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3 Steps To Fight Holiday Stress & Bad Dreams

Posted By Charlotte Latvala on Nov 13, 2019

The holidays will be here in a hot minute, and that means extra helpings of carbs, travel, and never-ending Instagram stories of pie. It’s no wonder you’re sleep-deprived, stressed, and having bizarre dreams (about pie).
Although scientists don’t have all the answers, they do know that stress, restful sleep, and the content of your dreams are connected. Even mild daily stress can cause an increase in rapid eye movement (REM), the stage of sleep where the most psychological activity occurs, including sorting through emotions, organizing thoughts, and consolidating memories from your day.

The good news: You can learn to better manage stress and set the stage for peaceful sleep and dreams throughout the holidays. It’s so easy. Here’s how to get started tonight:


1. Establish a “wind down” routine before bed

Most adults would agree that kids need time to unwind before bed. We never outgrow that need, but we tend to disregard it as we age. Instead of mining through Facebook until you pass out, try blocking off 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime for relaxation, like doing gentle yoga or meditation, drinking a soothing cup of decaf tea, or reading a favorite book.

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2. Pay attention to the moon phases

We kid you not: The monthly phases of the moon, along with other celestial activity, can impact your self-care, sleep, and dreams. We explore this topic each month in our Dreamcast column.

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3. Treat yourself to mini-luxuries at bedtime

If you’re one of those self-sacrificers who treats your holiday guests better than you treat yourself, it’s time for a (very obvious, but often forgotten) New Year’s resolution: Focus on you. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with a mood-setting salt lamp, luxuriously soft sheets, and a plush weighted blanket that’ll send you drifting into dreamland.


–Charlotte Latvala