Best Sleep Tracking Apps to Help Stay On Your Sleep Routine

Best Sleep Tracking Apps to Help Stay On Your Sleep Routine

Remember the old (bad) joke, how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice! Well it turns out good sleep works the exact same way as becoming a famed concert violinist. Not convinced? While we come out with a new sleep gadget or pill every day, it turns out the best thing we can do to regulate or serotonin and melatonin is to practice, practice, practice consistency with our sleep routines.

It’s called, “sleep hygiene” but perhaps you know it better by what your mom called it growing up, “bedtime.” While it may have been easy when you were a kid to get someone to tuck you in at the same time every night, nowadays it’s hard to keep a consistent bedtime, especially when there are only so many hours in the day. So what can you do to help yourself beat the bedtime blues? Luckily for us there are some new tech solutions to this old problem. Silicon Valley has released a ton of sleep-friendly apps to help you track the sleep your getting, analyze it, and give you a plan for better sleep in the future. As always, the best sleep tips are common sense, but these apps are going to give you the leg up on your routine that you’ve missing since childhood. Try ‘em and sleep like a happy baby.

Sleep Cycle App

Sleep cycle is a runaway hit as far as sleep apps go. It monitors your sleep time, quality of sleep, and even gives you sleep tips on how to make the most of your mattress time. This app also enjoys enduring popularity because of its frequent updates, and the fact that you don’t have to use a sleep tracker (which is usually clipped to a pillow of the sleeper), which can be expensive and unreliable. This app also tracks when you snore, so you’ll be able to get a better idea if you have sleep apnea, or are at risk.

To Bed App

This is another free app that is super useful for the conscientious sleeper. You input your age and wake up time and the app lets you know when you should start preparing for bed. This is a great one to get the consistency of sleep which is so important to building good sleep hygiene. This one also gives you tips for falling asleep easier and faster. The layout isn’t the best, but the depth and usefulness of the product make the UX design a forgivable offense.

Autosleep App

Using the functionality of your Apple watch, Autosleep can track your sleep at any time, without your phone being in the same room with you, useful if you’re trying to minimize the amount of blue light during your sleep time. Its functionality is great, and the design simply lays out how you’re sleeping, the best quality of sleep that you’re getting, and where those areas can be improved. While it does cost money (2.99), and the rest of the apps we’ve featured are free, the cost is almost negligible for the quality you’re getting.

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