffee game. Whether looking for a French pressed style brew, cold-pressed coffee on a warm day, or the delicious taste of a pourover, this sleek design does it all. Give this a test drive during Father’s Day brunch with your dad and watch your him get buzzed on gratitude.


  1. Portable/Packable Grill

Any adventurous Dad will see the endless possibilities of a portable grill. Can you say camping trip?


  1. Hammock For Lounging

This hammock is as comfortable as it is attractive, which will surely please both Mom and Dad. Give the gift of relaxation to your dad this Father’s Day and he’ll surely thank you.


  1. A Retro Turntable

This one is for the Dad’s who love that old style feel. The Dad that still has all of his old vinyls but isn’t exactly sure what to do with them. Give your dad the gift of nostalgia with something as sleek and cool as he is.


  1. An Upgraded Mattress

latex mattress

A gift that may be a bit on the unconventional side but something that he’ll appreciate nonetheless is an upgraded mattress. Gifting your dad with a luxury mattress will be a surprise that he won’t soon forget and something that he can use everyday. Giving the gift of a DreamCloud mattress is giving the gift of improved quality of sleep, which in turn, means a healthier life, and who doesn’t want that?


In the end, it’s really not about what objects we are giving our dads because that’s not what will stick in their mind in the years to come. If you’re giving anything to your dad this Father’s Day, make sure to also include an extra heaping dose of that invaluable thing we call quality time, because that’s what he’ll remember most of all.

So gift your dad the gift of luxury sleep and save $200 off instantly on a DreamCloud Mattress. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!