Bedtime Stories with Maureen Cooley

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Maureen Cooley

Welcome to Bedtime Stories, a new series where we reveal the strange and enlightening nightly rituals of the people bringing you better sleep: Our staffers. Today, we’re talking to creative brand manager, Maureen Cooley.

Nickname around the office:

People call me Queen Maureen. But not as in queen size mattress—Queen as in royalty.

Strange nighttime habit:

I just love sleep. I turn my phone on silent every night because sleep > everything.

Fave nighttime show:

I’m a big “Big Little Lies” fan, and I recently binged season three of “Stranger Things.”

Bedroom ritual I swear by:


Well, cuddling with Miss Dior my cat – she’s always around.

Overnight lip sleeping mask: LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

Air conditioning—I need the cold every night.

Favorite sleep position:

I’m a side/stomach sleeper who hugs a pillow. Pillows = 💖.

Hibernating spirit animal:

Polar bears don’t hibernate, but I’m definitely a polar bear.

The thing I wish I could do before bed:

I try to read before bed, but usually fall asleep because I’m so tired. I’ll keep trying, though.

Midnight snack I can’t resist:

Ice cream or anything chocolate. Or ice cream and chocolate together, layered, like a sandwich.

Weirdest place I’ve ever slept:

In Montana in a teepee—my friends made me do it on a road trip.

In Montana in a teepee—my friends made me do it on a road trip.

Bucket list place I’d like to sleep:

Buckingham palace for a night (I dream big).

Wise words of sleep advice to the world:

Sleep is the most important thing you’ll do in a day—yes, even more important than eating. If I had to choose between sleep and food, I’d choose sleep, until hunger wakes me up.