DreamCloud’s Luxury Mattress Technology Keeps You Cool at Night

How DreamCloud’s Luxury Mattress Technology Keeps You Cool at Night

Imagine this: a balmy summer evening, windows open, the warm night air gusting a gentle breeze as you fall asleep on a cool mattress. Just the thought of it gets me excited for summer sleeps. There’s something so peaceful about it, the feel of the luxury mattress, the twinkling stars, the way the trees blow in the wind outside your bedroom. We’re entering into the prime months of late spring/early summer where our bedrooms become a sort of sleeper’s paradise. There’s only one thing that can stand in the way of it: a stuffy, overly hot mattress.

Memory foam has come a long way in recent years. While it’s always been the most comfortable, durable, and ultimately supportive of the major mattress types (outperforming traditional mattresses across the board), there’s been one knock on these luxury mattresses: they tend to run a little hot. It’s only recently that DreamCloud’s luxury mattress has solved this problem, creating a product that retains all the support and comfort of other memory foam, while also making a luxury mattress that runs cool in warmer months and warm in the cooler ones.

The Secret to Cool is a Luxury Mattress with Layers

The reason that DreamCloud’s luxury mattress can adjust to temperature so well is because of superior materials used in an inventive new way. Basically, our mattress has eight different layers which consist of a cashmere top, six different types of memory foam, and a microcoil compression system called “bestrest” coils. These layers work in tandem to not only create the most comfortable luxury mattress on the market, but also one that won’t overheat when you lie down on it. These layers work to wick and redistribute your body heat, creating a completely unique sleeping experience that focuses on your comfort and temperature regulation in a way that other simply mattresses can’t address.

Cashmere is Better Than Polyester When it Comes to Comfort

The biggest saving grace is the cashmere topper. Most other luxury mattresses use a synthetic top (usually polyester) which traps heat between your body and the mattress. This creates the uncomfortable, stuffy feeling that can leave you awake and overheated on bad nights. Cashmere, on the other hand, works to wick heat away from your body, promoting air circulation and temperature regulation. It’s like the difference between a polyester suit and cashmere sweater. You can tell the difference in quality from the minute you put each on. You wouldn’t wear polyester suit for eight uncomfortable hours a day, so why would you sleep on it?

Gel and Foam Work Together to Create Temperature Balance

It’s not just about the topper, the DreamCloud luxury mattress also uses a new technology to make gel infused memory foam for its second layer. The memory foam creates the support that you know and love, while the use of a gel-hybrid allows for your body heat to dissipate in an even way — creating a heavenly sleep experience that you only get from a luxury mattress.

So if you’re worried about feeling stuffy and hot in the summer months, now’s definitely the time to pull the trigger on that luxury mattress you’ve been waiting to get.

The DreamCloud Mattress offers a cool, supportive, and downright luxurious sleeping experience that you won’t find anywhere else — especially for the price.