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Dreamcast: July 2019 Moon Horoscope

To quickly recap what we’ve covered so far, your lunar zodiac sign describes who you are when you’re alone — your habits, routine, and emotional/inner self. Over the course of a month, the moon moves through all twelve zodiac signs, expressing itself in many ways. But the New Moon and Full Moon tend to be the most significant phases for setting and realizing goals, self-care, sleep, and dreams. The New Moon is almost always in the same sign of the month. In July, that’s Cancer. On the Full Moon, two weeks later, the moon falls under the astrological sign opposite from Cancer in the wheel of the zodiac: Capricorn.

July’s New Moon in Cancer: July 2

There’s no better time to make your intentions clear than with a New Moon—what we set into motion at the New Moon in Cancer, we won’t likely see manifested until January of next year, when there’s a Full Moon in Cancer.

Cancer energy can be nostalgic and sappy, drowning us in the past, rather than moving us into the future. This month, we can put all those sentimental emotions to use by reminding ourselves to live a more authentic, open-hearted life. The July New Moon falls not only on the same day as a solar eclipse, but also very close to our 4th of July holiday in the U.S. (which was also born under the sign of Cancer). The emotional impact of explosive, brilliant lights in the moonless sky and getting together with friends and family will open your heart to a great big shift in energy coming from the solar eclipse and new beginnings with the New Moon. If you do the work and start planting seeds, those ideas may come to fruition during Cancer’s Full Moon in January 2020.

Although we typically experience our most vivid dreams closer to the Full Moon, when the lighter sky makes for shallower sleep, the solar eclipse (which we won’t see in North America) has a way of sneaking up on us and delivering some deeply weird dreamtime. Pay attention to your dreams, even if they’re strange, because there’s a message there, too.

Eclipse Season Tip:

The effect of an eclipse is said to last around six months or so, until we get another set of eclipses in the same Cancer/Capricorn cycle. Take extra care in what you plan for and want to manifest.

July’s Full Moon in Capricorn: July 16

The New Moon was a solar eclipse, but the Full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse, where the shadow of the Earth will obscure about half of the moon at its peak fullness. In comparison to last year’s Full Moon and total lunar eclipse in Capricorn (which was very cool, but also very weird), this is only a tiny lunar eclipse. You can expect some truly zany dreams around this Full Moon, as the light from our favorite satellite plays hide and seek with us in the night sky.

While Cancer’s anxieties might seem emotional and histrionic, Capricorn’s worries tend to skew toward the practical and dogmatic. When you get the one-two punch of a Capricorn moon in the middle of Cancer season, you might expect a couple of dreams where you’re torn between what you feel like doing and what you wind up doing because you have to—like fantasies about ditching your marketing job to open a ceramics business. The upside is that all the hard work and dedication that you set in motion in January of this year at the New Moon in Cap (you did that, right?) has manifested into a solid foundation. What you choose to do with this foundation is up to you. Build your empire; make your mark on the world. Not thrilled with what you’ve created? Capricorn’s new moon in January of 2020 is only six months away—you’ll have another chance to build a Capricorn-strong foundation.

Cancer and Capricorn: The Parents of the Zodiac

Cancer is seen as the great mother of the zodiac; Capricorn is seen as the father. Although this is a wildly heteronormative and binary way to view these signs, there’s something to be said for these familiar and deeply profound archetypes. Both cardinal (meaning: highly reactive) signs, Cancer’s sweet, nurturing fluidity is emblematic of a water sign, while Capricorn’s authoritative, grounded nature pretty much defines earth signs. These signs complement each other well, which is good, because we need all the quasi-parental support we can get during eclipse season. The lesson this pair can teach us is that it’s OK to come out of our shells—we can still take care of ourselves as we explore the world and make our mark.

Ruby Locke is a Cancer sun/Virgo moon who spends a lot of time standing barefoot in her yard, gazing at the stars over New England. She’s studied astrology and tarot for many years, but has only just realized how much more there is to learn.

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