Bedtime Stories with Ollie Cullington

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Ollie Cullington

Welcome to Bedtime Stories, a new series where we reveal the strange and enlightening nightly rituals of the people bringing you better sleep: Our staffers. Today, we’re talking to Creative Brand Manager, Ollie Cullington.

Nickname around the office:

I’m an Aussie who lives in London, so I’m already having an identity crisis. If people don’t call me by my name, I might forget who I am. Just call me Ollie.

Favorite sleeping position:

On my side with one or two feet poking out the duvet.

My nighttime ritual:

Oh, boy. I’m quite particular: I always start with a shower. As we say back home, “Clean time before dream time.” After that, I moisturize my skin (men have skin, too), and I brew chamomile tea. While the tea is brewing, I stretch. Stretching before bed has drastically improved how my body feels in the morning. I usually fall asleep to a guided sleep meditation or rain sounds. Oh, and I spray my pillows with lavender. That’s also my secret for having hair that smells amazing. 😉

Ollie Cullington

My perfect evening:

There’s a great pub down the road from my place that I love going to for fish and chips. And I’m always happy to finish the night with any kind of pie and a movie in bed.

Bedroom decor I can’t live without:

Plants and salt lamps. The plants create a refreshing atmosphere and make me look hip, and the salt lamps set the mood for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Must-see TV at night:

The documentary, “Our Planet,” on Netflix by David Attenborough. He knows how to tell a bedtime story.

My bedtime don’ts:

I try not to eat dinner too late and avoid electronics an hour before bed. And I don’t take calls—my phone is always on airplane mode when I’m asleep. If you need me, you’ll have to bang on my door.

Midnight snack I crave:

Toasted cheese sandwich, mmmm.

Weirdest place I’ve ever slept:

I slept in a cupboard once. Not intentionally. I was playing hide-and-seek when I was a kid, and my friends never found me. My Mum discovered me a few hours later.

Wise words of sleep advice to the world:

Keep your sheets really clean (I wash mine weekly), and exercise during the day. My sleep is a lot deeper when I’ve gotten in a workout. Also, if you spray your pillows with lavender, like I do, don’t be surprised if you walk around feeling relaxed all day and people love being around you. Trust me, I know.