Can Bedbugs Live in a Latex Mattress

Can Bedbugs Live in a Latex Mattress?

This article talks about how latex mattresses can be bed bug resistant, while they may not totally prevent a bed bug infestation, they do offer more protection than a typical mattress. It also explores how a latex mattress can help with other allergens like pet dander or dust mites.

Is there anything more disgusting than bed bugs? In our humble opinion, definitely not. Just the thought of them is enough to make your skin crawl. And once you have them, they can be a nightmare to get rid of. It’s better to avoid the whole shebang, but is there any mattress that works better for avoiding bed bugs than the others? Latex mattresses claim to be better at reducing bed bug infestation, but can that work? We took a deep look into how latex mattresses work, and if they can help you avoid the dreaded bed bug at all costs.

What does it Mean To be Bed Bug Resistant?

People are drastically searching for an end to bed bugs. It’s not getting any easier, as many bed bugs have been found to be resistant from pesticides which worked in the seventies and eighties. It has gotten so bad to the point that a town in Oregon looked into new beds to help prevent the spread of bedbugs in their public housing. Their solution? An extra slippery latex cover that prevents bedbugs from burrowing into the mattress. 

It’s not a full proof solution, but a latex mattress can often be bed bug resistant compared to a traditional mattress. This is because traditional mattresses often have spaces between the box springs where bed bugs can burrow in and lay their eggs. Is this giving you the heebie jeebies right now? Good. So while latex mattresses aren’t a full-proof solution to bed bugs, they do offer moderate resistance to a problem that plagues the US these days. Luckily, a latex mattress is hypo-allergenic, which means that you’re not just getting protection from bed bugs, but all kinds of creepy crawlies that can hurt your sleep.

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Latex Mattresses Protect Against All Kinds of Enemies of Sleep

A latex mattress is bed bug resistant, but that’s not where its benefits end. It can also help prevent dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that can cause you to lose sleep at night. Here’s how it works, a spring mattress can retain pounds and pounds of dust mite attractors in between its springs. Stuff like pet dander, skin flakes, and other detritus that dust mites use as their food. While a dust mite isn’t quite as creepy as a bed bug (you can’t see or feel them), they might be even more detrimental to your sleep than a bed bug.

A dust mite basically gives a reaction the same as allergies. If you’re waking up at night with a stuffy nose, sore throat, or puffy eyes, it could be a reaction to dust mites. Hypoallergenic beds are proven to prevent that problem by limiting where dust mites can live, and helping flush away potential food sources to them. Not only that, there’s been other ways that mattresses can help combat these potential allergens. 


A Cashmere Topper Works with a latex mattress to Prevent Allergens

One recent tool discovered by mattress companies in the fight against bed bugs and dust mites is the use of a good topper. A premium topper can help with air circulation, which could help alleviate the symptoms of some allergens. Our luxury mattress comes with a cashmere topper to its already impressive hypoallergenic mattress, so that it can be the most comfortable, and more a hypoallergenic mattress.

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So if you’re looking for a good mattress that can stand up to the trials and tribulations of the modern sleeper, consider a latex mattress. Sleep isn’t just a luxury, it’s a must. There’s all kinds of new signs and studies that say sleep affects your wellbeing, your aging, and even your day-to-day mood. So get out there and find a mattress that loves sleep as much as you do! You deserve it.

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