September moon horoscope

Welcome to our Dreamcast series, where we explore how the cosmos—with all of its infinite possibilities—can affect your bedtime vibes. You bring your curiosity. We’ll bring you the stars.

New Moon: August 30 Super New Moon in Virgo

September’s New Moon technically happens for us in August. To that, my Virgo moon says, “That’s not very punk rock of you, Moon.” Why couldn’t they be in the same dang month? This picky little anecdote sums up the sign of the month: Virgo.

Virgo can be critically minded to the extreme — which is great when you want to proofread a novel or prove a mathematical theorem. But performing a microscopic analysis of daily life can feel frustrating for signs who aren’t used to such meticulous attention. Although it takes a lot of strength to exist under the scrutiny of Virgo — and this month’s chart is extremely Virgo — we’ll all be a bit more probing. Use it to your advantage. That obsessive focus on detail can help you get matters in order for the latter two weeks of the month — and plotting out your intentions for the next six months.

This New Moon is also a supermoon, when the Moon is closest to the Earth. The New Moon is right on top of or bordered by a number of planets, as part of a summer stellium. The Sun and the Ascendant are right there in Virgo, too, as are Mercury, Mars, Venus, and a big ol’ asteroid named Juno (who rules over marriage). This celestial dogpile adds so much context to this New Moon. Mars (why and how we do what we do) makes us brave and sets our plans in motion; Venus (what we love) leads us with the heart— it’s a perfect time for you to write down a few tangible, measurable goals. Mercury (how we communicate) is there to give our intentions an energetic and intellectual boost. As you lay in bed at night, ask yourself: What do I want? How badly do I want it? What am I willing to do to get it? Meditate on those questions, and the answers may come to you in your dreams. And be very, very specific. Virgo demands it.

Full Moon: September 14 in Pisces

Two weeks later, when the Full Moon is in Pisces on the night of September 14, you’ll be glad you got all those details straight in the first two weeks of the month. Full Moons often bring us deep emotion and intense sensitivity. This is really compounded when the Moon is in Pisces, known for being the best and most dramatic criers in the zodiac. There are some hard aspects at hand during this Full Moon — that stellium in Virgo is no longer supported by all the other favorable planetary influences. What does that mean? Things might get rough. Pisces energy may confuse you into thinking you’re the victim, and you might take everything personally. That’s when the work you did during the Virgo New Moon will swoop in like a superhero. All that critical-thinking and attention to detail comes in handy if/when you’re feeling inadequate. Your ducks are already in a row — keep them that way.

The light of the Full Moon often shines on some of our biggest fears, especially in sensitive Pisces. You may cry yourself to sleep or dream of highly emotional encounters, real or imagined. Once the Full Moon crests and starts waning during the second half of September, you’ll shed your old skin like a snake.

What is a stellium?

A stellium is when three (or maybe four, but definitely at least three) planets are in the same sign (or house) in an astrological chart. In early August, we had a brief but super-fun stellium in Leo. From August 29 to September 30, there will be a stellium in Virgo. If you’ve ever heard someone describe themselves as a “triple Gemini” or a “super Leo,” they most likely have a stellium (or stellia, plural) in their natal charts. When a stellium appears on the astrological calendar, find out which house it will activate in your chart. That’s the part of your life to focus on.

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