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Dreamcast: June 2019 Moon Horoscope

The month’s two most noticeable moon phases — New and Full — can each affect our sleep patterns in discernible ways. The New Moon brings us deeper, contemplative rest, while the Full Moon shines a light in the dark, making our dreams more vivid. Once you’ve learned about your moon sign, you can combine that information with the monthly transits of the moon for added insight into your sleep and dreams.

To recap last month’s Dreamcast, the astrological sign the moon was in at the time of your birth signifies how you are when you’re alone — your habits, routines, and emotional/inner life. When you’re thinking of new ways to take care of yourself, look no further than the moon and the phases it goes through, particularly the New Moon and Full Moon.

New Moon

What the New Moon Represents

Beginnings, planting seeds, setting intentions, making plans, new partnerships, deeper sleep with fewer dreams

What the Full Moon Represents

What the Full Moon Represents

Completion, endings, harvesting, fruition, lighter sleep with vivid dreams

How Your Moon Sign Interacts with Moon Phases

While your moon sign may represent who you are at your core, we’re also influenced by whatever sign the moon might be in. Each month gives us a New Moon and Full Moon in different signs.

The New Moon is almost always in the same astrological sign as the sun, with the Full Moon typically in the opposite sign. In June, the New Moon is in Gemini, mirroring the sun sign for June. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius, the opposite sign of Gemini. Ideally, what you plant and conceive of during the New Moon should (with some work) come to fruition during the Full Moon in that same sign, six months later. For example, the Full Moon in June 2019 is in the sign of Sagittarius, which means it’s the culmination of the work we undertook in December 2018, when there was a New Moon in Sagittarius. That’s the long view.

The quickest way to work this moon magic is by paying attention to what signs the New Moon and Full Moon are in, and how your moon sign interacts. If you’ve ever looked up the astrological compatibility of you and a mate, you’re probably familiar with how certain sun signs get along. You can apply the same principle here to determine how your moon sign and the sign the moon is in will engage with each other.

For June 2019, the New Moon is in Gemini and the Full Moon is in Sagittarius.

June’s New Moon in Gemini and What It Means

Gemini, the sign of the twins, centers on duality, intellectual innovation, and communication, particularly in the form of self-expression. The New Moon is an ideal time to set an intention and work toward it. With a head full of ideas that have percolated all winter, now is your opportunity to decide on a goal — short-term or long-term — and dedicate yourself to it.

Gemini’s dual nature means June is a good time for creating extensive pro vs. con lists, so you may find yourself pondering the angles of various ideas as you go to bed. Pay attention to your dreams, too — they might give you insight into which goal best reflects the “real you.” Because the sky is dimmer with a New Moon, you may find it easier to sleep more deeply and longer than usual. And, with the big things you’re planning, you’ll need the extra rest.

June’s Full Moon in Sagittarius and What It Means

If I had to come up with a motto for a Sadge moon, it would be: “What if I took this crazy leap?” Then, without waiting for an answer, following it up with: “I’m doing it. Bye!” As the archer of the zodiac, Sagittarius is mercilessly direct, as well as adventurous, fiery, and optimistic. Of the three fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sag), I think Sagittarius is the most likely to be up for anything. These traits — combined with the uptick in activity of all kinds that comes with the bright illumination of the Full Moon — lend themselves well to folks making bold moves — as in, getting stuff DONE and not looking back.

It’s an optimistic and energetic time; you may sleep a bit less with the brighter night sky and because you have so much to do. Your dream life might be particularly active during this Full Moon; keep an eye out for dreams that include adventure and travel, especially in the sense of striking out on your own.

Sleep On It

These two moons in June complement each other well: The intellectual New Moon in Gemini puts a spotlight on prospective routes you might take to get you where you want to go. And the forward-moving Full Moon in Sagittarius says to pick a road and — with a literal and proverbial spring in your step — blaze ahead without looking back. You’re likely in for an action-packed month, one where your dream life may be just as buzzy as your waking life. Tune in next month to learn how a Full Moon in Capricorn will throw shade on Cancer season.

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