Hot Tips for Great Summer Trips

Destination DreamCloud: Hot Tips for Great Summer Trips

It’s finally here: summer. Between golden afternoons, hammock time, and ice cold lemonade it’s kind of hard to pick the best part about summer. Wait, no it’s not. Let’s be honest, it’s definitely a summer trip. Vacations have come a long way since the days when you piled into a scorching hot minivan while mom and dad looked for a place to stay on the cheap.

Now you’re the one in charge of the family vacay, so the responsibility falls to you to make it a memorable one. So instead of piling into the car or taking a basic trip that’s going to leave everyone whiney (and who needs that?), we’ve come up with some thoughts on how to make your summer travel one for the books. We call it, Destination DreamCloud.

Avoid the First Few Weeks of Summer, Especially if You’re Traveling Abroad

The nice part about summer is that everyone in your family has the time off to go somewhere fun like Europe or Asian. Here’s the problem: everyone else in the world does too. If you’re able to, plan your vacation to start a little later in the summer so you can avoid the long lines and overcrowded tourist traps that tend to happen in June.

It’s not just in your head, a big reason for this is because all of Europe gets national holiday time off in the early summer months. If you’re looking to have a more intimate and personal family vacation, try booking for late July and early August, when the crowds have died down. Plus, this allows for fun staycations closer to home during June. It’s a win-win!

Get off the Beaten Path for a More Authentic Experience

There’s a reason Disneyland is so popular, but what if I said that there’s just as much fun to be had going out and finding adventure on your own? Sound daunting? It’s actually never been easier thanks to a wealth of good travel apps, google maps, and even Twitter. That’s right, check popular hashtags in the area before traveling to see what locals and vacationers are up to.

You might find a cool concert, restaurant, or hole in the wall that would otherwise go unnoticed. That unique experience is what Destination DreamCloud is all about, and will give you and the family beautiful moments that transcend Instagram. Those are the memories that last a lifetime.

Where You Stay is as Important as What You See

This one is about knowing your family. Do y’all love to hike and prefer the rustic experience, or is part of the fun of going on vacation enjoying the finer things? Staying in a campsite is all well and good, but if everyone’s wishing for a spa day, then you’re not going to enjoy nature no matter how majestic it feels. At the very least, make sure you have a couple days of true pampered bliss before returning home. Airbnb is a great way to avoid the typical hotel cliche while also finding a beautiful place to stay. A true Destination DreamCloud vacation home is always going to have top-notch bedding so that you can rest in luxury.

Less is More

Along those lines, it’s important to remember that this is a vacation and it’s supposed to be relaxing! If you’re feeling like you’re rushing to do and see everything, then you’re missing the point of what a vacation is supposed to be about. Instead, try planning fewer activities and letting the adventure come to you. Sure, it’s nice to have an itinerary, but just remember that the vacation works for you, and not the other way around. Relax, have fun, so you can come home and be recharged by life!

So there you have it: follow those Destination DreamCloud tips, and you’re bound to have a great vacation. Try luxury for sleep and get a DreamCloud Mattress, save $200 off instantly when you order.