Dreamcast: November 2019 Moon Horoscope

Dreamcast: November 2019 Moon Horoscope

Posted By Chee Gates on Oct 25, 2019

Welcome to our Dreamcast series, where we explore how the cosmos—with all of its infinite possibilities—can affect your bedtime vibes. You bring your curiosity. We’ll bring you the stars.

New Moon in Scorpio: October 27, 2019

The moon guides our deepest intuition, and Scorpio is all about diving deep, so you’d think this would be a complementary combination of two heavenly bodies. Unfortunately, not so much.The moon isn’t entirely comfortable in Scorpio, even with favorable aspects (meaning when the other planets are playing nicely). Here’s why: Scorpio has a thing for shadows and secrets. On the other hand, the moon is all about reflecting the sun’s light. See the conflict? If Scorpio could shine a spotlight on the dark side of the moon, it would. But it can’t. In fact, none of us have ever seen that side of the moon with our own eyeballs (unless we’re astronauts).

Isn’t that wild?

Because the moon doesn’t particularly shine her brightest in Scorpio, we’re left with an inner struggle to expose and explore the otherwise hidden parts of ourselves. What’s that mean for you during a New Moon that signifies beginnings?

You might have a passion waiting in the shadows that you’re finally brave enough to bring to light. Your dreams, both waking and sleeping, could feel more chaotic. Focus might be hard to come by. But that’s expected — there’s a lot happening beneath the surface. Be patient. Give yourself mental breaks during the day and extra time to wind down before bed. It won’t be easy; another force is making things difficult.

The planet Uranus is a rebellious influence on this Scorpio New Moon, but you can use that to your advantage. These darker, longer nights are a good time for you to find comfort in the shadows and watch for what emerges from within you.

The Uranus Effect

Uranus, the wild card of the planets, rules over sudden shifts, surprises, upheavals, and rebellions. This New Moon in Scorpio directly opposes Uranus, meaning these two energies are at odds. Astrologers call this a “hard aspect.” If you’re not careful, this situation will kick you right in your aspects. My advice: Sit quietly, and do a lot of listening because things might get weird.

Full Moon in Taurus: November 12, 2019

This Full Moon happens about two weeks into a Mercury Retrograde, which many people believe makes even small upsets in communication turn into catastrophes. Your ability to express your emotions may be so comprised that it’s laughable. Forgive yourself (and ask for forgiveness from others).

Because this Full Moon falls in Taurus, which is far more favorable than Scorpio, it lights up areas that involve home, family, and partnerships — specifically, how we engage with them and what we value about them. Taurus is regarded as the “Cozy Queen of the Zodiac” who loves all creature comforts. If any sign knows what mattress to buy, it’s definitely Taurus. Your urge for self-care should be strong during this time, so make time for reading, massages, and long baths before bed. But as this is a Full Moon, it’s supposed to be a time of harvest and completion — cleaning out, not accumulating.

Try to be mindful of filling the emotional void (perhaps created by that Uranus-New Moon opposition) with extraneous impulse buys or overindulging. Do you really need 1,500 thread count sheets? Probably not. Instead, find other sustainable ways to indulge yourself: May we suggest more sleep?

–Ruby Locke